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  1. RudyVey

    What Did You Do Today In Reloading?

    Reloaded some 200 9 mm to finish off the S&B primers I had on hand, now its all Winchester for the next year or two.
  2. RudyVey

    What Did You Do Today In Reloading?

    today I was shooting so I can reload more....
  3. RudyVey

    What Did You Do Today In Reloading?

    Not much, other than unpacking 10k primers from Brownell's.
  4. RudyVey

    X-Treme Bullets - anyone buying lately?

    Started with xtreme, then switched to ACME, and after some issues with them,then I went to Precision Delta a few years ago and never looked back.....
  5. RudyVey

    Large FART Funnel

    "Large Fart funnel", let this sink in....
  6. Walnut with Nufinish, two caps of it. After some use, I add another cap. When it gets dirty, I replace this mix and make a new one. The walnut I use comes from the pet store, it is lizard bedding.
  7. RudyVey

    Locator Pins storage

    Yup, thats the best way to store them
  8. RudyVey

    Accurate #5 with 9mm loads

    Lighter bullets mean normally a higher load on the powder, so when you load 124 with 5.4-5.6, I would assume the proper load for 115 should be slightly above this.
  9. RudyVey

    Advice for O.A.L. for multiple guns?

    True, I load my PD 124 RN to 1.14 and the JHP 124 to 1.10 - all work well with Walthers, Glock, Sig and some others. But then, I am just a hobby shooter and do not compete.
  10. Hate they make both size primers in .45 brass....I am sorting before every run, just to be safe, and from time to time, I find a small primer round. I shoot in a indoor range, and the range guys know I take my brass home and they often sweep the brass from other shooter towards me....make sure you check every round you take home from the range!!
  11. RudyVey

    Prima V metering terribly

    Metering very consistent in my 550.
  12. RudyVey

    9mm only reloading

    I started with a 9 mm SDB, then added another one for .45......then I started reloading .38 spl, and realized, it is time to upgrade. Now I have two 550's, one is set for large primer for .45; one for small primer and there I reload 9 mm and .38 spl. The latter one I do in batches of 500-800 a time, then re-set to 9 mm - takes less then 3 minutes.....as I have two complete set-ups with powder measure, dies etc. Just pop the connecting rod out, remove the tool head and put the other one in, change shell plate and pins, re-connect the rod, done....
  13. True, seems to be most with CBC and Herters brass for me. Other brass makes are fine.
  14. RudyVey

    Bullet Pullers

    Same here, works like a charm, much better than the hammer thingies, never liked them. One can do quite a number with the collet puller. The collets come in all mind of sizes. Use mine with a simple lee single stage press.