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  1. speed up the slide a little and help with ejection. The brass barely dribbles out with a 13lb spring but a bit better with 11 lb spring. Even at 140, the recoil is minimal and a slow push vs snap.
  2. I run 3.1gr n320 under a 200 gr blue @1.135 for a 140 pf out of a Glock 35. still ridiculously soft.
  3. I have a perfect sight and a tracker. I have a certain love of the tracker. In my case it is hard to compare the 2 though as they are very different builds. The tracker is 46oz and the PS is 51oz. They both shoot awesome.
  4. Not really. it is marginal. USPSA is only shooting maybe up to 25 yards. I generally shoot 200 gr minor (due to having a bunch of 200s from shooting LTD major) going 700 fps and don't notice it
  5. Federal NT brass is crimped. I picked up a bunch but process on a 1050 & Ammobot so it isn't bad. OP, where are you located?
  6. just lower the charge. i sometimes run 180 gr 40 minor with 3.8 gr of n320 and still 140 pf. so you can decrease a decent amount.
  7. I ran a gen 3 35 when I started USPSA. Should give you a little more weight over the gen 4 with brass insert. I actually use it as my prod gun now. the G35 with weight and empty mag was 43 oz. Using my old parts to make a sight block G22 limited gun for the hell of it. Dawson sights Zev magwell TTI GM trigger kit Zev extended firing pin SJC frame weight Glockstore tungsten 15# GR
  8. We did DNA testing on him and he is 35% various coon hounds, with bits of boxer/shepard/pitbull/golden retreiver. he is now full grown at 65#. We think that he is a Black Mouth Cur which a generic working dog that was bred in the US South East.
  9. When shooting my G35 in LTD (Major) I used mostly Freedom (not sure if they are still around) I also have used 165gr Winchester white box and American Eagle 165 with decent enough results before reloading. Wouldn't mind trying the Federal Syntech 205gr as I shoot 200 gr but not sure of the OAL.
  10. Yeah. I wouldn’t trust doing 20 reloadable on a TTI. That last one is tight and really have to slam home the mag.unfortunately, I have only used the TTIs.
  11. 4.3gr n320 under 200 gr blue at 1.18-1.185 is around 173pf for me out of a 5” Schumann barrel.
  12. I followed the 10% rule for going to 200s from 180 with good results.
  13. 4.0-4.2gr of N320 over a 200gr coated @1.130-1.135 should put you pretty close. Start a bit low and work the load up but it should give you a good ballpark.
  14. I posted it above. I shoot n320 for matches and practice with WST (generally). N320 meters a bit better so I get a bit more consistent loads.
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