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  1. I have a RCBS Rangemaster 750. It has been great. Only had it 5 years. Quick and easy
  2. I've done 36 on 5 guns now and its perfect. the first range session is rough but its perfect after that.
  3. if you have short thumbs like me, the STI paddle is a god send.
  4. jpm2953

    P320 X5 Thread

    Don’t. Waste of money. I could tell zero difference by feel and by the timer.
  5. I order the stuff on Amazon called Grrrip. It's almost identical to Progrip but a tiny bit cheaper and it's to my house next day usually. I tried Liquid grip and didn't like it. Wound up giving it all to a buddy
  6. if you want a 9mm version, I have a PM9 listed on here.
  7. And the leading I got was with all my pistols. Not just 1 particular one. And I want through all the steps of Eliminating leading too. Ditched the Lee FCD, slugged my bores. Even at .002” over bore diameter, I got leading with the Brazos
  8. I’ve had nothing but good luck with BBI’s. For the price, they are hard to beat. Stupid quick shipping. I know a guy with a 7.5% discount code too! I think I’ve tried them all by now and always come back to BBI. Only ones I’ve really had bad luck with are Gallants and Brazos. The Brazos are (in my opinion) too soft. Even when I tried .357’s, I got terrible leading. Seems to be very common with them. No shortage of those complaints. another decent one I have had good luck with are Summers Enterprises. Their bullet profile allows you to run them longer if you want/need to.
  9. I will say this as far as Gallants are concerned.....I had a batch that was supposed to be .356 and they were .354" Second batch was sized correctly but we stupid soft. They admitted to the problem both times.
  10. I shoot them in all my Semi-Autos. M&P 1.0 and 2.0, SIG X5, Sig X5 Legion, Shadow 2, M&P Shield and a DW PM9
  11. no experience with the 929 but I run .357's from BBI but they always come in at .358" Never had an issue other than having to run them .010" shorter than my .356's.
  12. jpm2953

    Legion accuracy

    Call them. They will get it all set up for you
  13. jpm2953

    Legion accuracy

    My groups shrank big time with the new Non-LCI barrel. About on par with the standard X5 now
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