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  1. Hello Everyone, Due to an 11 year long battle with substantially worsening health problems of all kinds I have informed all sponsors and industry friends to cancel my discount codes and individual sponsorship. Thank you for all the messages in regard to the code but I believe it will no longer be able to be used. I can tell you that I trust my life to JP products and their customer service/dedication to the customer, long term business longevity, and quality is superb. I believe they can help you with all your needs. This will be my last post as I am extre
  2. Magsz. The guys over there have been very busy. If you contact Zack and LW he cold provide you with a time. Thanks, Robby
  3. I managed to break a Zev a while back after a few hundred rounds. I returned it. I like the factory striker, however, I will be using Lonewolf's striker shortly.
  4. Despite how embarrassed you feel, it is brave that you posted this. I sent this to some members of my club who refuse to believe that accidents can happen when you put your hand over the ejection port. I greatly appreciate you posting this, and this learning lesson for you has provided one for many people. Thank you, Rob
  5. Heard you smoke fried chicken

  6. Dude 40 Rocks. My buddy gets 27 rounds in his forty. When I had mine I got 27. That's all you need. Makes major easy, reliable as swiss watch, and fun to shoot.
  7. Sv he will still lighten slides and stuff so if you have a factory gun thats already fit and want it lightened he'll do it.
  8. Yeah Donny, he is done. he'll lighten a slide and make a comp but that's it.
  9. Thought I'd take a pic of her all dolled up! Robby
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