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Short OAL 38S ammo causing nose dive jams


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So I recently purchased ammo from another store. Shot a recent match with it and landed with 2 nose dives in my first stage. 2nd stage to next to last, used my leftover ammo from the usual store i buy my ammo from and had no problems whatsoever. Last stage, ran out of old ammo, used the new ammo and had the same nose dive jams. Used 3 different magazine, all the same jams with the same ammo. I just checked the lengths of both ammos, new ones that jam have shorter OAL from the old ones.  Do shorter OAL really cause these kind of jams or should i look at another culprit?

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A little more info on the ammo would help. 


Ammo Brand or are these reloads you are buying? 


What is the OAL (you still have some of the ammo or can go to your source to get or ask for a measurement of the ammo)? 

Type of Bullet? RN or JHP? Grain? 

What gun are you using? 

Magazines brand? Have you tuned them and/or check specs? 


I am running a 38SC at OAL 1.223-1.228"... Tested 1.234" with no issues. MBX, Atlas, and STI Gen 2 mags minor tuning if any.  

Bullets I have used and are using Zeros JHP 125 gr and PDv1s/PDv2s JHP 124 gr. All 9mm/.355. 

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