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  1. Well I did my best...and did the above exactly as described, being very careful to load each file in the correct order, and unpack with the same cautions...THREE times on 3 different Kindle Fire 8's, all to no avail. Getting pretty discouraged with the Kindle product for this BT Printer effort. My last resort might be to try to 'hard wire' the Kindle to the POS printer, skipping the BT connection altogether. However, I need to know if anyone has taken this route and could share with me the printer used. Not all POS thermal printers have a 'com' port into which you would plug the cable from the 'micro USB' port on the Kindle, and the 'spec's list on Amazon live a lot to be desired most times... Anyone? Jim
  2. I guess that is my question: What are the 'best practices' to shoot safely at an indoor range...? BritinUSA and MemphisMechanic seem to have touched on the pertinent points...not sure what level of mask is appropriate. I drink water from a sealed water bottle at the range, eat protein bars, etc...but only wash my hands before leaving the range, I have never 'showered immediately after returning home'...? Probably the next morning was as early as I got...
  3. Hi all, had the opportunity to do some indoor practice this winter, and my physician called me last week to advise that my blood lead levels are 'HIGH' and I should cease and desist whatever activity might be causing it. Well, pretty obvious it was the indoor range since I stopped eating paint when I was 3-4 years old. The range has done a $60,000+ ventilation upgrade in the last year or so, and my total attendance would have been max 5 times plus 4 local matches at other clubs...so max 10 times since last November. My base line values were 1.8 and are now at 5.6. Don't think it is life threatening but wondering what other shooters experience might be and how they dealt with it, aside from complete abstinence, which would be hard to do. Just wear a hepa mask? All the time or just when going downrange for scoring and target changes? Jim
  4. Hi all, been using my 'mini' Mr. Bullet Feeder for a year or so now with minimal issues, but lately it has begun to become a real PITA!! Every now and then, say every 10-15 rounds, it fails to drop a bullet into the case mouth, then it will drop one when the shell plate is lowered and knock most of the powder all over hell's half acre!! I have cleaned the feeder die repeatedly, raised the height clip, lowered the height clip, adjusted the heck out of everything possible, replaced the 3 ball bearings...and have no idea why it is suddenly making my reloading an exercise in frustration. I load 9mm using 125 HP Zero's and 121 RN Campro's, both bullets seem to have the same effects! Anyone? Jim
  5. Hi all, been shooting IPSC and USPSA for a couple of years now and had a great time last season shooting a few local steel matches using my STI DVC Open gun in 9 Major. Wondering if a ‘dedicated’ steel gun is necessary or could I continue to use my DVC, albeit with different loads other than my 170PF major loads, and if so what might those ‘steel’ loads look like? I’m using both WAC and 3N38 behind 121gr hollow base RN jacketed Campro’s and 125gr HP Zero’s... Any thoughts? I’m not looking for an excuse to buy a new gun, IF the DVC can do a reasonable job with a proper load... Jim
  6. I made up about 65 dummy 9mm using nickel brass and Campro 121 round nose, running them thru my Dillon 650 with the primer and powder feed eliminated...seating them to my standard depth of 1.160". They worked fine for awhile, like a week or two of every other day dry firing, ( I like to use full mags to simulate the realistic weight for mag changes...) but then the bullets began to fall out of the cases in the mags. They drop onto a gym style foam pad on the carpeted floor so can't say the shock was all that much...but after a few days of noticing this I checked the remaining bullets and found I could PULL 50% the bullets out of the cases by hand. Soooo, I tightened down the crimping die, ( a dedicated die on my 650...) but to no avail, they still fell apart. I was suddenly alarmed by the prospect of arriving at the Florida Open, ( 3 day drive each way...) only to find the match bullets I had so carefully culled into 500 of the best...falling apart in my mags on the first stage!! I went thru each of the 100 round boxes checking about 25 in each at random, all as tight as can be. Now the only difference is these have primers and powder which should make no difference, but are all brass cases, not nickel, and use the Zero 125gr HP bullets, seated to the same length. What the heck?? Anyone have a theory as to why the nickel 121 Campro's pull apart and the brass 125 Zero's don't ??? Something about nickel cases I don't know? Cheers, Jim
  7. WoW...guess everyone is busy over the holidays...oh well, still time before the season opens up here in the frozen north country But ideally I would be able to bring 5 mini’s home from the Florida Open in February, save on duties and taxes... Happy New Year Everyone! Jim
  8. We started with a set of 4 Fire tablets over a year ago, and despite the usual hiccups, ( scorekeepers neglecting to insure they were scoring the CORRECT shooter, arggggg, my nightmare ), we are certainly never going back to paper, for scoring at least. BUT...I realize that if we are ever going to graduate from an IPSC L2 match it will involve having some kind of paper backup for scoring and it seems the majority of L3's I have been to lately are using some form of mini-printer, generally clipped to the scorekeepers belt from which he/she produces an immediate backup from the tablet that the competitor has just hit the 'APPROVE' key on. There are a number of choices out there, mostly on Amazon, but before I commit to buying 4-5 of them, is there any consensus, general or otherwise, on a couple models that prove to be reliable and suitable for the task? Jim
