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  1. MaddHatter

    AO1 LD Review

    Nevermind. Found answer.
  2. MaddHatter

    AO1 LD Review

    I just got a01 optics version. Can someone tell me what recoil spring fits it if I want to buy another one?
  3. This holster works for my x5 legion. Safariland 576 7TS Gls Pro-Fit Wide Frame, Long Slide
  4. The first option. The Ben Stoeger hanger is the BOSS hanger.
  5. I believe it is here. https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=jg3xC_UiyXc
  6. No. Romeo one/pro, delta point pro or SRO depending on when it was made.
  7. Thanks. Just ordered one to try it out.
  8. Do you know if it has the rmr/sro holes as well?
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