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Found 9 results

  1. Recently my Stoeger M3000 has been failing to fire the round in the chamber. The hammer drops, but nothing happens. I eject the shell and the primer hasn't been touched. This problem is intermittent. Usually occurring once every 25 rounds. It has always occurred on my first shot except for once when it occurred on the second. I have disassembled, cleaned, and reassembled the bolt, firing pin and trigger group. Nothing looks broken, stressed, or out of place. I've been shooting factory loads, federal field and target multi puropose load to be exact. If anyone has any knowledge on what is causing this to happen I would love to know because it has befuddled me, but I am new to shotguns. The m3000 is an inertia driven gun similar to the Benelli's of the same mechanism if you aren't familiar with the m3000 specifically. I've really gotten frustrated with this occurring during 5 stand rounds and appreciate any help and advice.
  2. I just reloaded about 500 rounds of 9mm using Vihtavuori N340 (4.0gr) with 147gr Campro RNFP bullets and CCI Small Pistol Primers and once fired range brass (that had been fired through my CZ Shadow 2. I hadn’t had a chance to fire any of the rounds apart from a few rounds for putting them through the chronograph. Yesterday I was shooting my brand new CZ P-09 using those rounds and was getting a lot of double feeds (some of that is user error, I’m used to shooting a much heavier Shadow 2 and part of it could be breaking in the new gun), I experienced a few misfires at the same time, but was more focused on the double feeds. Today, no issue with double feeds, but the misfires seemed to be continual. At least 2 per mag (mag holds 10) and it was happening in both the Shadow 2 and the P-09. I have not experienced any problems with VV N320 which I am loading for my competition ammo also using 147gr Campro Bullets. I ran at least 50 rounds of Winchester 231 with 124gr Hornady bullets through the P-09 without any problems today as well. I am absolutely certain that each of the cases were loaded with the right measured amount of ammo because my process for reloading is as follows: brass is washed, dried, tumbled, deprimed, washed, dried and tumbled again. Then it is primed and loaded with powder. I keep a close eye on the amount going in and weigh every round before storage. I have narrowed it down to either a bad batch of primers, or the powder, but if it was the powder, then every cartridge would be misfiring. Unfortunately because I was mass producing, all the ammo with primers from different boxes have been mixed together. When I get a misfire I am racking the slide and ejecting it, but I wonder if I should be doing this in case it’s a “Hang Fire” situation? I am going to be pulling the dud bullets and see what’s going on inside. Any thoughts on this and is it unusual to get that many dud rounds or what might be the cause? Thanks
  3. I have a Ruger SR1911 that I absolutely love and I have about 1800-2000 rounds through her so far. On my last couple of range trips it has been chewing up the brass as below and the recoil and sound seem off. I looked at with some of the staff at the range it looks like it is perhaps firing slightly out of battery. I am shooting my own reloads, 230 Gr. Berry RN with 7.1 of Power Pistol at 1.260" with CCI primers. This is a load I use regularly with no issues. I had the same thing happen 2 range trips in a row on 2 different batches of the same load, loaded on my Dillon 550 and all rounds are case gaged before firing. The weapon is cleaned and relubed after each range trip. After this happened on the first magazine of the trip I stopped firing that batch on that weapon. I then tried the exact same batch of loads on the Range's rental gun, the exact same weapon, a Ruger SR1911. The rental SR1911 fired the remaining 93 rounds without any issues. I tried my magazines in the rental SR1911 with my loads and they functioned flawlessly. The first time my SR1911 was cleaned with Slip 2000 725 and lubed per manufacturer's recommendations with Slip 2000 EWL the second range trip I completely detailed stripped the weapon, found no signs of any obvious damaged cleaned to bare metal and lubed with Militec to Ruger recommendations. Please see the pictures and let me know what you think is going on with my SR1911. Thank-you for the help everyone. Joe
  4. The slide is usually smooth, and cycles perfectly. However, once in a while (approx. 250 rounds), the slide binds and stops mid-cycle. I can manually move the slide, but with heavy drag, and feels like something is binding inside. If I manually cycle the slide several times, sometimes it fixes itself, and all is well again. Other times I have to field-strip, and reassemble to correct the issue. It is not an ammo issue, as it binds even if the gun is empty. I can only think it is the recoil spring binding on it's own links, or the slide. Anyone else had this happen? My Trojan is presently running an 8 Lb recoil spring, and has a factory one-piece recoil-spring guide. I could try a 9 Lb spring, but can't see how this would make a difference.
