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  1. I know you are comparing the Dawson vs. Manny dots, but if you are not completely satisfied, look into the Robert Vogel sights. It made a big difference to me as far as acquiring targets faster vs. Dawson's sight. Another option.
  2. Those are excellent guns for the money. I own one and did the HCG package with Hayes. Pics are somewhere in this forum. Hayes takes it to a new level. The rear sights are the only thing that I was not completely happy with but they do the job.
  3. There is a Glock cult out there. Gun enthusiasts like it because of price, reliability, accessibility , replacement of parts that can improve the gun overall, etc. Glocks pistols run and run with minimum maintenance..my point is, STI has a tough road ahead.
  4. I am curious to see if you decide to send it to SVI what would be the response.
  5. As you see we all have our preferences. Atlas, Phoenix Trinity honcho. You will not go wrong with neither. Let us know which route did you take.
  6. If your budget is $4000 I will go the custom route. I do not disagree with the previous comments about STI. At the end you are paying, your money...your decision.
  7. Phoenix Trinity has been able to put a Honcho race shop that has received a lot of attention from shooters. A lot of positives comments on this forum related to that. Something to consider I guess. Thanks for the pics..enjoy!!
  8. That’s why I came to this forum to learn. Thanks for teaching me Sir...Uff
  9. Do not take it personal please, that is and was never my intention. It is just a personal preference. I know that Atlas open are not cheap. I don’t own one because of that reason. I don’t shoot open. I shoot limited because that is what I can do. Once you get to the open class, prices are very competitive/high. I am not there yet.
  10. We all have preferences right? The same way you pass others may not.
  11. If you do not mind asking...low 400 or high 300 ? What are you using it for? Is it your first 22 and is there a big difference that would make Glock 44 stand out? I am trying to convince myself here..lol
  12. Glock is a reliable pistol, we all know that. What I can not overlook is .....22 really? A Glock chambered in 22 LR...Uff
  13. DLC. I like the look of hard chrome also but seeing the scratches would drive me crazy. So DLC.
  14. I have never shot them, but you have to agree that for the price....i better get an "alien pistol"..hold..that is here already.
  15. I like your sense of "realism". LOL
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