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  1. I run the Cheely E2, and use an SV STL insert for my race master. Had an STI plastic grip originally with the standard STI insert and the E2 grip just flopped around in it.
  2. http://www.heliosinnovations.com.au They don't have international shipping on the webshop, but drop them a line and they can work something out for you.
  3. If it shoots flat already, why lower the slide weight? I generally get my loads to the right PF, then tune the springs to the ammo for consistent return. If the dot doesn't leave the glass as you shoot what more do you expect to achieve?
  4. With Hennings range of products I would say you can build a competitive gun either way. I have run a couple 38SC Tanfogs and now use a 2011 with a CK E2 grip (for the thinner dimensions) and prefer it. You can get a really good trigger on a tanfog; but I don't think it will ever compare to a 2011 with its setup. Here in OZ there is better support for 2011 aftermarket parts; that said I don't think I'll ever get rid of the Tanfog.
  5. Because a a few hundred dollars in spare parts is cheaper than a backup gun? The tool less guide rod is a nice piece of gear and makes it easy and quick to get the top end off for cleaning, fixing minor issues etc.
  6. The Dawson units do indeed fit. However you need to have the bottom of the comp releived so it doesn't smash up the end of the guide rod. I don't have a pic handy but can post one later unless someone else gets to it first.
  7. Interesting that you say the PT Evo offers more traction than the E2. For various reasons I haven't been able to get hold of an Evo, so I've installed the E2, and it offers a LOT more traction than my previous carbide coated plastic grip; maybe it was just too worn down. I'm still keen to see and shoot an Evo grip, but I am super happy with the E2 grip.
  8. I just received my CK E2 grip today, because for various reasons I couldn't get a PT Evo. The profile lets me access the mag release without flipping the gun, checkering is better than pretty much any carbide coated plastic grip I've felt, with the exception of perhaps some super low grit carbide coated units. I was a little worried about the compatibility of mag buttons but mine fits and works perfectly. I've heard gun smiths say that a grip that fits straight up, without any work, is not actually fit properly. When I spoke to Matt he said that the grip screw bushings should ahve
  9. Curious to hear what the results have been? I'm waiting on an Evo to turn up. I figure there is an adjustment period, but what was your experience?
  10. Texture aside, how did it compare dimensionally to a PT grip? I can always put Silicon Carbide on there for extra grip if i really need it. Personally grip texture is only useful to a point. Technique and grip pressure are more important than super grippy grips.
  11. How do you think it would compare to a polymer grip with silicon carbide? "Grippyness" is so subjective. I don't have any issues with my silicon carbide coated polymer grip, I'm just trying to get something with a different t shape to be able to reach the mag release without flipping, and yes I have a button.
  12. fbzero, how much fitting was required, and was it just on the top of the grip where it meets the frame?
  13. Hey guys, I'm wondering if anyone has done a comparison in size/quality etc between the Cheely e2 Grip and the PT Evo grip. Jase
  14. Where is the material that needs to be removed? The grip I have currently needs a bit of upwards pressure on the trigger guard screw to get on there but not excessive. Should all the holes line up perfectly with the PT to be a good fit? Love to see some pictures if anyone has them?
  15. I have a PT Evo grip on the way for my open gun. I've heard that they are pretty much a straight fit up. How do you check for a good grip to frame fit? What would need to be adjusted and where if it doesn't fit up 100% from the box?
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