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  1. OK so I wanted to change the ejection pattern and adjusted the angle of the ejector. Now no ejection issues, ejection pattern is lower and more to the back (around 4pm) and brass rarely hits the red dot. There are tow cases when it happens: if the splits are sub 15-17 ms and slide starts to come back too early and brass bounces from the back of slide and then from the back / edge of red dot or as I am using the different pickup brass when the brass is somehow used / in bad shape. Overall I am vey satisfied with this setup. We will see how it will behave in longer run Link to video with current ejection pattern https://i.imgur.com/7cYKz0N.mp4
  2. So after 200 rounds I can say I am very satisfied. The brass slightly dings the very corner of the red dot but that does not cause any ejection issues so far. Monday will have more oppty to shoot on level 1 IPSC match so will have more info to add. Here is link to video how it shoots: https://imgur.com/2urrW6J
  3. After a little bit of filing managed to mount 510c on my gun today. Tomorrow will be first test. My only potential concern are extraction issues. I'm a little bit surprosed by the size of the window
  4. The residue from last photo is not from Lovex - it is from Vectan SP2(as described). Brown flakes from earlier photo though are remainings of 37.1
  5. I am using regular Fiochi SP primers. They are priced well, available, have no issues using them etc and they seem to be doing good job in all my 9mm Major loads. The gossip says the Explosia was making the AA7 for American market. Not sure is it true or not but as I am located in Europe Lovex with various powders is IMHO one of the most commonly used powder in Poland, Czech and Slovakia (availability, proce point, various powders range etc). The feature of Lovex 37.1 (apart how it shoots, measures, etc) I like a lot is easy cleaning compared to vectan SP2. Lovex leaves unbrnet brown particles all over inside of the gun but it does not leaves the solid residue. One thing I am not sure yet is its temperature sensitivity and how it influences PF and pressure . Sometimes in winter I shoot under 0 celcisus / freezing point and in Summer it might be +35 Celcius. Below is example what Vectan SP leaves inside and outside gun:
  6. I used Lovex and two other powders for IPC 9mm Major load with CMJ 123 gn LOS bullets (165-167 PF): 1. 3N38 - meters relatively well, shots soft but it requires compressed loads and it is hardly available and pricey in my location plus it fills case almost full so I got a lot of spills (OAL 30.00 mm ; 8,05 gn of 3N38) 2. Vectan SP2 - meters terribly, leaks plus is static electricity sensible and then measurements are +- 0,1 gn, leaves dark hard residue in the gun which requires cleaning more often, leaves rougly 3-4mm from the case rim - so almost no compression, shots nice but it seems there is too little gas but it shoots flat, mid prices issues with availabilioty from time to time (OAL 30.00. 8,7 gn) 3. Lovex 37.1 - meters very good and consitently, if required compresses relatively well, shoots flat and shot impulse is softer than in SP2 but harder than 3N38, leaves no permanent/hard to clean residue in the gun (looks like brown flakes but no dark dirty residue), is relatively dense but you need more of it to get PF, leaves similar amount of space for bullet similary to Vectan SP2 and is available and cheap (in my location). The only downsides with Lovex in general is that they used to have some batches of powder that were not exactly to spceification, but havent seen such case since year or two (OAL 30.00 mm, 9,9 gn Lovex 37.1). Summarising : highly recommending it. Works great and has excellent price/performance for me. This is how the back of the gun looks like after shooting 400 rounds on lovex (looks dirty but is very easy to clean. This is not copper from the brass but lovex remainings):
  7. IMHO simplest way is to glue with superglue two small tabs of polyurethane or other hard rubber/plastic to grip safety. it is easy to remove just in case amd you need no special tools. Cutting the small tabs to required size plus glue assures they will not migrate into the grip.
  8. KrisS

    Bul Armory?

    I assume this is normal ? Or is there something I should do with it ? Gun shoots fine. I am very happy with it.
  9. KrisS

    Bul Armory?

    Mine looked a little bit different. I polished small burs (visible on the picture) and it seems to be working fine
  10. KrisS

    Bul Armory?

    As for the photo - it seems that you are right. So here is the top of the slide stop. Not sure but it seems that on the photo below there is a sign of the link and two spots where it touches the lower lugs.
  11. KrisS

    Bul Armory?

    Please find image of a slide stop with the signs from lower lugs. if there are marks then the lower lugs contact the slide stop. This is at least how it looks in mine (Bul SAS Ii UR Open)
  12. KrisS

    Bul Armory?

    It works also very well with 9mm Major loads. Built with quality, tight tolerances and works out of the box with minor and major loads. Magazines are Para type magazines but you can use original Bul or SPS magazines as well.
  13. I tested the drag of slide stop over lower lugs (with some blue dye) and quite honestly saw none or only minimal signs, so I just cleaned the burs' edges and and polished it lightly. I will observe how it behaves and hope it is just sign of break in process for this 2011. New platform for me so collecting new experiences. It is just different but like it a lot so far .
  14. Thank you for help. I will will check with blue marker how the slide stop pin rides over problematic areas and I will gently remove the burs on the marks edges (as little material as possible). Guide rod face is already beveled but I will check it for marks. I will stay with current link and will also check the wear of the pin that holds it in place. as for quality of the bul. I am not sure how it compres to other 2011 as this is my first open gun. Looking at it from „optical” perspective It is very well made (so no rattles, slide rocking side to side etc.) Quality of make is visible on every element. As the slide is fitted very tight I use only oil to lubricate especially as weather here is close to the freezing point in my location. It seems to be like race car : it wears out quicker and you need to properly take care for it but it provides extreme performance.
  15. OK BIG thx for support. I will polish it a little and will do the test to be sure.
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