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  1. I had Hayes work on my RIA TAC ULTRA HC FS 9mm. I sent it to them and I received a FANTASTIC PISTOL. I already commented and posted pics on this forum. As far as Atlas Gunworks...I ordered a Titan 9mm from them. All I have to say is AWESOME!!!! Cat Richards, who I spoke/email with, is a fantastic individual that will go out of her way to make the customer happy. She treated me like she has known me for years!! As far as the actual gun..... I did not get a gun, I received a piece of art that looks, shoots, feels like no other. There are some others out there, but I don't own any of those so I will reserve my opinion(s). Atlas Gunworks will no disappoint you because you will get what you asked for and much more...What an incredible people they are. HP
  2. I will give my opinion because I have a RIA TAC ULTRA FS HC 9mm. I bought it brand new... my first double stack 1911 and wanted to "try it" because I did not want to spend too much money. When I shot the gun the firs time, it had multiple malfunctions, a little bit of frustration kicked in and then I decided to give it and extra love and care...complete clean and lube even though I had done it before shooting it the first time, but not complete. A week later I returned to the range and the pistol ran flawlessly... and I fell in love. It was my first double stack 1911 and I loved it!! I knew that this pistol had great potential so surfing the web came across Hayes Custom Guns. The pistol was sent for the HCG package( I am not getting into the whole details of it but is pretty good. Go to the Hayes Custom Guns website and see its options) WHAT I RECEIVED WAS NOT THE SAME PISTOL!!!! It was beyond my expectations. There is nothing about RIA on my pistol anymore. It shoots as flat as any other more expensive gun. The best part of the whole process? The crew at Hayes Custom Guns is AMAZING!! They keep you inform, updated, and you will received a race gun that will take your breath away. It is known, as some of you previously mentioned, that some DVC pistols do not come as accurate as expected. If I pay that money, I expect reliability and accuracy...well, I got that FOR SURE, when I received my pistol from Hayes and FOR $1000 LESS!! This topic could have 1000 different ways depending on your likes and needs. One thing for sure, you can run any match with a RIA, after the Hayes work, for a long time!! I am HAPPY with what I received and with the whole process from the beginning to the end. **Just in case: I AM NOT AFFILIATED OR RELATED WITH HAYES CUSTOM GUNS. I AM SIMPLY A HAPPY CUSTOMER THAT IS GIVING AND HONEST OPINION BASED ON A FACTUAL CASE** Thank you guys.
  3. It is my understanding that STI DVC Omni was replaced by DVC-P. Correct me if I am wrong. Which is a better buy knowing the fact that there are some obvious difference between them? Your input is needed.
  4. What is better that one 1911? Two 1911s....
  5. Check the new Nighthawk. It is made out of metal and a true copy of the original. Expensive too!!!
  6. I used the guys from Hayes Custom Guns. Super happy with the price, finish, turn around...NO COMPLAINS. They would make sure that you are 100% satisfy.
  7. In my case, right handed/left handed dominant, I shoot PISTOL right handed with no problem. I move the pistol a little bit towards my dominant eye(left) until I find " the right spot." Now LONG GUNS, I shoot left handed. At the end you have to find what best works for you. It is a combination of adapting your body and training, which plays an important part. For me is a natural thing after doing it for so long. Time will tell which position is the best.
  8. bharralson, The Hayes Magwell is the one shown on the pic. As far as the Remington R1 Mags. I don't have them, but if you go to you tube/Hayes Custom Guns channel, they have tons of videos. You will find answers for most of your questions as far as magwells, best mags for RIA TAC/TCM..etc. Hope this helps. Let me know if you need a better angle showing the Hayes Magwell. Go to this video..after min 4:30 Ben goes over Magazine options.
  9. I have a RIA TAC ULTRA FS HC 9MM. This pistol was sent to Hayes Custom Guns for the HCG Package. All I have to say is ....Wow.. The trigger breaks just under 2.5 lbs, finish and overall design are second to none. In terms of magazine base pads call RIA or email them. Their customer service is pretty good. I wanted to go from the factory metal base pads to the plastics in some of my mags and they directed me to the right place. You can also get the Remington R1 MAGAZINE: https://gunmagwarehouse.com/remington-1911-r1-9mm-19-round-blued-steel-magazine.html It fits RIA TAC AND TCM. Hayes Custom has not only awesome prices but their turn around is great. This is mine after Hayes Custom work:
  10. This is one of those topics that keep coming back every so often.....why? We are all different. What really matters is if it works for you, and works well then CONTINUE DOING IT. If you have time, read this article by Grant Cunningham: https://www.grantcunningham.com/2006/05/lubrication-101/ **** I AM NOT ASSOCIATED WITH EITHER (MR. CUNNINGHAM) OR (LUBRIPLATE). If it makes sense.....I do it. HP
  11. Thank you guys. I called SVI and like Rangertrace mentioned; You have the option to ask for a grip safety or not.
  12. Furrly & RangerTrace thank you so much for your answers. What is the relation/connection between the non-pivoting billet grip safety and the "billet infinity optifit thumb safety"? Does the last one add safety if the pistol has a non-pivoting billet grip safety?
  13. Questions for those knowledgeable SVI and other 2011 shooters. 1-Does the grip safety feature gets disable on svi wide body 2011 pistols? 2-Is this an option on the gunbuilder site or is standard? The ones I have seem in videos and pics, the grip safety seems to be even with the main spring housing. I apologize for the lack of knowledge in the subject matter.
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