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  1. I use cheap digital calipers for years. But must say, I also own a gage block set (Mitutoyo Grade 2) and I check my calipers all the time to make sure they are still working correctly. Found that the cheap ones are as good as my Mitutoyo one... Same for my digital scale. I got a check weight set and confirmed the weights on our analytical balances at work. Scale was from Amazon, and I may have spend as much as $20 for it. It really doesn't matter if you spend a lot of money on a scale or a caliper, the important thing is to check them on a regular basis to make sure they are still right on!!
  2. I think I paid something like $54 for shipping a SQD in its box with USPS .
  3. Hornady one-shot, a couple sprays into a ziplock baggie, then add brass, shake and "massage" the brass in the bag, perfect! Just enough lubrication, and no lube inside the cases
  4. Same here, put a sharpie dot on the bearing, it really does spin....without the dot, I sometimes thought it does not.
  5. Not sure if I understand you, but on my 550 the rod is in the roller with the ram down, like in the attached picture.
  6. somehow the rod looks oddly off, it should be sitting in the white plastic roller
  7. Somehow the rod look oddly off....it should be contained in the white roller
  8. Often it depends how the shipper packs the box. The picture is a case of crappy packing!! I buy only from Precision Delta and Acme. Both pack their goods very, very good. Acme puts everything in plastic baggies and these into a wooden box which fits perfectly into the USPS Priority flatrate boxes. PD has their bullets in a thick plastic bag, and this fit very snuggly into a flat, heavy duty cardboard box, and these flat boxes are then fit into a properly sized HD card board box. Never had an issue with either one.
  9. Found half of the last one that snapped some 12 feet away on another work bench - behind me where I normally stand - must have flown right by my head. The other half had snapped in two pieces and one was close by the press, the other one is still unaccounted for. You see they can be quite dangerous, so wear protection for you eyes.
  10. Just did the same a week ago, ordered the e-clips and pins fro Dillon. I have so far broken 4 or five of them, mainly when I load 38 spl, and one each in 9 and .45. All of the clips had several thousand of rounds loaded. In my case, they break and the parts fly all over my shop. Remember, always wear glasses when loading! Not only can primers blow up on you, but you can get hit by small steel pieces from the disintegrating clips! When I change the clip, I also change the pins.
  11. Just loosen the screws on the powder measure and twist it until the rod is straight.
  12. I just watched the videos on their website, and it looks for me very similar to the kinetic hammer I have. No way you pull 150 .45 ACP in 10 minutes.
  13. Yup, this is the best!! I used the grip-pull and also the kinetic hammer pullers. Both do not perform as well and as quick as the RCBS collet puller. Last week I pulled some 150 rounds because one had probably a double charge, and it took me some 40 minutes. Could never do this fast with the kinetic puller. All parts were re-used without a problem and shot all fine.
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