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  1. MaddHatter

    Atlas large hand magwell

    Awesome. Thank you.
  2. MaddHatter

    Atlas large hand magwell

    Does anyone happen to know if the Atlas large hand magwell works with STI mags with Dawson basepads?
  3. MaddHatter

    Is anyone running the IFG Tanfo Stock 1

    I actually had it drop shipped to Patriot Defense to have some work done so it will be a while until I can do that.
  4. MaddHatter

    Is anyone running the IFG Tanfo Stock 1

    Email Been Stoeger Pro shop. I bought one from them last week even though it said out of stock they said they could get one in a few days.
  5. I have the one for a sig model 1966SV. Works great. That is the one recommended when I contacted MGM.
  6. MaddHatter

    Stoeger Magpul SGA adapter

    Thanks for the info. Going to have to get one of these.
  7. MaddHatter

    Quad load holder

    The taccom chest rig is great. I have one for longer shotgun stages but I wear an extra large glove and love the Invictus practical shell holders. Just go to a match and ask to try some different holders to see what works best for you.
  8. MaddHatter

    Cmore c3 question

    I emailed mgmswitchview and received the following in case anyone else was wondering which one would fit. The best fitting lever for the C-3 would be our 1966SV. However, there will be an unfilled notch in the lever, but will not affect the function of the lever.
  9. You have the caddies and 4 months. Quads for sure.
  10. MaddHatter

    Carbon Arms Ratchet Belt....

    The belt is plastic so pretty rigid. I believe with the ratcheting system it would definite hold up.
  11. MaddHatter

    Carbon Arms Ratchet Belt....

    I just got the complete belt and set it up for 3 gun. Test fitting it definitely gets tight even with all the gear. Haven't used it in competition yet but first impression looks like a good buy.
  12. MaddHatter

    Flat or curved trigger

    Love flat trigger due to long fingers. Have one on rifle and pistol. If they had one for my shotgun would probably put one on there as well.
  13. MaddHatter

    Action pants

    For 3 gun I like the LA police gear cargo pants and shorts
  14. MaddHatter

    Anyone use the Atibal 1-8x

    Thanks for the link. Just sent them an email.
  15. I put a taccom extreme on my M3K. I've used it in practice and and one competition and so far so good. Seems very strong to me but I haven't tried the other brands. I also got the MOA follower and so far I am a fan.