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  1. I have 3 presses mounted to my bench. My progressive on the left, shotgun in the middle, and single stage on the right. Setup works well, and I don't find myself wishing I had more room all that often
  2. I agree with this post. Check to see if the powder is clumpy when you pull the rounds. Ive has failure to fire on a few cases due to the primer not being fully seated. When the firing pin contacted the primer it would fully seat the primer. Check to see if your primers are fully seated. On the last tumble before you load is that wet tumbling or tumbling in dry media? Media may be clogging the flash hole of your cases as well
  3. Yes you can, depending on the recycling facility. I normally recycle mine and spend the money on additional components
  4. Only on my 2nd match and I got 8. My right foot was out of the free fire area when I engaged 4 targets. The RO determined it didn’t give me an advantage over other shooters and only gave me 1 procedural thankfully
  5. When I started developing loads for my semi auto rifle I did. I stopped doing it after I found a load that worked for my gun. I want one of those shockbottle cause gauges ?
  6. The things you learn about on the forum. I've never heard of this company before. I've been using my single Lyman case gauge on each round I load for a few years now. I'm going to buy one of the blemished gauges once they pop up. Unfortunately they're sold out of those on their site at this time
  7. I'm going to look into shooting that one, but I'm not entirely sure if I'll be in the country on that date. Hopefully it'll work out. I'll definitely keep my eye open for the PSA shoot out. I enjoy shooting steel. If you shoot at the Watervliet club let me know
  8. I shot my first match there last month. I had a great time. Being limited to 11 rounds is a bummer...
  9. Won't be able to do that one. I checked the website out though and saw the Hot Steel Challenge they offer in July. You shoot that one before?
  10. Check out the Mighty Armory decapping die. I don't have a redding die to compare it to, but I did use a lee decapping die for a while. The MA die is hands down better and the pins are significantly stronger. I've snapped plenty of pins with my Lee, I have yet to snap a pin in the MA that wasn't error induced.
  11. I live on the outskirts of Albany. So far I've only competed at Watervliet. Hoping my work schedule will work in my favor and allow me to travel to PA, MA and NH to shoot in the near future.
  12. I shot a friends STI and I was hooked. I couldn't get the 2011 platform off my mind and shortly after I bought a CK
  13. You'll need a few things. Like you said you'll need the plate for the feeder itself. You'll need to add the pivot adapter and bushing. By adding this adapter you'll also need to adjust the feed tube end so it has enough clearance for the assembly to pivot. The vblock you're using for 9mm should be ok to use for .223
  14. I've tumbled thousands of nickle plated brass and have never wore off the nickle plating. I have, however, worn off the coating that browning uses on their black casings, which makes the casing look like a black/silver hybrid case. This happened to every one of those casings I tumbled in their very first tumbling. Too much lemishine will also give the brass a pinkish hue. Ask me how I know....
  15. So i ended up taking the main spring housing off and loosened the bolts holding the grip on. I set the magwell on my table and pushed down on the frame and then tightened those bolts. The gap between the frame and grip is much smaller now and the safety actually stays put in the back of the gun. I can still get it to pop out, but it's much harder to do so now. I reached out to STI about the grip being defective and they are saying this isn't the original MSH that came with the STI textured frame. I'm going to order a new MSH, which will hopefully clear up this problem. Thanks for everyone's input, it was a fun learning experience!
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