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  1. I have two 550 and load 9 , 45, 38 spl and 357 mag, never had a round not falling into the box. Maybe your chute is not installed right or somehow bend.
  2. Same here, the Win are a pita with the vibra prime....but they are nice primers otherwise, they are my go-to primers.
  3. Got my 9 mm today and it was the same length as the Dillon dropper die, so I just took the Dillon out and put the alpha dropper in - easy, no adjustment needed.
  4. I use magnum primers, but also have used standard spp. My powder is Vectan 9 1/2, works great for me. I did not see much, if any differences between the primers, but I have no chronograph data.
  5. My order for PD 124 JHP, a case of 3600, is $312 with free shipping
  6. I ordered mine on the 6th of April, and got the shipping notice yesterday, so expect about a month as well.
  7. Just got my shipping notice from PD for a bulk order of 124 JHP I ordered on the 6th of April.
  8. I use them with Prima V, but also load to 1.09".
  9. Coasters....for your cold beer while reloading...
  10. Got the same email, I can wait, I have enough bullets on hand right now, and all our ranges are anyway closed.
  11. I have both Mitutoyo calipers and also cheap ones from Amazon. Do not see any difference in their accuracy at all. I also own a gauge block set (Mitutoyo, Grade 2, or A+) which I use to check my calipers regularly.
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