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  1. Fancy. Did you use the RS Regulate lower mount with rings, or did you use another way to mount it?
  2. This. Even if you're adding the parts yourself and looking for sales, coupons, and deals, the price will add up between everything to get it exactly how you want. Might be a little less if you're looking at a Limited gun vs. Open, but the wallets starts to burn regardless.
  3. I was thinking that as well. I've had brass hit my RMR when using garbage ammo like Tula, but the other malfunctions are just odd to me. I'd also try to just shoot .40 and see if the problem still persists. I've never trusted conversion kits to be all that reliable.
  4. Excellent decision. You're gonna see your stress levels go down dramatically. Also, welcome.
  5. Well, since the topic got brought back from the dead, may as well answer, right? Any of the smaller red dots on an RS Regulate mount will do. Think Aimpoint H2 or any of the clones that follow that footprint.
  6. I can agree with feeling safer in a match than in the public range. If I seem like I'm worrying over nothing, I apologize, but this is the first time I hear about an incident like this happening since I've been following this sport and its disciplines.
  7. I went to an IDPA match in July to try to get back into the swing of competition shooting, and my club does follow the IDPA rules. It's the local discipline and Steel Challenge matches that go into outlaw territory as far as rule enforcement and gear checks go, at least until we get to Championship season. I'm okay with it, since I go to these matches for fun and to get actual use out of my firearms, but it is something to keep in mind if I ever want to get more serious about my competitive shooting.
  8. This is horrible news. I'm truly sorry to hear about this, and it makes me a little worried as to the future of the sport.
  9. I should've peeked into this thread when I was choosing my magwell. I went with the Carver Custom, and it's fine, but it's aluminum, and my M&P is only weighting in at about 33 oz, even with a tungsten guide rod. This would easily get it closer to the 40 oz. I was shooting for. Oh well, I'll keep it in mind for a future build.
  10. I do it when I shoot left-handed. It helps in that instance, but whenever I shoot with my dominant hand, I just go thumbs forward.
  11. To use my guns. It got really frustrating to buy something for hundreds, sometimes thousands of dollars, and just have it sit in the drawer, closet, safe, whatever. After that, it got really tiring to simply shoot at paper for no reason. So, I looked for activities in which I could use my guns in. Competition is much more abundant than training in my neck of the woods, and this is where I am right now in my journey. Maybe I'll get good enough to care about actually winning matches, but I'm just happy seeing how little by little my guns get scratched up, polished in contact points just due to actual USE. Few things irk me more than seeing a super-clean, unused Safe Queen.
  12. I went to an IDPA match in July to try out a Sig 1911 I have, where I used some of the venerable Wilson Combat 47Ds. I only brought the mags I would use for the shoot, so 3. Turns out, those plastic baseplates do not hold up to abuse, and I was overinserting the magazine with the damaged baseplate in my 1911 after only 3 stages. I only use the metal or robust plastic baseplates now. Bring as many magazines as your budget allows, because you will never know when your gear will betray you.
  13. I use a 6.5 MOA RMR with the manual adjustments. I just turn it on to the setting I'll be using for the match and run with it. Haven't had any issues hitting targets at 25 yards with it when I'm doing my part.
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