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  1. Right, I have heard that he`s working on a site connected with training at the moment but I`m not acquainted personally with him
  2. How many guns can one fly with at a time? It`s really interesting for me to know that! My friends have asked me this not once
  3. How many guns can one fly with at a time? Can`t say that I have so many of them but I would like to know for some of my friends have asked me this question not once
  4. Scammers annoy me as well though I have never run into any oа those considering weapons but if to talk about other things, I have happened to deal with such guys
  5. Indeed, sleep apnea has killed a number of people, I have read about such cases. Sometimes I begin falling asleep myself and that makes me worry
  6. Yeah, many of my friends have said not once that Chevy leaves much to be desired so I decided not to buy this car, my choice was Mercedes
  7. I have always respected the policemen, guys, we can`t do without you, not a day !
  8. Investing in firearms seem to be profitable at all times, I agree with the author here I think it`s extremely easy to find a customer for your gun
  9. I like P320 as well because I like pistols and especially those with a shorter gun barrel, they somehow seem to be easier in using, it`s only in my case )
  10. Well, I would order this too, the stuff seems to be cool
  11. My favourite movie is Los Angeles Confidential, I adore this film, it`s simply excellent
  12. Well, I also don't know what competition gun to buy but probably it's too early for me to think about competitions now, urge for practice)
  13. Visualization is a good thing not only for shooting but indeed it`s vital to keep an image of your target inside your head, that`s what I agree with ))
  14. Are there any exercises for treating carpal tunnel? It seems to me that it`s not a critical diagnosis and you`ll later will be able not to be afraid of any trouble when shooting
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