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  1. Would anyone be willing to provide me with some rough dimensions of their CZC RDS plate? OAL of the plate center of the mounting holes and optic holes (whatever model you have) from the front of the plate center of extractor pin hole from the front of the plate Kicking around some ideas with a machinist/gunsmith friend that include using a modified CZC plate. Thanks
  2. I was kidding. The slide should really go to Primary Machine or the like for a full CO treatment. An adapter plate would put the gun over weight as it only made it by .2 oz. I was trying to figure out why the previous owner had been running with the magazine break removed until I put it on a scale... It would be nice to run base pads in the future as well. Im on the fence about Vortex too. They have been pleasant to deal with and willing to warranty the optic no questions asked, but their suggestion to try a Venom seems like a round about way to avoid admitting the Razor isn't fit for a slide rider. The Vemon on my TP9SFx has been great but It's just not an option or what I want to hear for this situation.
  3. Seeing as you are local to me, maybe I found just the guy for the job... The last 2 Razors have only required 15-20 MOA down to get zeroed at 10 yds. Other options to fit the current optic cut: The RTS2 sounds hit or miss from what I read around here. The Sig Romeo 3 (same mounting pattern according to the multi optic red dot sight base drawing on the CZC website) but is much longer overall from what I can tell. I feel like all 3 are made in the same place, with the same terrible battery tray design. I made a pretty crude drawing on my lunch break today confirming (best I can tell) that an adapter plate to go from a Razor to an RMR (SRO) would not work. The threaded mounting holes in the plate for the RMR would occupy the same space as the heads of the fasteners that would be used to hold the plate to the slide (utilizing the existing threaded holes for the Razor.) Going Razor to Venom looked good for a quick second because they both have 14 mm centers between mounting holes, but the Razor uses bigger fasteners. So I'm back to drilling and tapping new holes in the slide to hold a conversion plate down, using a multi-plate system to avoid fasteners running into each other or paying real money for a real fix.
  4. Wow, the cut on that bottom slide is deeeep!
  5. Part of the way there... http://www.egwguns.com/pistol-and-red-dot-mounts/trijicon-rmr-sight-mount-for-blank/
  6. Although hard to tell from a picture, with your experience, does it look like there is enough available real estate to use a CZC plate system? Edit- I looked at pictures of the CZC plate system on the website, it doesn't look real hopeful to me. No meat left for the pillars the plate system uses for alignment on the slide without cutting deeper. My other thought was having a custom plate made locally. Looking at an RMR cut Glock slide I have, the mounting pattern between the RMR and Razor are pretty close. It would probably require new holes to be drilled and tapped in the slide to use from attaching the plate rather than using the existing Razor holes.
  7. Sorry guys, I forgot to keep up on the topic. Thanks for the replies. I've attached some pictures of the optic/optic cut. Of greater concern to me now is that this gun has killed 2 Vortex Razor red dots in the very very short time I've owned it. 1 failed after a little bit of practice and a steel match, the other died today after being sighted in and 1/2 of an IDPA match. I know the previous owner killed at lest one aswell. I've had great luck with the Venom on my TP9SFx but a quick search around here makes the Razor sound like a pretty expensive POS. Not sure what kind of recovery options I have for a direct milled slide like this. I believe the RTS2 has the same foot print but it sounds hit or miss as well.
  8. Hey guys- I recently purchased a used CO gun out of the classifieds on a different site. Overall it looks pretty good, but the optics cut has me a bit puzzled. Its a factory slide direct milled to accept a Vortex and the cut depth is roughly a 1/16" deeper in the front. I couldn't see it in the pictures before purchasing. In person its not exactly pleasing. I have not shot the gun yet. I have limited experience with red dots on pistols, but can't think of a good reason not to mill it in parallel with the bore. The gun was shot successfully by a really good shooter. I'm pretty surprised it had any elevation left to be zeroed. In short, is there a reason NOT to mill a red dot optic in parallel to the bore? Thoughts? Thanks
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