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  1. Truly odd, here is the text he had sent me: "Hi, unfortunately the palfiller is no longer available from me, for the purchase you can contact this Italian armory http://www.armeriapatria.it/index.php?main_page=product_info&products_id=162 at your disposal Umberto"
  2. Umberto is no longer selling them, but he sent me the proper info, so I could get in contact and order one.
  3. I am contemplating for quite a while now to get the PAL. However, I use mainly WIN primers and they are very bad in the Vibraprime I have - actually, they do not do well at all. Would hate to get a PAL and then having problems with Win primers...
  4. I would say go for it, if you have (or can get) enough supplies: primers, bullets, cases and powder. Its fun to make your own ammo. I started some 8 years ago, yes, it is a learning curve, but very manageable. There is a lot of info online, youtube vids and also the powder suppliers have a lot of info regarding loads online. Bought a couple of books, but think the more up-to-date loading info can be found online easier. Just stat with something that is not too fancy, start in the middle to lower end of the powder range, just to be safe. I have a lot of fun making and
  5. Used a lot of the small pistol primers from S&B. If you can get them, get them!! I used to buy them at Cabela's for as low as $17/1k....good old times. Never had a problem with them, but I am just a hobby shooter. If I had a chance to buy some, I would jump on them.
  6. This is so great, I put a copy on my reloading areas wall!!
  7. what he said, black sharpie works fine
  8. They look pretty bad, the other pictures you showed, they are looking really like crap.
  9. He said he is reloading for 15+ years, so one could assume he has these already.....
  10. Call your credit card company and have them reverse the charge.
  11. Ordered some .45 acp from ACME this morning, 8:30 am, got a shipping memo from them early afternoon and before 6 pm UPS emailed that the package is scheduled to be delivered on the 22nd - can't get faster than this....
  12. Ordered some .45 acp from ACME this morning and just got the shipping notice. They have some 9 mm in stock, but limit it to 2x 500 each, same as my .45.
  13. ..you make me think now...but who would give me the primers....
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