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  1. Hello Everyone, Due to an 11 year long battle with substantially worsening health problems of all kinds I have informed all sponsors and industry friends to cancel my discount codes and individual sponsorship. Thank you for all the messages in regard to the code but I believe it will no longer be able to be used. I can tell you that I trust my life to JP products and their customer service/dedication to the customer, long term business longevity, and quality is superb. I believe they can help you with all your needs. This will be my last post as I am extremely ill. I shall be leaving the industry. Thank you all for the kind words.
  2. Jkrispies: I use the Hiperfire 24C because of it's flexibility. With the 24C you can have your choice of a flat trigger when you want or you can put the adjustable red trigger shoe back on and have a curved trigger. With the 24C the back of the trigger has notches so you can adjust the height and placement of the curved trigger shoe for your personal physiological needs. I like the innovativeness of this trigger, especially since I can have a flat trigger or a curved trigger in one package. Also, comes with three sets of springs so you can fine tune the pull weight similiar to that of your 2011 or whatever pistol you use for three gun. Hope this helps. Rob
  3. PINMAN44

    Jager strikers?

    =) Hope you're able to a Jager for your testing soon!
  4. PINMAN44

    Jager strikers?

    Z Man, I didn't know Jager made an extended one I knew it was lightened though. This may or may not help but I know Zev makes an extended lightened striker. Rob
  5. Allchin mount for CMORE. I prefer single sided upright mounts. I like John Allchin's small thumb aid which for me is not extremely obtrusive. It comes with the aid and some screws so it attaches easily.
  6. PINMAN44

    CFE Pistol

    CFE Pistol is about the same speed as HS6.
  7. I'm interested in your design Johnny, I'd love to learn more.
  8. I too liked the plastic spacers and stock sti followers. They worked excellent, stayed in place without gluing, and never had any functionality issues.
  9. Donny, looks sexy. My buddy up here does the burnt bronze finish on a lot of pistols and AR's. Are you going to Cerakote the comp too? Looks good bro. Rob
  10. aaron was sick... Man, whatever happened to smoking hole? They were great! =(
  11. thank pinman. have my head set for a very fancy SVI:) =) SV makes a great gun!!!!!!!
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