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  1. Avid NLHE player here; can't make it tonight, but down for future tournies!
  2. Welcome. I'm also from NJ and just getting into competition shooting, see you at a match sometime once things return to normal.
  3. @iflyskyhigh I just got a reply from SW. They are sending me replacement jugs of powder and prepaid shipping labels to send back my 314 lots.
  4. Good looks @SeattleDude, thanks for sharing your findings!
  5. Care to share the names of the "2 outfits"?
  6. Checkout the info provided by @SeattleDude in this thread for more info on the 314 lot issues and contact email for SW: https://forums.brianenos.com/topic/268366-9mm-major-data-shooters-world-major-pistol-powder/page/9/
  7. @SeattleDude was able to get his 314 lots exchanged for 115 lots. I'm trying to do the same, but I have yet to hear back after a week; sent a followup email 2 days ago so hopefully I get a response tomorrow.
  8. I think its likely that you have a slow lot if its taking you 10.6gr to make PF with a 5" barrel, 2x popple holes, and a 124gr bullet at 1.165" OAL. Especially if it is a KKM barrel, as those are known to be amongst the fastest-shooting, while SV barrels are known to be slower-shooting. The lot number is located to the right of the red "CAUTION": The last 3 digits indicate the lot number. I believe the different lot numbers in circulation as of recent are 314, 514, and 115.
  9. What bullet are you using and which lot of SWMP? 115gr? If you have lot 314 of SWMP, know that it shoots slower-than-normal. I have a bunch of it and am currently waiting on a response from SW to my request to exchange it for a different lot.
  10. Gotcha. Try some M&P specific forums, AR15.com, and Armslist.
  11. This is pretty niche, but if you're selling a 1911 variant, I highly recommend the classifieds section of the forums on www.1911addicts.com I had my Dan Wesson 1911 listed on gun broker, armslist, ar15.com, and here for about 1+ month and didn't really get any traction. It sold within 24 hours when I listed it on 1911addicts. Be aware that there is a 3-week or so probationary period before an account is able to use the classifieds section over there, in addition to a 20 post minimum requirement.
  12. Glad to hear they took care of you and replaced the 314 with 115. Let us know how 115 performs for you. I'm still waiting to hear back after requesting a replacement non-314 lot.
  13. It must be 314, I think everyone else who has reported slow powder on the forums had a 314 lot.
  14. @zzt No worries, thanks for putting me in touch! Very reasonable price for fully processed single-headstamp; just put in an order for 9K from him while I wait my turn on A+ Brass' waitlist for some cheaper mixed-headstamp / cleaned-n-polished-only.
  15. Would someone kindly be able to shoot me Ken's contact info? I think I found an old email address of his posted here from years ago that is no longer functioning. Shot the email and got an "address not found" error returned.
  16. Thanks, I'll shoot Ken an email to get a price list. I wonder if he offers brass that is cleaned/polished/sorted for less than the "fully processed" brass.
  17. I received a reply from SW regarding my email to them. It appears that the dates found in the lot number are of little significance; probably just bottling date or something else that has zero impact on the formulation of the powder itself. I bulk ordered 48lb's of SWMP and all jugs that I received were lot 314. I intend to load for a longer OAL under a 115gr JHP, so I'd highly prefer to not have to use more powder from the slower batch to make Major PF. I'm going to request to exchange my unopened 314 jugs for 514 jugs; I'll post an update here once I get a response from SW to support that request or not. Below is the response I received to my email, which asked the same questions that I posted on the previous page of this thread: "Hello Jason Thanks for the email. A lot is a specific batch, we manufacture about 10,000 lbs of powder per lot. Lots may very from lot to lot on any and all powders. Lot 314 was just a little too slow for acceptable in some applications, mostly competitive shooter loading 9Major. We could have up to 3-5 different lots of powder at one time as we order no less than 30,000 lbs at a time. All other lots of this powder including lot 514 are certified within their specs of where they should be. only lot 314 is slow. Hope this makes sense. Please le me know if you have any other questions. Thank You"
  18. Forgive me for being lightly off-topic, but is there some kind of discount code that you're using with AmmoBrass? The cheapest option I'm seeing is $200/4K. Or perhaps they've increased their prices again since March? Really knocking myself for not reaching out to ya to ask where you were buying from (I remember seeing you posting about it here and there in the past) and snagging up a bulk order back when it was $200/6K.
  19. Ah, if the date within the lot number is the date that it was bottled and not the date it was manufactured, that would make sense. I'm waiting on a reply from them, shot the email right after I made my previous post.
  20. I find it interesting that there are slow lots of 314 being produced, with normal lots of 514 in between. Example: A bunch of users reported slow 314 lots from Oct '19. There were then users who purchased lots ending in "514" with Nov '19 dates of manufacture (no reports yet on if these were slow or normal). Now we're seeing some 314 lots again with February '20 and April '20 dates of manufacture. If SWMP is one distinct product formulation, then why are there two "lots" being produced in alternate months? If the issue is confined to only 314 lots, what exactly is different about the 514 lot? Two different manufacturing plants attempting to produce the same formulation? Certainly, it can't shouldn't be an intentionally different formulation. Is my understanding of the term "lot" simply incorrect? I've always assumed the term "lot" to be somewhat synonymous with "distinct batch". I'm curious as to what the "314" and "514" actually indicates or what the difference is between the two, because it certainly isn't a distinct number assigned to a particular production batch if we are seeing both 314 and 514 lots alternating throughout 8+ manufacture dates. This isn't a case of one particular date-of-manufacture being slow either, since SW is acknowledging that the last three digits define the lot number and that multiple lots ending with 314 have been discovered to exhibit slower burn rate. I must be missing or misunderstanding something; going to shoot SW an e-mail and report back with any findings.
  21. You definitely have to post some pictures of it when it comes in; that sounds like an awesome color combo! I was interested in getting my upcoming build done in a similar two-tone fashion, but could barely find any reference photos of 2011's with a hard chrome grip/frame and black slide for the life of me.
  22. Let us know how you like it compared to the Everglades MRH, leg-jabbing aside! I personally don't find the MRH painful, but I have one with the thigh pad.
  23. I'm in the same boat over in NJ except looking for 9mm 2011 magazines; i'll likely go with some MBX L10's as well. I wish they made them in 155mm since that is what I bought for out-of-state matches and it would be nice to have the same form factor, but it is what it is. Seems like MBX is largely buy-once-cry-once and your *best* bet to get a mag that works from the get go with no issues and without any tuning.
  24. I respect that. Individual mileage and preferences vary as with all things.
  25. I think this is pretty dependent on what kind of printer you get. Albeit, all of them can require tweaking, but some require more, and some more often than others. I don't think that 3D printers are any more difficult to figure out and tweak/adjust than reloading presses are. There are large communities out there for the popular printers, just like there are for Dillon, Hornady, Mark 7 presses, etc. @DJRyan13, I'm using a Prusa i3 MK3S. For it's pricepoint, it is largely regarded as the go-to. If you're looking for cheaper, the Ender 3 is insanely popular in the lowest price point category, but can possibly require upgrades and copious tweaking like @Thetimb said. 3D Printing is honestly quite similar to reloading; its not as easy as putting legos together, but its not quantum physics either; leverage the wealth of information, data, lessons learned, and wisdom compiled by those that have done it already to make your own foray a little easier and less of a headache. As a guy who is getting into reloading at the same time as 3D printing, I actually think reloading is the more difficult of the two in terms of initial learning curve and reaching "auto-pilot status" when it comes to actually running the machines.
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