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  1. How is the brightness? I've been trying to find a size comparison to other optics in the same price range.
  2. I agree there is very little info on Youtube for someone interested in Open guns. Maybe The Humble Marksman would be interested. He's not an Open guy (yet), but has some skin in the game and a growing platform. No shortage of analysis in his reviews either.
  3. Did you squeeze and measure the tube as shown in the Atlas videos? https://atlasgunworks.com/atlas-gunworks-sti-2011-magazines/ Could possibly explain some of the stoppages and why the Lula Loader does not fit the tube.
  4. Hey guys- Does anyone know if the Atlas or Limcat 510C mount will drop into the pocket in the Cheely FWF open frame? I was planning on using the Tevo Sports single sided mount but it sounds like a bunch of extra work to get it centered over the bore and in the pocket. Cheely doesn't have plans to make a 510C mount at this time. Thanks
  5. Pistol is looking good! What load are you going to stick with? Excited to say I'm on the books with CJ for a similar build!
  6. I haven't used it yet, but I don't find it to be particularly bright. I'm waiting for a sunny day to test it.
  7. You are in luck if they are Brownells slides.. http://www.chpws.com/product/brownells-glock-rmr-cut-slide-adapter-plate
  8. The mounting screw spacing and rear recoil bosses are the same as a Venom (Viper,FF, Docter). I don't know if the front bosses align with any other red dot out there. In my case, I filed the front bosses off the optic plate (Canik) and it mounted just fine.
  9. EDIT-Typo above. Should read "didn't shim it originally" FWIW- When I cut the "dog bone" shim to rest on the firing pin tunnel, I didn't have the Whiteout gun for reference and didn't want to remove the venom/plate from the brown gun. I used the underside of a spare optic plate as a template when I decided against edge shims. There is more real estate on the edges of the optic cut on the slide than the optic plate would lead one to believe. I've since made edge shims ( to fill gaps shown in the pictures) out of .08" aluminum and removed the original shims. Works much better, front
  10. I asked Bushnell repeatedly for the footprint information. They eventually responded and declined my request saying the information could not be released, but I was welcome to make my own drawing from the optic, of course that would require spending the $160 first. I was going to call it quits with the FS 2.0 after their lame response, but I guess curiosity got the best of me. I saved several images of the optic taken directly from the top and side then resized the images until the optic in the image matched the listed dimensions provided on the Bushnell website. Then I measured cr
  11. Thanks. I've been through that one a few times, even asked a similar question. Hoping some new information would turn up. I'm going to try and mount this optic on a TP9SFx. The factory optic plates are plentiful and inexpensive($15) if I screw one up trying to modify it. Having one manufactured would tip the scales out of the budget category. Although large, the physical dimensions of the FS 2.0 should be okay. I'm trying to determine if there is enough real estate on one of the factory plates to install rear recoil bosses without mounting fastener interference (dot to plate,
  12. Hey guys- Does anyone have the footprint dimensions of the First Strike 2.0? I've asked Bushnell several times with no response. The pattern appears to be proprietary and I'm looking for similarities (primarily center-center and size of mounting screw holes) with other red dot optics. Hoping to modify a exiting optic plate rather than start from scratch. Zev managed to fit one on KC's OZ9 and a Cheely does open gun mount, but other than that I've seen not seen anything. I can't help but think it would be a good big window budget red dot option if it holds up. Thanks
  13. Any follow on information? I've got 120 rounds loaded up for chrono and accuracy testing in a few different guns. Probably won't get to shoot for awhile.. I had a few bullets scrape during seating (shell plate came loose, despite the lock washer) and the case mouth removed fine shavings of the coating rather than big flakes typical of other coated bullets I've messed up. Appears to be a more robust coating than Hi-Tek. Pulled a few bullets after they passed the Hundo, everything looked good.
  14. I ordered 2K 135 GR in .357" a few weeks back. Kind of odd sending a check these days so plan accordingly... They arrived late last week and I broke into them last night. Coating is super slick, not like Brazos or Gallant. Gave one the smash test with no issues. They consistently measure .3565". Plunk and spin around 1.065-070" in my S2 and TP9SFx. Thats .070" shorter than other 135gr profiles used previously. I'm looking forward to load development and the potential, with their coating, to change over from JHPs for PCC . More to follow.
  15. Interested to see your findings. Call me easy but I was ready to try 2K after reading all the big words on their website. Too bad they don't have CC check out. If the claims stack up, they have a real good thing going. I've shot 800ish 135gr (.357") Brazos. 500 through a TP9SFx with some leading, 300 through a S2 and the bore looks pretty good. Good accuracy out of both guns. Thinking I'd like to try some other manufactures before making a sizable purchase.
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