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  1. Just loosen the screws on the powder measure and twist it until the rod is straight.
  2. I just watched the videos on their website, and it looks for me very similar to the kinetic hammer I have. No way you pull 150 .45 ACP in 10 minutes.
  3. Yup, this is the best!! I used the grip-pull and also the kinetic hammer pullers. Both do not perform as well and as quick as the RCBS collet puller. Last week I pulled some 150 rounds because one had probably a double charge, and it took me some 40 minutes. Could never do this fast with the kinetic puller. All parts were re-used without a problem and shot all fine.
  4. Pulled about 150 .45 acp. I think - actually, I am pretty sure - one had a double charge. My wife came down to the shop and asked me something, I guess this was when the mistake happened. Brain was a bit slow to recognize it, and it went down the chute. Took me about 20 minutes to pull them - using RCBS collet puller. Was a good investment to get this. Later I have to resize them and load again. Removed the pin out of the decapping die. Better safe than sorry!!
  5. Last Tuesday and today I was out for the first time this year....shot a total of 500 rounds 9 mm and 98 of .38spl (why 98, because I can reload my 686+ 14x and have not a single round left in the box) - this means, I need to reload more.....
  6. I have both, and I think the Armanov is a bit tighter. Like the flip cover, but it does not work for the shockbottle.
  7. Use Titewad for year in .38spl, works fine for me.
  8. Reloaded some 200 9 mm to finish off the S&B primers I had on hand, now its all Winchester for the next year or two.
  9. today I was shooting so I can reload more....
  10. Not much, other than unpacking 10k primers from Brownell's.
  11. Started with xtreme, then switched to ACME, and after some issues with them,then I went to Precision Delta a few years ago and never looked back.....
  12. "Large Fart funnel", let this sink in....
  13. Walnut with Nufinish, two caps of it. After some use, I add another cap. When it gets dirty, I replace this mix and make a new one. The walnut I use comes from the pet store, it is lizard bedding.
  14. Lighter bullets mean normally a higher load on the powder, so when you load 124 with 5.4-5.6, I would assume the proper load for 115 should be slightly above this.
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