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  1. I have no intention to do it myself (although it seems a little bit tempting ) I have no skills, no tools and no stainleess steel drilling knowledge. I am asking for specific dimensions as it can be drilled only once and I would prefer to have it done right. Drilling will be done by the experienced gunsmith with proper tooling but he has no open guns specific knwoledge so that's the source of the questions.
  2. Thx for the practical advice on screws size. I will either pick good quality M3 or look for M3,5 As for holes placement if the dimensions I provided are ok or I just put the mount on the gun, see if it clears the slide and drill the holes without overcomplicating ?
  3. Hello I am new owner of BUL SAS II Open pistol that was purchased without predrilled holes for the scope mount on dust cover. I am looking for the information/advice what are the typical dimensions / location of the holes that are drilled and tapped in the frame/dustcover. I've found some info in one of the threads and would like to verify if this is correct as I can drill the holes only once ;-) I am looking for 5 holes pattern with distance between them 0.375 inch ( there will be optics mount + thumb rest on side of mount) The distance from center of the slide stop hole to center of first hole for optics mount : 0.5 inch Distance of the holes from top of frame/dust cover edge 0.135 inch All distances above assume that I will use 5-40 screws. The issue is that I am in a "metric" country and the closest metric screwes are M3 (which have slightly smaller diameter than 5-40) so I could use M4 but those are roughly 0,1575 in diameter and seem to me too thick to make holse so close to dust cover edge (dust cover is stainelss steel) Now the questions are: 1. If the dictances I provided above seem to be ok ? 2. If the M3 screws are not to weak (assuming I will be using 5 holes mount) ? Should I consider M4 screws? If that will influence/increase the required distance from dust cover edge ? 3. What should be the minimal clearance between the bottom of the mount shelf and the slide ? I am awaiting for the mount at the moment that will be used with micro red dot / RTS2 size. My concern are potential extraction/jams. I would appreciate advice. K