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  1. yes, there is no physcial change to the fatory "-" connector, only it's name changed, supposedly for the reason you cited...
  2. FWIW, Just a data point on this scope and a failure, first I love the scope, mine is the kdot, but it went 100% tits up at a rifle match at the end of September. The rifle was an AR in .223 and it was mounted with a LaRue SPR. This was a 100 round tac rifle match run basically under USPSA rules in Central AL (Steel City club). Next to last stage, the optic became a complete blur and I had to point shoot my way through half of a stage, then it suddenly came back into focus for a few shots, then a blur again for the rest of the stage. At the end of the stage I looked and it was clear again,
  3. The dates have been set for the Area 6 3-Gun Championship at Moss Branch Shooting Range in Anniston, AL For details and a match application, visit the club web site at Moss Branch Shooting Range www.mossbranch.org R.O.'s and prize table items are needed at this time. Contact Don Woosley woogiedvc@nti.net if you can help.
  4. Begining this spring we will host quarterly, club level tactical 3 gun matches at Heritage Rifle and Pistol Club near Birmingham, AL Details, dates, directions, rules, etc. at our club web site Heritage Rifle and Pistol Club www.hrpclub.org
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