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  1. I need to check my barrel out. I've got 8ish thousand through my legion and i reuse my brass 4-5-6 times? i have yet to see any buldged cases.
  2. jpm2953

    Legion accuracy

    A little update. The Non-LCI barrel is 10x better. This is a 20 yard off hand group. 125gr BBI with 3.9gr sport pistol and Rem 1 1/2 primers. 134pf. that circle is 2”. I’m well under that.
  3. my stock Legion barrel is super accurate. 1.5" groups at 20 yards.
  4. Sorry. Forgot that detail. His index finger is missing the top half of it. He shoots with his middle finger. So it looks like his index finger is in the trigger guard while he’s doing a reload.
  5. I was just about to mention Merle. Shot with him at BITB last year and the RO tried to DQ him for having his finger in the trigger whilst moving. Merle said it wasn’t the first time that happened.
  6. I was getting leading with .356 BBI’s when I used a FCD. It was sizing them down to .354” I went to the Dillon crimp die and the leading went away. the FCD is fine for plated and jacketed but not coated
  7. Legions come with a 12 and a 14. Currently running a 12
  8. anyone tried going lower than the factory 12lb? which one did you use?
  9. Any gun is going to get wear with practice. If you are concerned with scratches and dings, might look for another hobby.
  10. I just renewed in Nov and it was $25. No mag
  11. I’ve got about 1k left of them. Already loaded. I just want to throw them away.
  12. My .357” BBI measure .358”. Shot over 10k of them with no issues
  13. I’ve got about 5k on my DPP. Same battery. No issues. Not sure how someone broke 12 in a year??
  14. I’ve been using it for probably a year.I’ve been using it for probably a year.
  15. Not mystical. Look one post above yours.
  16. TTURNERBBI 7.5% off not my code. A buddies.
  17. I’m not sure why people would try anything other than BBI. .059 each shipped with a discount code.
  18. I’ve tried Brazos twice as well as a guy I shoot with. We both got massive leading. Even with 357’s. 5 different pistols. Went back to BBI. Don’t fix what ain’t broke! BBI’s just work
  19. I have a RCBS Rangemaster 750. It has been great. Only had it 5 years. Quick and easy
  20. I've done 36 on 5 guns now and its perfect. the first range session is rough but its perfect after that.
  21. if you have short thumbs like me, the STI paddle is a god send.
  22. jpm2953

    P320 X5 Thread

    Don’t. Waste of money. I could tell zero difference by feel and by the timer.
  23. I order the stuff on Amazon called Grrrip. It's almost identical to Progrip but a tiny bit cheaper and it's to my house next day usually. I tried Liquid grip and didn't like it. Wound up giving it all to a buddy
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