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  1. I am considering sending my X5 legion to sig Armorer for a competition trigger job. I would like to lessen the take up and shorten the reset. Has anyone had any experience with the company or have another option to improve the trigger?
  2. Hello, does anyone own or have shot the CZ Dan Wesson DWX? I’m not sure if they are even available for purchase yet. I’m interested in it and was wondering if anyone has experience with it.
  3. How does everyone feel about the Stacatto P? It’s only $2000 and I would probably do a trigger job to get it down to about 2 pounds.
  4. How do I check the classifieds?
  5. I already have a Kimber 1911 that is my work carry gun. I love the trigger of the 1911. I like the weight of a heavy gun. I looked around and it’s hard to find a cheap 2011. I found the rock island but it only comes with one mag and I heard it’s hard to find extras that work. Any suggestions on a “cheap” 2011?
  6. If I went custom which company does everyone recommend?
  7. Is there a particular reason not to go with STI?
  8. Hello everyone. I am looking to purchase a new 2011 for competition and was looking at STI. I would not like to spend more than $4000. I know the custom route is an option. I was looking into the DVC Limited, the new Staccato XL, A DVC 3 gun or maybe the combat master. I would have it chambered in 9mm. I would like to use it for IDPA and USPSA. Any comments or suggestions are appreciated. Thank you and I hope to hear from everyone.
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