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  1. I think this is pretty dependent on what kind of printer you get. Albeit, all of them can require tweaking, but some require more, and some more often than others. I don't think that 3D printers are any more difficult to figure out and tweak/adjust than reloading presses are. There are large communities out there for the popular printers, just like there are for Dillon, Hornady, Mark 7 presses, etc. @DJRyan13, I'm using a Prusa i3 MK3S. For it's pricepoint, it is largely regarded as the go-to. If you're looking for cheaper, the Ender 3 is insanely popular in the lowest price point category, but can possibly require upgrades and copious tweaking like @Thetimb said. 3D Printing is honestly quite similar to reloading; its not as easy as putting legos together, but its not quantum physics either; leverage the wealth of information, data, lessons learned, and wisdom compiled by those that have done it already to make your own foray a little easier and less of a headache. As a guy who is getting into reloading at the same time as 3D printing, I actually think reloading is the more difficult of the two in terms of initial learning curve and reaching "auto-pilot status" when it comes to actually running the machines.
  2. Damn, that is disappointing. Its going to be a few months before I can load test with my Feburary 2020 DOM lot. Do let us know what recourse Shooter's World offers you and how they handle the situation. Hope you are able to reach a feasible and painless solution with them to replace the powder.
  3. So beautiful! Congrats on the new addition
  4. @Steyrarms Fine job sir, that is awesome! I'd love a copy of the .STL if you don't mind.
  5. Very familiar with Salomon products from deployement use and I'm a big fan. Just bought a fresh pair of Speedcross 5 Wide in 10.5, Speedcross 5 GTX in 11, and a pair of Supercross GTX in 10.5. Unfortunately, they don't make the Speedcross 5 GTX's in wide. Will comment on fit differences when I get them in. I plan on returning whichever GTX model fits worse.
  6. I got it in a few days ago, but won't be setup to use it until mid summer when their new primer collator ships unfortunately. =\
  7. Congrats @HOGRIDER, I'm sure you're going to love it. Enjoy cranking 'em out!
  8. Thanks for the insight fellas. Yeah, I guess there really isn't any way I'm going to find a concrete answer to this are there are just too many variables out there. I'm going to go with a full length tri-top and just see what happens myself. At the end of the day, slides are a consumable part over the long run and that's just part of the game.
  9. Forgive me if this is an amateur question, but how does one go about determining which bullet diameter is ideal once they've slugged their barrel? Is a slightly larger-than-bore-size bullet preferred to a as-close-to-same-size-as-bore bullet? I'd imagine if you're using a bullet that is smaller in diameter than your bore size, that's where you're going to most definitely come into leading and fouling problems. Lets say I slug my barrel and find the bore to be .3555, should I go with a .355 or .356 bullet diameter? What takes priority for determining the ideal bullet diameter; throat size or bore size? Lastly, does anyone know what does CRB stands for? It's not explain on the website past "This bullet was also engineered by us to maximize accuracy and case capacity while minimizing COL for smaller tube magazines. This overall package maximizes reliability and performance."
  10. Great to know. If there isn't any lead fouling and they're just as accurate as Precision Delta JHP's, that would be excellent as their bulk pricing comes out to more than $.02 cpr less for the same grain bullet! I'm new to reloading and decided to just go with JHP's and be done with it since I don't want to be bothered with lead fouling whatsoever and experimenting with different coatings to find which one fouls the least for a marginal cost saving, but these seem promising.
  11. Do let us know if you experience similar results as @Glockster1 and find the J-Ames bullets to be truly as non-fouling as JHPs in comps & popple holes in 9mm Major guns!
  12. A few months back, early 2020 I believe. I found out about it from a few posts here where forum members mentioned it.
  13. Powder Valley just restocked some primers that are nearly impossible to find these days, don't sleep on 'em and get it while it's hot gents. Federal #200 Small Pistol Magnum (1000) - Limit of 5 per order, per customer, per day. Federal GM200M Small Pistol Magnum Match (1000) - Limit of 5 per order, per customer, per day. Federal GM205M Small Rifle Match (1000) - Limit of 5 per order, per customer, per day. Winchester #41 5.56 Military Primers (1000) - Limit of 10 per order, per customer, per day.
  14. I'm curious as to whether anyone can speak from experience as to whether a full tri-top that runs the length of the slide has any discernible impact on slide longevity versus a partial tri-top or flat-top only? Partial tri-tops and flat-tops make sense as being cautious options, but I'm interested to hear if anyone here has had a reputable brand slide fully tri-topped and ran it for multiple tens of thousands of rounds. Have you had any issues with slide longevity or cracking near the lug area?
  15. I think you're the only who one has posted about having the 11/22/2019 DOM lot so far, so hopefully you're good to go! Multiple users reported slower-than-usual powder from the previous month's 10/22/2019 DOM lot ending in "314". I believe @mstewart posted that he had a slower-than-usual lot ending in "514" that was coincidentally also mislabeled as "Major Rifle", but did not specify the DOM for that lot, only that it was purchased some months ago.
  16. Solid info. Looks like "514" isn't indicative of anything. Seem as though the slow lots were confined to a few particular dates-of-manufacture in Oct/Nov 2019.
  17. Stocked up on primers and powder already, but have been waiting on a sale before placing a massive order for some 9mm JHP's from Precision Delta. Probably going to be waiting until July 4th at this rate... I guess its somewhat of a gamble, but from what I've read with regard to past shortages/periods of panic buying, bullets were usually the last to dry up in terms of supply.
  18. Forum members @zzt abd @clw42 commented in another thread that they were able to easily modify an Everglades MRH holster to fit Cheely grips with minimal effort; about 5 minutes of work or less with fine grit sand paper.
  19. Awesome. I'm planning on doing the same; saw yours and was hoping you'd chime in to say it was done using a regular profile comp since they're $100 cheaper, hehe.
  20. Precision Delta shows plenty of bullet sizes/weights as in stock on their website.
  21. @YellowShooter, did you use a full-profile Binary 3-Port comp, or the regular profile one? I like how the tri-top extends across the entire comp and the how the lines at the bottom of the comp flow into the frame.
  22. Just got my recent order from Powder Valley placed in early April. 6x 8LB jugs; lot number 021120 314. I believe previous know-slow batches ranged from October to January manufacture dates with lot number ending in 514.
  23. Thanks man, I appreciate it. Looking forward to checking out some of these matches, still working on setting up my reloading station and acquiring an open gun for the time being while the pandemic plays out.
  24. Thanks, I appreciate the observations!
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