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  1. OMG! I 200 gr 40 minor. Have a big bag of "Giggly Pews" (they make me giggle every time I shoot them) 200gr blue bullets over 3.1gr n320 via Glock 35. Barely cycles witha 13# spring but makes 135 PF and ridiculously low recoil.
  2. I like having the grip safety deactivated. #1 safety = booger picker. Even though this sport has regulations to maximize safety, accidents do happen.
  3. @kixx what is it made from? @troupe looks a bit different than the one I got from you. looking for a pic of the smoking hole brass one I have.
  4. Novagunner

    Best Connector??

    I run the TTI GM kit in multiple glocks. I really like them. 
  5. I ran a Red Hill Tactical with my Glock 35 with SJC weight.
  6. I really love the Overwatch Precision TAC trigger with TTI GM spring kit. Run them in my Gen 3 35 and G4 34.
  7. You can't go wrong with one of Tim's classes. I took one a few months ago and it was really great. We had a mix of C - M shooters and he broke down weaknesses and provide insight on how to improve for each person.
  8. I shoot 200 gr blues @1.90 and I just run a egw u die with sub 1% XL gauge fail rate. I shoot LE brass that had been run through glocks and even reloaded after running them through my glocks. I’m have a fairly tight Schumann barrel on my 2011 with no issues. If it fails the Hundo, it goes in the pre-practice bin to be chamber checked. the Hundo. Saves a bunch of time.
  9. I use blues. Cheap, accurate enough and newer ones don’t give you smurf fingers. I run 200s for my major and minor loads. Sometimes 180s on minor.
  10. I was looking at the options to upgrade to an automated press from my 650 a while back and think that I came up with a pretty decent analogy for the main options. You have the Dillon 1050. It is a bit like a current model Mustang GT. A workhorse with good performance at a reasonable price point. Ammobot + 1050 which is similar to the base model Mustang GT with cloth seats and basic radio. No frills, no comfort or nav package. It will definitely get up and go and get the job done while offer good value for the performance that you get. With the Mk7 + 1050 you get the Mustang GT Premium package with touch screen nav and leather seats. No real performance upgrade but it looks pretty and might make people feel a little more comfortable using it with the touch pad vs control box. Then the Mk7 Evo Pro is more like a M3. You get some fit and finish upgrades with the CNC parts and some additional features such as the extra tool head slot and the primer collator. Prices are estimated for similar build. Ammobot+1050 is about $3700 Mk7+1050 is about $4500 M7 Evo Pro is $6300 All 3 options will provide you with the same basic level of performance (rounds per hour) but it depends on what you want out of it and there is somewhat significant price difference between the levels. I was lusting after the Evo Pro but they increased the price by about $700 right before I pulled the trigger and that was enough to turn me off (and the significantly increased price on the primer collator). With the 1050, people have engineered workarounds for most of the major bugs. The Evo is still pretty new and I want to give it some time to see how it matures as a product. It is sexy and I do still kinda lust after it.
  11. Damn. I thought that I pissed ,my Postal dude by having 9x70# boxes of bullets. I met him at the driveway with a hand truck at least. Also reloaded some 200 gr .40 cal minor loads which make me giggle when I shoot them.
  12. I'm not a nutritionist so take my comments with a grain of salt. It probably isn't "all" snake oil but you can probably get the same basic supplements cheaper. Such as their Projoint supplement. You would probably see the same basic result from a generic Glucosamine/Chondroitin supplement at about 60% of the cost. They seriously need to run a spell check on their website. I might be a bit of a stickler but if you are trying to sell a product that is supposed to be revolutionary, you may want to spell the ingredients correctly. Hell, even the stupid Mac OSX textedit picks it up. https://www.aimcise.com/product/profocus/ "Ingredients such as L-Tyrosina, Gamma-Aminobutyric Acid, L-Arganine..." . Should be L-Tyrosine and L-Arginine. Maybe it is the alternate British spelling or something.
  13. I just use an EGW U die and never have any issues with case bulge.
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