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  1. on the feeder case there are holes as well as a metal clip I think it is in view of additional accessories to come such as for example a bullet feeder manufactured and sold by Lyman to replace the Mr bullet feeder.
  2. This is no longer the Hornady case feeder but this one 11" High Speed Case Feeder for Apex 10 - Case Feeders & Accessories - Accessories (markvii-loading.com)
  3. I have 2 EVO 45 and 9mm, and an RL 1050 I don't really like the '' pre-order '' so I wait a bit to order an APEX in 40SW, the case feeder looks very good.
  4. '' I do not understand this decision. Why make the EVO available to international markets, but exclude the US? To what means? '' I think that this press will be reserved for the professional, the private individual will be obliged to order from the importer in Europe DAA there will be no other choice than APEX 10
  5. I may be lucky on my 2 EVO it's perfect large and small
  6. I will still order one. But I still regret the superb machining quality of my 2 EVO
  7. The Evolution™ - Loading Presses (markvii-loading.com) replaced by the lower quality APEX 10 and for the same price
  8. Before ordering, I await user feedback. In this system there are many plastic parts
  9. in pre order here : Primer Xpress™ - Priming Systems & Accessories - Accessories (markvii-loading.com)
  10. The only position where there is a problem is the dropper which does not work correctly, we must add rubber bands or springs on the dropper (it should be steel on all models) It existed on the international GSI model, a bullets distributor cylinder.
  11. there are powders that splash more than others
  12. Jason AA your idea is excellent, I applied on my 2 EVO 45 ACP and 9 mm the rod only moves a few millimeters and I no longer have any powder projection. I use BA10 for 45 and N340 for 9mm 147gr
  13. ''Which brands have you used??'' In small pistol Magtech winchester Sellier Bellot and in large pistol winchester. But I will only use it for a large primer, I have the Primer Pro for the small.
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