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  1. I love merrells for an all around shoe but Salomon speedcross 4 are sweet for loose dirt and gravel but do t wear them if I have to go on wood platforms or other smooth surfaces since they are cleats.
  2. I love n320 overall. The price per round isn’t that much more than other powders. I do use wst for my practice loads mainly because I still have 16 pounds of it.
  3. The U die is just so convenient on a progressive press though. I wish rollsizers weren’t so expensive. Or a way to automate a push through.
  4. A guy I shoot with sells nickel Glock slides for polymer 80 builds. They are pretty sweet other than the sun gleaming off them.
  5. Haha. Indeed. Hope the wind doesn’t blow also
  6. I love shooting 40 minor with 180s and 200s. Feels like cheating.
  7. Seems easier to set one up for each division and maybe carry the other with you as a parts gun if anything breaks on whichever one you are shooting at the time.
  8. I grew up in Del Ray in Alexandria. 4.6-7 should pretty much put you in a good spot. Of course a chrono is a good thing and work up the load.
  9. How hard is it when it cures? Does it get eaten up by mag insertion?
  10. I was running 4.6gr @1.135 under a 180 blue most matches. It ran about 167-168pf. I bumped it up to 4.7gr for majors and was about 172-174 in 90 degree weather. Double checked my load data and updated above.
  11. I tried the thug plug on my gen 4 34 CO gun and it didn’t really do much. Doesn’t add much weight. For a gen 3, a Seattle slug cut down to match the profile is a better bet. It will add more weight.
  12. Yeah. I load about 135 pf using 180s and 200s. It is ridiculously soft shooting.
  13. if you can go with a 17 mos for CO you have the option of shooting prod or Ltd minor if you decide that you don’t like CO.
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