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  1. Not really. it is marginal. USPSA is only shooting maybe up to 25 yards. I generally shoot 200 gr minor (due to having a bunch of 200s from shooting LTD major) going 700 fps and don't notice it
  2. Federal NT brass is crimped. I picked up a bunch but process on a 1050 & Ammobot so it isn't bad. OP, where are you located?
  3. just lower the charge. i sometimes run 180 gr 40 minor with 3.8 gr of n320 and still 140 pf. so you can decrease a decent amount.
  4. I ran a gen 3 35 when I started USPSA. Should give you a little more weight over the gen 4 with brass insert. I actually use it as my prod gun now. the G35 with weight and empty mag was 43 oz. Using my old parts to make a sight block G22 limited gun for the hell of it. Dawson sights Zev magwell TTI GM trigger kit Zev extended firing pin SJC frame weight Glockstore tungsten 15# GR
  5. We did DNA testing on him and he is 35% various coon hounds, with bits of boxer/shepard/pitbull/golden retreiver. he is now full grown at 65#. We think that he is a Black Mouth Cur which a generic working dog that was bred in the US South East.
  6. When shooting my G35 in LTD (Major) I used mostly Freedom (not sure if they are still around) I also have used 165gr Winchester white box and American Eagle 165 with decent enough results before reloading. Wouldn't mind trying the Federal Syntech 205gr as I shoot 200 gr but not sure of the OAL.
  7. Yeah. I wouldn’t trust doing 20 reloadable on a TTI. That last one is tight and really have to slam home the mag.unfortunately, I have only used the TTIs.
  8. 4.3gr n320 under 200 gr blue at 1.18-1.185 is around 173pf for me out of a 5” Schumann barrel.
  9. I followed the 10% rule for going to 200s from 180 with good results.
  10. 4.0-4.2gr of N320 over a 200gr coated @1.130-1.135 should put you pretty close. Start a bit low and work the load up but it should give you a good ballpark.
  11. I posted it above. I shoot n320 for matches and practice with WST (generally). N320 meters a bit better so I get a bit more consistent loads.
  12. I have alternated rounds in a mag and couldn’t really tell the difference. This was in 70-80 degree weather. I added that as I haven’t tested temperature sensitivity on either load but it has been pretty solid making pf.
  13. I really like 200gr blue over 4.3 gr n320 @1.18-1.185. Makes 172 out of my Schuemann barrel.I do the same load with 4.3 WST as my practice ammo to cut costs and eat up a surplus of powder.
  14. I’ve bought a bunch of stuff from immortal and been very happy.
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