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  1. You'll need 2 spacers, one for each side of the firing pin tunnel. I made some out of .077" aluminum sheet.
  2. Not a great picture but for anyone interested in a window size comparison Left to right- Holosun 407K Holosun 407C Swamp Fox Justice Vortex Venom Bushnell First Strike 2.0 (basically too dim to use, the new version is supposed to be improved, hopefully Bushnell will correct or exchange) I haven't shot with the Justice yet but it's looks pretty good- very bright, clear glass, no extra glue on the lens, good battery cover, positive medium size brightness adjustment buttons. Have not tested the windage or elevation adjustments for feel but don't really care as long as they hold zero.
  3. I have the Pro in both of mine, it's great. I had issues with the Fat Daddy locking out if my trigger pull wasn't perfect. It's easy to make contact with the corner of the extra wide flat face prior to the safety dingus when going (trying) fast. Add a Glock striker spring, Glock/Cajun/Sprinco safety plunger spring, Glock guide rod/recoil spring, Sprinco trigger return spring (or SS split ring) and the TF brass parts to further improve the shooting experience.
  4. Are you using the MBF powder funnel in your powder drop? I think the shape of MBF powder funnel has something to do with it. The depth it must go into the case to achieve enough flare for the bullet to be stable during indexing when fed from a bullet feeding die is greater than what is needed when hand placing bullets before seating. The funnel creates a slightly expanded area below where the bottom of a 115 gr bullet will seat when loaded out to 1.160"+ using the 'bullet feeder" setting, resulting in set back. I lost motivation when my open gun got delayed, again, but I'm going to test this theory a little more as it could be total crap, ha ha.
  5. https://www.thefirearmblog.com/blog/2020/09/17/trijicon-lawsuit-holosun/ Not sure if there is any truth to it, but I read somewhere the X2 series of Holosun optics is the result of the lawsuit with Trijicon. The big buttons on the V2 were too similar to the Trijicon design and have been removed. I have a 407k with the big buttons and it's pretty nice.
  6. Check out Steel City Arsenal, they had the Justice on BF/CM for just under $190. This time last year you could get a Holosun 407C for nearly the same price (or 407A from PSA for even less) but I think the lawsuit and Covid put the brakes on production.
  7. Thank you for the input. I had considered the FCD causing a loss of tension based on what other have reported. Last night I adjusted the sizing die to lightly contact the shell plate and loaded a few more dummy rounds. The only round I loaded that did not set back had so little case flare that the bullet was not stable during indexing. The seating die is backed out of the press (to avoid scraping coated bullets while seating minor loads) but still provided enough straightening of the case mouth that the round passed the hundo gage without going through the FCD. After giving it a few hard leans and measuring it for length (no change) I ran it through the FCD and leaned on it again without set back. The cases that received more flare allowed for set back. I'll experiment with it a little more but seems like the crimp die really isn't doing much at its current setting. Not very confident I'll be able to use the bullet feeder and/or the shape of the power funnel lends itself well to a 115gr loaded to major lengths.
  8. Did you give up on open/major loads? I started down this road last night with similar results.. Set up as follows: Hornady LNL AP Lee U die set a fuzz off the shell plate Hornady powder drop with MBF funnel MBF die with MAG-P Lee seating die Lee FCD Mixed head stamp brass Everglades 115gr V2JHP 1.165" .377" "crimp" I belled the case just enough to hold a bullet without tipping over during indexing then seated and removed the bell like normal. With a good hard lean on the bench I was getting set back numbers ranging between .015"-.045". The round is not deforming, just going deeper in the case. I'm going to try 124s next to see if more bullet in the case helps, but don't intend to give up on 115s yet.
  9. How is the brightness? I've been trying to find a size comparison to other optics in the same price range.
  10. Here is an option for the SRO guys wanting added durability. Adds 1 oz. though. http://jagerwerks.com/pre-order-b-r-o-s-4-6-weeks/ I've gone mostly to Holosun for pistol optics after trying various other brands. No failures or bad dots out of the box, can't speak for their CS or long term durability yet. Hopefully they come out with a big window model for pistols someday, I'd be all over that.
  11. I agree there is very little info on Youtube for someone interested in Open guns. Maybe The Humble Marksman would be interested. He's not an Open guy (yet), but has some skin in the game and a growing platform. No shortage of analysis in his reviews either.
  12. Did you squeeze and measure the tube as shown in the Atlas videos? https://atlasgunworks.com/atlas-gunworks-sti-2011-magazines/ Could possibly explain some of the stoppages and why the Lula Loader does not fit the tube.
  13. Hey guys- Does anyone know if the Atlas or Limcat 510C mount will drop into the pocket in the Cheely FWF open frame? I was planning on using the Tevo Sports single sided mount but it sounds like a bunch of extra work to get it centered over the bore and in the pocket. Cheely doesn't have plans to make a 510C mount at this time. Thanks
  14. Pistol is looking good! What load are you going to stick with? Excited to say I'm on the books with CJ for a similar build!
  15. I haven't used it yet, but I don't find it to be particularly bright. I'm waiting for a sunny day to test it.
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