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  1. On the one I tried the dot was so weak in outdoor conditions it was useless(even with a new battery) and there was so much slop in the elevation adjustment it was less than useless. YMMV
  2. How did you fix the problem for the 9mm? Grams springs and followers? Change in OAL of the ammo? Or just switched to 38SC?
  3. According to the Dillon rep at the Hi-Cap Nationals, the 650 can't be retrofitted to the 750 priming system, so I woulg guess you can't convert the 750 to 650 priming system.
  4. Exactly. Many variables that can cause accuracy to suck at 25 yards.
  5. I have an open gun with accurails, and my backup open gun does not, but was fitted in a more traditional manner. I don't see any difference in accuracy or reliability. I wouldn't recommend accurails simply because they fall out when the pistol is field stripped for cleaning. Minor inconvience, I know. And if you need them replaced, there's only one guy that does it, where any good pistolsmith can retighten slide to frame fit. I think accurails are a solution to a nonexistent problem for our game. Bullseye may be a different story.
  6. Here's another vote for the Everglades MRH. I used the Ghost and Guga Rivas/Ernbefore the MRH. Ghost wasn't secure enough, and the GR hangar actually broke. GR is also bulky compared to others. One caveat I've read of on the MRH is that some stainless frames on 2011s may not hold to the magnets very well.
  7. Easiest way is to buy nickel brass. Starline makes it, but it's not available directly, only through 3rd parties like Midway, and it's expensive, about $200 per thousand. But chances are nobody else will be using it. To mark it, and check for high primers, I put the loaded rounds nose down in a plastic ammo box, run my finger over the primers to feel for high primers, then use a wide sharpie to color the casehead.
  8. Actually yes. 4 of these magazines are near-new 2nd gen STI. I originally outfitted them with Grams kits. Then went back to the original STI stuff. No change. Then I changed the specs. I'm going to be working on changes to OAL as my next step, leaving the magazines in their current configuration for now. Thanks for your comments.
  9. That's one of the areas I was concerned about, but after adjusting all the magazines according to Atlas, no change. Thanks for the advice.
  10. Thank you. I'll try the tumbler idea. I've used both grams and stock STI insides with equal success for years, but one of my tests will include new ISMI springs. Another will be with new grams. There seems to be a lot of various opinions about smacking magazines, I'll try all the options.
  11. Absolutely. Since this only jammed the pistol once every 200 rounds or so, I have a lot of work to do. I'm hoping to get to a point where I cannot duplicate it with the magazine out of the gun, then go from there. Once again thank everyone for their insight.
  12. Almost ready to go this route. Will try shortening the OAL significantly first, as suggested.
  13. Thanks for taking the time to offer your input. The followers of all the mags move freely. I've noted that I can duplicate the condition. And when it jams, no amount of tapping releases the rounds. A true "death jam"
  14. Thanks for your comments. I've ordered 1000 SC brass in my frustration. I may have to go that route. I'm trying some other things first, and I can always sell the brass. And the answer is sometimes there is a gap, and I know that's bad. I'll be travelling the next week or so and won't be able to do more testing until I get back.
  15. Thanks for the tips, I already went through this process. I have the Grams products, new springs are on the way. Meanwhile, I typically shoot with Shasta Shooters in Redding, 2nd Saturdays.
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