  9. So...just the recoil spring change? 6-7lb...leave the main spring alone?
  10. I have been shooting my 2 DVC 9mm Major Open pistols ( primary/backup ) for a couple of years now, and very happy with their performance as they seem to be the right tool for my IPSC/USPSA matches, at a price point my back account can bear. However the proliferation of ‘Steel Challenge’ matches, ( I know, I put on 3 at my home club last season myself...), has me thinking I should perhaps consider something more dedicated to the ‘Steel Match’ requirements, besides 9 Major. I know STI makes a nice ‘Steel Master’ which would probably fill the bill, but the bill is what I am fretting over, having retired 6 months ago, the true cost of this ‘recreational sport’ is becoming more apparent with each passing ‘paycheck-less’ month, haha. So...my question, anyone have a suggestion as to how I could shoot reasonable ‘Steel Match’ loads reliably thru one of my DVC’s? There is no PF requirement other than to ‘ring the steel’.... Just ‘re-spring’ until it functions? I know the comp wouldn’t work well, if at all, at the reduced loads with the 5.40” barrel vs the 4.15” steel master’s tube, but other than that? Maybe just look for an inexpensive dedicated ‘Steel gun’? Jim DVC, NRA, USPSA, CSSA CHC ISPC Club Rep
  11. Just got a reply to my call for help from the dealer I bought the gun from...he basically said " you want your new gun to be chrome or black?". Hmm...seems a tough route to a new gun but what choice do I have...I'm thinking black.
  12. Hi all, just finished cleaning my 'back up' gun, twin of the primary...STI DVC in 9 major...and found a pair of cracks in the comp opposite each other at the first top port, both sides, traveling down to the respective side port. This gun is relatively new, 18 months or so, and as the back up gun hasn't seen a lot of rounds, like maybe 5,000. All 125 Zero's in front of an appropriate amount of 3N38. First time I have seen a cracked comp, but I'm fairly new to open, 3 yrs and 30,000 rounds, all thru the pair of STI DVC's. By the way the primary gun with almost 25,000 rounds is fine, as far as I can see. My gunsmith said shoot it till it breaks off, no worries. Or at least until it looks like it is about to break off....they all crack sooner or later. I see Brazos and Dawson both carry one piece barrel/comp parts for the 2011 series, Brazos has the 'Thundercomp' as well, with more side cuts, but my gun guy says in his experience the only thing the side ports accomplish is to give the top crack somewhere to propagate too...so don't bother with a fancy 'multi hole' comp. I would like to have something in my 'spares' bin for the day the comp does fail, but not sure what route to go with a replacement for the 'one piece' barrel/comp that comes on the DVC...? Any suggestions? Cheers Jim PS the photo shows the crack on the right side...left side is exactly the same.
  13. You are absolutly correct, zzt. I bought new spring/follower kits for all 6 mags and after installing them I was suddenly having feed problems. Put the old ones back in ( they were working fine, just figured after a year or so maybe some preventive maintaince) and all is good again. Guess I’ll have to ‘season’ the new ones this winter...
  14. I’m wandering down that road also Shmella, not sure exactly how its a gun issue yet, but so far that seems like the most likely suspect in this mystery. More testing required, but my squad time is 0900 tomorrow, 2hrs away...so guess I’ll have to take the ‘1st shot C’, and nail all the rest, haha. Testing will resume ASAP after the match. This isn’t likely to be solved easily...
  15. Thanks Kevin, I’m definitely going to clear that up as a possibility, but after 8 yrs of service as part of a 2 man team in a grass suit, and 20yrs of ISU competition, shooting off a table bag from 15yds with a red dot while sitting on a comfortable chair....well its hard to imagine I’m pulling the 1st shot 6-8” down and right. In both guns...but hey, anything is possible and I’d be happy to have a answer no matter how depressing, haha.
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