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  1. Thanks. I've been through that one a few times, even asked a similar question. Hoping some new information would turn up. I'm going to try and mount this optic on a TP9SFx. The factory optic plates are plentiful and inexpensive($15) if I screw one up trying to modify it. Having one manufactured would tip the scales out of the budget category. Although large, the physical dimensions of the FS 2.0 should be okay. I'm trying to determine if there is enough real estate on one of the factory plates to install rear recoil bosses without mounting fastener interference (dot to plate, plate to slide). Could very well end up with the optic hanging way off either end of the plate. I've roughed out a shim to raise a factory optic plate flush with the top of the slide to allow the use of an optic with a longer body(most big window options) but I have my doubts
  2. Hey guys- Does anyone have the footprint dimensions of the First Strike 2.0? I've asked Bushnell several times with no response. The pattern appears to be proprietary and I'm looking for similarities (primarily center-center and size of mounting screw holes) with other red dot optics. Hoping to modify a exiting optic plate rather than start from scratch. Zev managed to fit one on KC's OZ9 and a Cheely does open gun mount, but other than that I've seen not seen anything. I can't help but think it would be a good big window budget red dot option if it holds up. Thanks
  3. Any follow on information? I've got 120 rounds loaded up for chrono and accuracy testing in a few different guns. Probably won't get to shoot for awhile.. I had a few bullets scrape during seating (shell plate came loose, despite the lock washer) and the case mouth removed fine shavings of the coating rather than big flakes typical of other coated bullets I've messed up. Appears to be a more robust coating than Hi-Tek. Pulled a few bullets after they passed the Hundo, everything looked good.
  4. I ordered 2K 135 GR in .357" a few weeks back. Kind of odd sending a check these days so plan accordingly... They arrived late last week and I broke into them last night. Coating is super slick, not like Brazos or Gallant. Gave one the smash test with no issues. They consistently measure .3565". Plunk and spin around 1.065-070" in my S2 and TP9SFx. Thats .070" shorter than other 135gr profiles used previously. I'm looking forward to load development and the potential, with their coating, to change over from JHPs for PCC . More to follow.
  5. Interested to see your findings. Call me easy but I was ready to try 2K after reading all the big words on their website. Too bad they don't have CC check out. If the claims stack up, they have a real good thing going. I've shot 800ish 135gr (.357") Brazos. 500 through a TP9SFx with some leading, 300 through a S2 and the bore looks pretty good. Good accuracy out of both guns. Thinking I'd like to try some other manufactures before making a sizable purchase.
  6. Having switched over from a dot on a 1.93" mount, Im using a cheap Truglo .5" high 10 slot picatinny riser under my 512. Makes for a comfortable shooting position but doesn't look particularly clean. The Unity FAST looks like a better option.
  7. Made it!! Removed .6 oz from the dust cover area of the slide (by hand) and switched to Lok Ultralight thin bogies and Lok magazine release button. With the addition of TTI base pads, the gun is .2 oz under. Planning to order the Grams followers/springs as well.
  8. Erik- Does Brownells offer Foxtrot Mike products in your area? Their products are affordable with excellent customer service and they support the sport. I use their bolt and ultra lightweight barrel on top a dedicated colt lower. The set-up is 100% reliable, barring the occasional dirty upper or magazine (my fault.) I'd start with their buffer and spring as well to get a feel for things. The JP, Blitz, and Taccom stuff is nice but not required. A few years back I built a PCC using a Faxon barrel, Faxon Gen 1 bolt carrier and KAK Colt magazine block. Previously, I had great luck with Faxon products, but this gun just would not feed ANY 9MM reliably. Buffer/spring/magazine brand didn't make a difference. I eventually had the barrel "feed cone" re-profiled and things have been great since then. In the middle of it all, the extractor roll pin somehow fell/walked out of the bolt carrier, causing the extractor to get damaged between the breechface and bolt carrier. Faxon was very slow to support with a replacement extractor and pin. I'm also not a fan of the various magazine release positions with Glock style magazine blocks. Colts mags are fine but pretty tough to seat on a closed bolt. You can "tune" the mags a little and download them by a few rounds to help out. +2/3 Glock base pads (flat) fit Colt mags and cause far less palm damage when slamming them home. Metalforms run right out of the box, ASCs not so much (in my experience.) I eventually went to a Glock lower in hopes for more reliable magazine changes, too soon to tell if it was worth the time/expense. Good Luck
  9. I had the opposite experience with the Razor, killed 2 in very short time. Decided to use the 3rd replacement on something else. I've got a Venom on a different CO gun in the 10K range, no problems. Bought a Holosun 507c and 407a to try out, low rounds but so far so good. Hoping they bridge the gap between the 510/512 and the 407/507/8 with a big window pistol optic one of these days..