  5. Sometimes a shooter will have some sort of death jam, gun breakage, lack of ammunition, or whatever that causes an unfortunate failure to complete the course, which is then scored as shot. In some situations, say, a 32 round course where the shooter has not engaged 8 targets, the RO knows for sure the shooter has earned 8 failure to engage procedurals as well as 8 misses, which means that the shooter's penalties exceed the number of points it is possible to score. Whenever this happens, I still score the course as shot. Sometimes I get funky looks like I'm just being a dick or I'm wasting everyone's time because we all know it's going to be 0. A DNF is not appropriate in this situation because the shooter attempted the course of fire and put some bulletholes on target. Am I wrong? We can't just mark it 0 -- we have to score everything, and the shooter earns what the shooter earns.
  6. Yesterday's match went decently well except for a couple bizarre technical difficulties which I didn't see coming. First USPSA of the year and I'm using my trusted G34. Only catch that hadn't been a problem till now, it was made in 2003--and so were the two 10 round mags that came with it. A wear issue I'd not previously been made aware of is that the mag floorplates can come loose all at once when they've had enough and are past their life of 100% trouble free use. To my knowledge there is or was no advance warning of this. Now this isn't cheap knockoff mags, but Glock OEM mags. I'm shooting production so I carry 6 mags with me b/c you have to change them so much to keep from running dry, so 4 are new 17's and 2 are the 10's. So I reach the end of a stage after lots of mag changes and I grab at random one of the 10's, give it a good hard seating, and I hear a very weird sound and the gun feels oddly lighter. I look at it and the magwell is open...with a bottomless mag in it! The only thing I can think of to do is shoot one of the last targets in the array to empty it, because my mind is so boggled by this I don't have any other plan. I actually took the shot strong hand only because...uh...because...uh, somehow my support hand should be doing something...I don't know what, I was in total derp land. After I finish, I find the base plate and tab but not the spring or follower. The RO asks me if I always seat my mags that hard or did this one especially hard. I said I seat them all the same way, rifle and pistol, and have never seen nor heard of this so I don't have anything to compare it with. Two stages later it happens again, with the other 10 round mag. At the end of that stage there was a table underneath the shooting position so I hear the ammo hit the table, audible enough so that my video camera picks it up. Last mag since I was down to 5 anyway, so I take a mike on the last target. At least now I find the spring and follower, so I can put one mag back together to still have 5. Stage after that, a round nosedives in the mag so I get a bad jam up and don't even finish the stage. Mag malfunctions SUCK!!! Check the date and/or condition of your mags!
  7. Hello BE, I have a Schuemann barrel in my 2011 Open gun. It is a 3 hole Hybricomp AET barrel with a titanium 5 port compensator on the end. I bought the gun used, so I am not too sure how many rounds have been through it. The previous owner informed me that the rifling can wear prematurely with faster powders like 3n37 or n340 (info provided by Wil from Schuemann and JL Hardy.. the gun was built by JL Hardy). I tore the gun down to spring level to make sure everything looked good before I shot it, and everything looked great, but the barrel looks like it has worn rifling. Can anyone with a Schuemann step in and provide a picture or two of what the rifling looks like in their barrel with barrel specs, including approximately how many rounds have been fired through it, and what type of loads were primarily shot with it? Also, I have been using Super Lube in my other 1911s, but with small amounts. How much would you experts recommend using in the open gun? I have been testing some loads, and have been having some issues with FTFs and FTEs. More lube (or grease?) or less? Thanks for all the help! -fish PS, this forum is awesome!
  8. I have a versamax tactical with the welded lifter from c-rums. It has worked flawlessly for about 150 rounds. This week I took a competition multigun class with Mike Seeklaner and Erik Lund and had 4 shot shells and 2 slugs out of 200 round get caught on the extractor cut in the barrel. Its possible it was bad shellsm but I see on here were people "break the edge" or "radius the sharp edge. Does anybody have any pictures of what one looks like after the modification? I could not find pictures in any of the threads and I dont want to make it worse or ruin the barrel. Thanks
  9. Had to quit a match today when my 625-8's trigger wouldn't function. Checking it out, I found that the front of the cylinder center pin had mushroomed enough that the pin would stick inside the ejector rod, in the forward position, this would allow the locking bolt to travel forward enough to bind the action. Something else to look at before any big match.
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