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  1. They're pretty easy to make yourself. I've used steel, brass, aluminum, and the easiest to work delrin (sp?). Use 1/16" sheet (.0625) for a 1/8" width grip increase.
  2. Thank you for the response, I'll try that.
  3. I just installed a Dillon Case Feeder on my 650. I was surprised at how much noise was generated when there are cases in the hopper. I may be more sensitive to the noise because of my hearing aids. Has anyone found a way to suppress the noise at all? Maybe wrapping the hopper in some kind of insulation? Thanks for any help.
  4. Accurate #7 (9.8 gr to start) or Silhouette (8.0 gr to start). Shooter's World Major Pistol is also poplar with some guys in my club in SuperComp, but I haven't tried it.
  5. 1) Determine where the screw hits the bottom of the dovetail and put a shallow divot there. I'd also modify the screw to fit in that divot. 2) The dovetail may enlarge over time (at least two of mine have). I put a small shim with a hole for the aforementioned divot under the dovetail on mine. Then blue locktite. YMMV
  6. Just started to load 38 Super Comp on my 650. I found the same shell plate and pins (#5 and #3) I use for 9mm work fine for Super Comp. 800 rounds so far with no problems. YMMV.
  7. I bought a used Kimber Stainless Target 9mm 3 or 4 years ago. It came with 5 Chip McCormick 10-round magazines. I've put about 2500 rounds through that combination. Never had a Magazine issue. YMMV.
  8. dons

    Front Sight Academy

    I went to a 4 day pistol course in 2002. FS spent more time trying to sell us memberships than teaching. Content was aimed more at self defense than competition. We were told to bring 1000 rounds, I came home with about 400. No food available for lunch, and only pit toilets were available. The course was free, but I spent over $1000 for travel, factory ammo, and lodging. I would not recommend them based on my experience. YMMV Maybe they've changed since then.
  9. No, I haven't, so don't speak from experience. But if poppers you're shooting take a little extra, then they need to be reclaibrated.
  10. In my main 2011 I'm running 7 pound recoil spring and 19 pound mainspring. Went to 19 pounds when I was having some light strike issues. Solved the issues but never went back to the 17 pound mainspring. My old backup uses 7 pound recoil spring and 17 pound mainspring. Can't tell any difference between the two when shooting.
  11. Since all falling steel in USPSA is supposed to be calibrated for minor, I would assume you wouldn't have a problem with minor ammo.
  12. I want to again thank everyone who contributed their thoughts and experience to this post. I fixed the problem by switching to 38 SuperComp brass. I had to replace the extractor because the old one was an Aftec, and reduce the powder charge (Starline SC cases with the same load was 5 power factor higher) but after almost 700 rounds, no isues. Sold the good brass I had to someone here with a WTB ad, the rest goes to the recycler today. 1000 more SC brass is on the way from Starline. All the responses I received were positive and courteous, what a great bunch here on BE!
  13. I understand your problem. My extended firing pins are long enough that when the hammer is down, the primer cannot flow back into the hole because the firing pin is right at the end of the hole. Can't remember the brand of firing pin, though.
  14. Do you have an extended firing pin? That helped me many moons ago when PF was 175.
  15. On the one I tried the dot was so weak in outdoor conditions it was useless(even with a new battery) and there was so much slop in the elevation adjustment it was less than useless. YMMV
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