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  1. ''How is the Apex doing now?'' ''Yes, please give an update'' Hello, Since my last intervention on this subject (July 12) and the reloading of 1500 cartridges of 40 on APEX 10 no problem of priming..
  2. It's for pistol. Manual decapping for me is the only solution to eliminate cases that are dead. As soon as I come back from a shooting session I do the cartridge case process. For 15,000 to 20,000 cartridges per year I have to motorize because I have already had tendonitis.
  3. Hello, here is my method removing the primer on a single station press when a primer is effortlessly ejected the cartridge case goes to the trash, I think it's the single station that allows this sensitivity. Milling the vent hole to the same depth I use a K&M Service bur on a drill all mounted by the collar on a clamped support Ultrasound 20 minutes drying Rollsizer lubrication of cases reloading Evo Pro
  4. Hello The setting was poorly done in the factory, all you had to do was raise the primer pusher by moving the shim to the left to raise the pusher which was too low. In 1 minute the problem was solved. And since more problem. I have an RL 1050 which is 28 years old the priming never worked properly
  5. Hello, I have EVO and APEX 10, no boot problems with my two EVOs. With the apex 10 the priming system was incorrectly set at the factory, correct setting since I added the auto drive on EVO and works perfectly.
  6. auto_awesome Langue source : Anglais volume_up 890 / 5000 Résultats de traduction Hello Venatic I had the same problem with crushed primers badly set at the factory. I have made the correct setting and now works like a Swiss watch. Here is Mark 7's answer I received feedback from our engineering team, see below: '' The punch free length is also set too low. The punch should be flush to the bushing or just a hair below. Right now his primer is dropping way too far down. When the customer is setting the plastic piece. They need to make sure they are getting the center of the radius as close to the primer disk as they can. The piece is fully adjustable, and they can misinterpret our instructions to make one of the corners touch. In regards to primer debris, its always best after a crush to clean the debris. Easiest way is to remove the shell plate nut, to raise the shell plate and remove the primer disk. No need to remove the tool head. ''
  7. I use 4 MR Bullet feeder with bullet coated 9mm 124gr up to 147gr 40 SW 155 and 180 gr 45 ACP 200gr SWC 223 from 55 to 63 g Corbin swage with jacket 22 lr flat base No problem
  8. Priming problem solved on APEX 10, the priming punch set too low at the factory and the shellplate tightened. Great !
  9. In what way? Everything is adjustable on APEX bullet feeder funnel the bowl too and the reverse function is a plus I also have the Dillon variable speed, that's why I made the comparison
  10. I have tightened the shellplate, the thin steel plate underneath needs to be firmly pressed. I am waiting for bullet and I will do a test again.
  11. The APEX case feeder is made in China but very well designed, better than the Dillon variable speed
  12. About 150 cartridges whit APEX 10. The rotational movement of the disc is too fast, which is what causes these incidents. There was a system on the EVO that worked very well, I don't understand this change. The support of the priming system is in zamak it is really cost savings.
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