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  1. So, my order from the 18th of September (late afternoon ordered) arrived today. This time they used USPS flatrate box. Arrived here safe and sound, took three days from shipping on the 22nd to arrive here on the 25th. The use a doubled flatrate box, so two boxes clamped together with the metal clamps they use to close the bullet boxes. Inside again the bullet boxes and the bullets safely inside a very sturdy thick plastic bag that is taped shut and no heat sealed. Great bullets, great service, great packaging = great company!!
  2. Put a second order in with PD on the 18th - this time .38 spl, they shipped with USPS and are supposed to be here today. Lets see how this one looks when it arrives. I think they decide on the shipper based on the weight of the order. This one will still fit into a flat rate box - weight wise.
  3. I printed this out and it hangs above my presses!! This is an excellent visual example to make sure your reload fits the barrel of the gun you intend to use it with. Just had gotten a new bullet in (DG coated) and used it the same way as my PD FMJ or ACME coated, but the reload did not work in my HK, but they were fine with my 1911. So, I checked, and the reload sticks just a tad out, like in picture D top. So, I adjusted the col and now it fits perfect. The original PD and ACME were 1.27, but the DG needed 1.22 - quite a difference. Lesson learned and I will always check in the future that th
  4. Yes, they are well packed: the bullets are in a very sturdy plastic bag, taped well shut, then this goes into their cardboard bullet box, and this box just fits very well into the FEDEX boxes. Another company known for excellent packaging is ACME Bullets in WI. Their bullets are packed in a plastic bag which then is placed in a wooden (!!) box and this is fitted into the USPS flat rate box. Never had any issues with either.
  5. And here they are: ordered on the 14th September, delivered today on the 17th just after 2 pm. Love they ship with FEDEX. Four boxes of bullets...Precision Delta rocks...
  6. .45 fmj, they were out for a while
  7. Ordered yesterday, 9-14, from PD and they have shipped today with FEDEX. This is extremely fast...but I checked the site daily twice if they have anything in stock for what I wanted. And the order should be here on the 17th....great!!
  8. Nobel Sport Vectan powders are great, very economic (1.1 lbs for about $20) and available at Graf's. I use BA9.5 for 357 mag, but it can be used in pretty much all pistol calibers. I also stocked up on Prima and Prima V which I like for 9 mm, but they are no longer available.
  9. Which brands have you used?? Winchester and also Remington do work not well at all in the Vibra Prime, Federal works perfect. If it works fine with Win and Rem, it would worth getting one.
  10. Then you are very lucky!! Buy as much as you can afford.....
  11. I used at least 10K of the small pistol, they are good, never had an issues with them. Cabelas used to have them quite cheap, maybe $20/1000 - but this was about 3 years ago.
  12. I have this one as well and i compared it to the analytical scales in the lab of our company, it was right on. I have mind sitting on a slab of granite (sample from kitchen countertop store) and top of a piece of thick foam (say anti fatigue floor mats).
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