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  1. Two 550's here, one set up for large primers for 45 acp and one for small, 9 mm, 38 spl and 357 mag. The only reason I see to go with a 750 would be the extra station for powder check - the long cases 38 and 357 are quite deep and the fill of powder is not easy visible. Otherwise, I am very happy with my 550's.
  2. It is maybe not the lead that might give issues, but there is always some copper (from the brass) in these waste solutions, and copper is a known anti-microbial, and minute amounts may interfere with the biology of waste water plants.
  3. Just did, and it is really, really small...I would not worry at all about such minute deviations..... The thickness of a post-it note....
  4. I don't think it is that bad, your 10-drop average is right on. Powder shape/particle size can have quite an influence. I load 357 mag with Nobel Vectan BA 9 1/2, and I shoot for a 5.2 grain load. I always weigh a few drops while loading, and get values between 5.18 to 5.22 - so extremely consistent. This powder is very tiny beads. I always make sure I have the shell plate full with cases when I take one out for weighing.
  5. So yesterday I converted from 9 mm to 357 mag. For this caliber (and I guess fir 38 spl) this feeder works just perfect. No need to wiggle the press handle so the case is properly aligned for the primer to be set. With 357, the case is perfectly aligned and I got up to quite some speed. Love it for this round. For 9 mm it takes too much to look out for and make sure the case alignment is good, otherwise, crushed primers are the result. Would I get this again?? As a feeder for a dedicated press for 357 and 38 spl, absolutely, for 9 mm - no!! I have two 550's, one each for larger and small primers, so the small is used for the revolver calibers and the 9 mm.
  6. Or here: https://inlinefabrication.com/collections/dillon
  7. Using some Norma stamped brass and have not had any issue with it. There is, however, a lot of crap brass out there for the last year and a half. So when ever I get back from the range I sort my brass. Some go straight to the crap bucket, and the rest is sorted into three groups (my personal choices). Also, there is a lot of nickel or brass plated steel - so the first thing is to put a magnet through the brass to sort the steel out and then I sort out the Al cases....
  8. This is what I would consider normal, such small deviations of 8 thouands, but he has the issues with: "a target of 2.260 OAL. It will literally seat one at 2.45 and the next at 2.70" this is extreme...and something is not right here.
  9. ..just the question: if the 15% apply to the old - pre-covid - prices, or the new one....anyways, we are screwed - getting to check out some bows soon.
  10. Update on the case feeder after approx 1k rounds loaded. Working as expected. Not much faster than manual loading the case into first stage. One must make sure the case is properly aligned. If you think you have a nice rhythm going, some odd case will not align, and one must use a finger to set the case "straight". But, no much space there to do this. I developed some kind of technique where I give the handle a little wiggle and this mostly straightens the case. The one other thing that annoys me is that spent primer flying all over, and I have not figured out why. Rarely had I a spent primer flying around before I installed the case feeder. Loading the magazine tubes with the funnel is going very fast, and in the 5 or 6 mags I have loaded, I think I had one or two cases upside down. If they came up with a fix to hold the case in stage one until the die comes down, then this would be a perfect thing.
  11. Not sure about the Dillon boxes, but MTM sells ammo cans with boxes, I have the .45 can and it came with 7 boxes. Check out Amazon, they have quite a selection. Not sure about 40, but they have .45 and 9 mm can/boxes combos.
  12. So, it arrived here yesterday with the mail. I installed it today, took maybe an hour as I was going upstairs to watch some part of the video and then down in the shop to do the next step. You need a couple of metric hex keys, so they did not tell you this, glad I have a set as well. It works just fine, as shown in the video. The only hard part was to get the part that sits on top of the primer outside tube was very tight and it took me maybe some 10 minuets to get this on; one would need three hands, two to pry the slit open and the third one to push the unit onto and down the tube. Only one problem I have seen so far is that the cases are not really supported during the step 1, the re-size/prime - the original Dillon setup has the little wire spring....and this one has nothing as they need the path clear. So, if you go too fast, the case may not be perfectly aligned and this gives you issues with setting the primer. Slowing down a bit helps to improve this, I also found that some cases are more prone for this. Other than this, just works like it should be and you keep the hand on the handle. The reloading process is a bit faster. I keep this on the one press with the small primers for 9 mm and also 357 mag - just need to change the red tube and the spacer.
  13. Make sure to call them and get a confirmation when you want to go there.
  14. Ordered one yesterday, will see how this will work out. Height-wise, I just fits onto my 550, the Dillon Monster would be too high (at least from what I saw in pictures). DAA told me the mini casefeeder is 27" high from the above tool head (I have about 30").
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