  10. Sounds like I know your right and knew you would be the whole time... When are you going to start selling S2 slides for Glock prices?
  11. I'm very new to reloading so that might be part of the problem but I'm at about 15-17% with coated (135gr .357") and about 3-5% with JHPs. Been using fully processed brass with mixed head stamp. With the coated bullets, it feels like riding the line between just enough crimp to pass the hundo and pulling a bullet to find a bunch of coating scraped off. Some of the scraping was due to the seating die crimping the case a little during bullet seating. Things have improved since backing the seating die out a few turns and running the stem back in. Polishing the DAA LnL powder funnel made a large difference as well. Most failures will pass by adding a little more crimp. I normally crimp coated to .378-.3785. I'm going to crimp a few to .377 and pull them with the above improvements and inspect the coating. If that works out, it should drop the failure rate quite a bit. I load JHPs for my PCC and I've had them pass the hundo but not the plunk in the barrel. When crimped down to .377" they plunk and spin and look virtually untouched when pulled.
  12. Hey guys- I've got a new PCC in the mix and I'm Interested to hear the opinion of folks running the same or similar configuration and their favored bullet weight, PF and BCG weight installed/ removed. I've searched the topic quite a bit and it seems lighter bullets with higher PF (in respect to PF floor) are pretty popular. I didn't come across anyone specifically addressing when/why to pull the BCG weight. The plan is to develop a load for the gun but would like the option to shoot factory ammo in a pinch. Current parts: Standard Blitz PCC buffer (6.2 oz iirc) JP AR-10 Carbine spring in a Zulu 2.0 with their goofy spring thing replaced with the included fixed spacer Taccom ESSB (weight installed, 14.4 oz) with white short stroke spacer Taccom ULW barrel The local range is slow fire only so I took the gun out to confirm function and chrono the following loads but was not able to do any doubles for speed/accuracy. Chrono was acting finicky, number may be a little skewed. 115gr Everglades V2 JHP- 1.140"- Titegroup 3.8 126 PF- too close to PF floor (left over for my previous PCC with 16" bbl) 4.0 133 PF 4.2 139 PF 4.4 144 PF 124gr Federal AE round nose 147 PF The 115s and 124s felt very different (snap vs push) but neither were offensive or more disruptive than the 16" PCC with Taccom adjustable buffer I've been shooting. Dot stayed easily inside the center part of the window. Ejection was pretty weak, especially the lower PF rounds, about 1:30-2:00. I tried an AR-15 carbine buffer spring to see if it would help ejection but it changed the recoil so much I didn't bother watching ejection. In 120 rounds there was 1 stove pipe and 3 double feeds (2 live rounds) so that had me a little distracted from focusing on recoil characteristics. Is it worth exploring heavier bullet weights? Or pulling weight from the BCG? Loading up into the 150 PF range? Different buffer spring? Run 4.0 of TG and practice until this stuff actually matters? I'm not the most familiar with blow back theory in respect to a competition rig, any input is appreciated, thanks!
  13. Update- I was able to find a local shop willing to cut the slide to accept the CZC rds plate and window the top of the slide. Price and machine work was good. The result, no so much... With the plate installed on the windowed slide, magazine brake re-installed, plastic guide rod, Lok thin bogies, 17rd mag with factory plastic +2 base pad and Holosun 407a the gun is .3 oz overweight. The gun is .1 oz under with a flush base pad. I'm using a cheap scale I don't trust without some margin. Hindsight, I should have assured the machinist he wouldn't break through to the firing pin channel and requested he mill the plate deep like CZC does. I think plus 4 base pads are in the 1.0 oz range so I'm on the hunt for another 1.1-2 oz of weight reduction... Anyone have some diet ideas? I'm leaning towards milling the dust cover area of the slide over putting more windows in it for cost/complexity sake. Thanks
  14. Hey guys- After fighting with unreliable, closed bolt, Colt magazine reloads for the last year or so I've decided to try a Glock pattern lower. I found a good deal on what appears to be the last ever Coda Evolution lower (I need a left side mag release) and finished putting it together last night. To anyone using this lower, have you had reliable function from the left side magazine release with the bolt forward? With an empty mag inserted, the left side button needs way more than I can manage with my pointer finger and the magazine will not drop free. The brand of magazine doesn't seem to matter and I'd expect it to be worse with a loaded mag. I didn't have a lot of time to mess with it, but it seems like this is a design flaw of the mag catch. Both Gibbz and KE use a fixed pivot point on the right size of the receiver but the Coda mag catch just kinda floats(found this out after purchasing). Any input is appreciated, thanks.
  15. Would anyone be willing to provide a rough width, distance from the front to the mounting holes and distance between the mounting holes measurement? Thanks
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