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  1. CCG

    Anyone made their own 2011 Frame?

    Gotcha. That would be a LOT of work on a manual with a ton of tooling. Sent from my SAMSUNG-SM-G900A using Tapatalk
  2. CCG

    Anyone made their own 2011 Frame?

    Broncman, I assume you have access to CNC?
  3. CCG

    Drilling frame

    Reaming. Ideally, indicating the hole and reaming with a mill or solid DP would be the way to go.
  4. CCG

    Titanium Nitride on dissimilar metals

    Stainless steel is a ferrous metal. You will be fine in having it treated by H&M. I am looking at a stainless steel gun that I sent to them to have finished and it turned out great. Non-ferrous metals are metals that do not contain iron in any appreciable amounts like aluminum, copper, lead, brass, etc. You sure that your comp is stainless steel and not titanium?
  5. CCG

    Titanium Nitride on dissimilar metals

    Did I misread your post? Stainless can be finished with black nitride. H&M has done stainless parts for me and they turned out great.
  6. CCG

    Barrel tempering?

    Best people to ask would be the manufacturer.
  7. CCG

    1911 Custom frame manufacturers

    ZZT, I believe you hit the nail on the head.... JEM slides and JEM frames are nice with plenty of material. Too many poorly spec'd slides out there....
  8. CCG

    2011 slide/frame fitting

    I apologize for leaving that hanging without a more clear explanation. If everything else about the slide and frame were to spec, then additional thickness of the slide rails would be inconsequential. If everything else was to spec, your overall "stack" in measurement would have been closer to .850" or so if your slide rail width was .119 (which was never stated above, other than you said you needed to remove .010 from the slide rail to fit the first measurement you provided for your frame raceways as being .109). You stated that your vertical stack measurement was .8455". That measurement, along with the position of the slide stop pin in the frame, the location of the bottom of the frame raceway and the SSP, and the inner dimensions of the slide all add up together. Having reviewed the numbers again before replying, I would actually reject that slide. Here is why. The stacking tolerances within the slide, which have to allow room for the barrel to lock-up and rotate downward to unlock and engage the frame VIS and bed correctly, has a recommended value. Your slide measures right on that recommended value. If the bottom of the slide rails are .005 more than the .114 recommended value, then the -.005 amount has to come from somewhere else within the slide. Having that as a starting point of a build could cause you some headaches down the road.
  9. CCG

    2011 slide/frame fitting

    That slide and frame should not go together with those measurements. Taking off .010 from the bottom of the slide will reduce the space that linked barrel has to properly function. You will likely have to reduce the bed and push back the VIS to get proper clearance between the barrel hood and the slide when cycling. I would suggest going with the STI slide for the STI frame and save the Caspian for another build. Andy
  10. CCG

    2011 slide/frame fitting

    It can, but it depends on the stacking tolerances of the slide. If you have a large gage pin, even a .250 if that is the largest you have, grab it. Put your slide upside down in the vise and insert the gage pin so that is lays in the "bottom" of the slide where the slide lugs are located. Take a depth mic and tell me the measurement from the bottom of the slide rails to the gage pin (don't forget to add in the diameter of the gage pin).
  11. CCG

    2011 slide/frame fitting

    You are seeing first-hand how various manufacturers have muddied the spec waters with changing the design to fit other components instead of sticking to one standard. STI cuts their frame raceways small because the make their slide rails are .110 +/-. I have an STI frame on hand that has raceways that are .111 as measured with a gage pin. Phoenix Trinity 2011 frames have frame raceways that are .115. JEM makes their frame raceways .117, but will go .115 or .114 if asked prior to machining. If you want to keep the STI frame, I would suggest you buy and STI slide. If you want to keep the Caspian slide, go with a JEM or PT frame. If you go with the JEM or PT frame you can address the bottom of the slide rails. Andy
  12. CCG

    Barrel tempering?

    Good advice! Always check with the ATF on those kind of questions.
  13. CCG

    2011 slide/frame fitting

    What slide and frame? Knowing which manufacturers will help in determining the math. You are correct on the .114 minimum. I have used a keyseat-type cutter to adjust frame rails. Dave at Evolution Gun Works sells a really nice cutter that does an excellent job! Andy
  14. CCG

    If you get a chance....

    I posted something in the Gunsmithing section that might get overlooked by some who could have some valuable information. Please check out the thread titled, "Witnessed RDS Mounting Failures" if you get a chance. THank you!
  15. I am trying to explore some options for future red dot sight slide mounting. I am curious if you have seen any RDS mounts fail, whether it was screws shearing or anything that cause the optic to come loose. If you have seen a failure, I would be interested in what you thought the cause was as well. Thank you!