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  1. I picked them up as well. Went to practice slide lock reloads in my STI Tactical 9mm and they end up getting stuck and will not drop free, having to really pull on them to release. No issues at all with the pistol in battery.
  2. Newbie question here, but would the competition seating die be the same for 9mm and 38SC? Would be using on a Super 1050.
  3. Was having extraction issues at a match yesterday and pulled aftec at home. Was cracked and holding on by a minute thread between the springs. Looks like metal failure to me. On a 9mm open pistol with about 2k from previous owner and another 1.5k from me. Thoughts? Are these warrantied, and is it transferrable?
  4. Yeah, a bushing barrel. It weighs in at 36oz. Thanks for the confirmations.
  5. I have a STI Tactical Host 2011 in 9mm that I use for Carry Optics. From the breech face it is 4 7/8" to the crown. It barely fits in the box, but I was told it was not legal even though I do not see anything in the rules.
  6. Three mags def will not be enough. A good deal of uspsa stages are at 32rds minimum, and that does not count extras for misses. I see most guys running at least 4, and a lot of times 5 or 6 to change mags at appropriate times on the stage so you do not go to slide lock.
  7. We are pretty receptive here in Richmond/Central VA, and not too far away from you. Lots of matches to choose from: CSA IDPA - every Monday night GRB USPSA at Cavalier Gun Club - 3rd Saturday of the Month IDPA at Cavalier Gun Club - 4th Saturday of the month Steel Match at Black Creek - 2nd Saturday of the month Many others as well.
  8. You don't need to file the extension, you file the rear part of the feed lips at an angle. It took about 5 quick passes with a file and mine were fine in the gauge. You just have to file down the points. Less than 5 minutes worth of work for 10 magazines for me
  9. Got the EVO magwell installed last night. Slipped right on, but the pin was an 1/8" long on either side protruding from the magwell. Simple fix to shorten each side and seems to solve the sticking issue thus far.
  10. I have a PT magwell on the way, so hopefully that will smooth things out. Thanks for the help guys.
  11. Thanks for the help. How much fitting does the limcat require with the EVO?
  12. I just picked up a PT EVO build with a Dawson ICE magwell, and sometimes when inserting a mag slightly rotated into the pistol it will jam/stick about 1" into the grip. I have to pull out and reinsert to seat fully. Happens during dry fire with dummy rounds in the magazines when going full speed. I know I should have everything lined up perfectly, but is this common? Would the Limcat/PT magwell help with this, or should I should I train past bad technique?
  13. You might have been able to slip a single sheet of paper under the follower end of the magazine.
  14. So i shot the Delmarva Sectional this weekend as my first level 2 match. Started shooting earlier this year and this was my 8th USPSA match in Carry Optics. Running a stock ZEV OZ9 without the mag well and Glock Gen5 mags with TTI +5/6 base pads and Federal Syntec 150gr 9mm. Got to Chrono and did not feel there would be any issues. Handed over my magazine, and it does not fit the 140mm gauge, and I am welcomed to open division. Had the RO measure a second one just to see, and that one measures long as well. Never thought I would have an issue with them, as they are advertised by TTI to fit the gauge and I see many others running them in CO. Is this normal? What should to do to get them legal? On another note, for any other newbies out there. After chrono, I was given the baggie with my unused ammo and did not really inspect the rounds and put them in my pocket with the rounds that I had pulled out of the magazine to be measured. At the next stage, I reloaded mags with the rounds from my pocket and proceeded to shoot the stage. Started out fine, but had a malfunction. Tapped and racked, ejecting an empty casing, loading a new round, but would not go completely into battery, and end up having to end my stage. Made clear and end up going to the safe area to find a bullet lodged in the barrel backwards. Clear it and realize what I had done. The round that chrono had pulled apart to weigh the projectile was put back in the case with the bullet in backwards and put back in my baggie. I didn't notice it and loaded it into my magazine, it fired the primer and lodged in the chamber. Bonehead move ends up with zero points on that stage. Looking forward to shooting another Level 2, but will make sure all my gear is legal before I get there. Will also make sure I am familiar with all the procedures to ensure no more self induced failures. Jeff
  15. 35.6488. I read the notation for the "A" code being 20% above my normal, but I do have a 60 in there earlier.
  16. So I got an "A" code on my last classifier 18-09 I Miss that kind of clarity. I am a relatively new to USPSA and have had a couple of dumpster fires on Classifiers thus far. I shoot carry optics and these are all my classifiers thus far: 4/29 - 18.0887 - Y 5/18 - 41.9207- Y 6/23 - 26.0432 - Y 7/6 - 60.5104 - Y 8/4- 31.6836 - Y 8/7 - 67.4831 - A I submitted the form to get the "A" reversed. How long does it take for review, and how do they let you know the result of my appeal? Do they look at how I placed at the match(1st in CO) or what criteria do they look at? How successful are appeals? Thanks
  17. I am fine with folks shooting twice, but their first run should be the only one that counts for the match. Any subsequent run, especially if shooting the same division equates to an unfair advantage over others. I try to do it at my weekly IDPA match, but realize only my first run counts for score.
  18. I went to a new club in another state this weekend to shoot a Level 1 USPSA match. They run squads at 9am Saturday, 9am Sunday and 1pm Sunday. Of 84 scores posted in Practiscore, 13 of the shooters shot it twice, and 2 shooters posted 3 scores. Some in the same division, some in multiple. The overall match winner shot open on two different squads. Is this normally allowed? Seems like you should only be able to post one score in a match, as doing multiples is like having a practice run, especially if shooting the same division multiple times. I know in local IDPA match, they let you take a second run, but add 900 seconds to your time ensuring the second run was just for fun/practice. Any thoughts? Thanks.
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