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  1. KrisS

    Bul Armory?

    I assume this is normal ? Or is there something I should do with it ? Gun shoots fine. I am very happy with it.
  2. KrisS

    Bul Armory?

    Mine looked a little bit different. I polished small burs (visible on the picture) and it seems to be working fine
  3. KrisS

    Bul Armory?

    As for the photo - it seems that you are right. So here is the top of the slide stop. Not sure but it seems that on the photo below there is a sign of the link and two spots where it touches the lower lugs.
  4. KrisS

    Bul Armory?

    Please find image of a slide stop with the signs from lower lugs. if there are marks then the lower lugs contact the slide stop. This is at least how it looks in mine (Bul SAS Ii UR Open)
  5. KrisS

    Bul Armory?

    It works also very well with 9mm Major loads. Built with quality, tight tolerances and works out of the box with minor and major loads. Magazines are Para type magazines but you can use original Bul or SPS magazines as well.
  6. KrisS

    Marks on lower lugs of 2011 barrel

    I tested the drag of slide stop over lower lugs (with some blue dye) and quite honestly saw none or only minimal signs, so I just cleaned the burs' edges and and polished it lightly. I will observe how it behaves and hope it is just sign of break in process for this 2011. New platform for me so collecting new experiences. It is just different but like it a lot so far .
  7. KrisS

    Marks on lower lugs of 2011 barrel

    Thank you for help. I will will check with blue marker how the slide stop pin rides over problematic areas and I will gently remove the burs on the marks edges (as little material as possible). Guide rod face is already beveled but I will check it for marks. I will stay with current link and will also check the wear of the pin that holds it in place. as for quality of the bul. I am not sure how it compres to other 2011 as this is my first open gun. Looking at it from „optical” perspective It is very well made (so no rattles, slide rocking side to side etc.) Quality of make is visible on every element. As the slide is fitted very tight I use only oil to lubricate especially as weather here is close to the freezing point in my location. It seems to be like race car : it wears out quicker and you need to properly take care for it but it provides extreme performance.
  8. KrisS

    Marks on lower lugs of 2011 barrel

    OK BIG thx for support. I will polish it a little and will do the test to be sure.
  9. Hello I have Bul SAS II UR open 9mm, shooting major with PF 163-167. Pistol shoots great, very precise, no issues with slide locking unexpectedly, no cycling rejection problems, roughly 3K rounds shot. I've been inspecting the barrel after cleaning and I found some marks and dents on the lower lugs. As this is my first 2011 gun I prefer rather to ask than to make something stupid. The question is what could be the cause of the marks and (if it is not normal wear) how to get rid of it ? Should I just slightly file the dents and polish the pin and lower lugs ? Is there anything else to inspect ?
  10. My Guess is yes. On BUL Armory page you can find list of distributors worldwide. USA list is under this link http://bularmory.com/index.php?route=product/category&path=88&page=2
  11. I shoot major PF for IPSC 162-167 PF with load made on plated LOS 123 gn RN bullets, fiocchi small pistol primers and Vectan SP2 or Vichta Vuori 3N38 powders.
  12. KrisS

    Is it normal breach face wear ?

    Thanks for answers ?. This is my first 1911/2011 platform pistol so preferred to ask than to regret later ? As for the magazines I am using original Bul SAS magazines that came with the gun for trainings (shorter ones for 19 rounds) and Bul SAS long 170mm magazine for matches (it holds 27 rounds only vs 29 for sps - the difference is in the follower I guess as it is higher and locks slide back after last round). I am using as well SPS i "PARA" version of magazines which is little bit different construction and it holds 29 rounds (but does not locks slide back on last round due to different shape/height. I was told the Para version is used due to the size of the cut on the magazine that locks it in place. Not sure if it is correct but the magazines I have work just fine. Both long magazines are IPSC legal and in terms of operation they work just fine. Maybe I am using them too short to develop any problem. After roughly 3K rounds I did not have any magazine related malfunction (so far) This is the link to the long SPS magazine I use : http://spsshop.es/mgparaord/high-alummg-p-232.html
  13. I think I need help (or just the advice) from more experienced Open 2011 shooters. During cleaning I've noticed some wear on the breach face. The pistol behaves normally , shots fine etc so I do not know if this is normal for open 2011 or for example barrell was not fitted properly to the slide ? Pistol is BUL SAS II UR OPEN 9 lbs stock spring and I am shooting ammo with Power Factor of 162-167 (made on Vectan Sp2 or VV3N38 with 123 RN bullets). Is this normal wear (after 3K rounds roughly) ? If something is wrongly fitted what should I check ? Any advice appreciated
  14. KrisS

    Tell me about your HS507C

    I have holosun HS507C on my gun and I like it a lot. My initial concern was the window might be too small and/or that frame will obstruct the view but after roughly 2,5K rounds I can says in real life it is not an issue. The holosun was chosen due to the fact I have astigmatism and even with corrective glasses the dot on other brands was not clearly visible as expected. Holosun is not perfect for me neither but it was the best visible dot / pattern I could more less clearly see. I use two dot patterns depending of situation (dot and circle without the dot). With circle my impression is that I am able to acquire target faster but for some more distant targets dot seems to be better choice. Anyway 95% of the time I am using circle instead of dot. The only potential downside of the construction might be that you need to remove the sight to change the battery (which did not happen so far). The window could be a little taller but bulkiness of HS510C and potential ejection issues plus double sided mount made me decision to go with HS 507C. Overall I am very satisfied with it.
  15. KrisS

    Favorite powder for 9mm Major in open pistols

    I have two loads I am using with Bul SAS II UR Open 9mm 1. Bullet : LOS 123gn RN (copper plated), Powder: Vectan SP2 8,65 gn OAL 30,0mm (1.181) PF 162-167 depending of weather 2. Bullet : LOS 123gn RN (copper plated), Powder: VV3n38 8,05 gn OAL 30,0mm (1.181) PF 162-167 depending of weather Vectan SP2 gives more gas and compensator works very nice, it is quite clean but measuring it is very demanding. VV3N38 is even cleaner than Sp2 and softer in recoil very easy to measure still the 9mm case is almost full with 123gn bullet. Next powder for my elaboration will be Lovex D037.1 which is even more dense than SP2 and is cheaper and easily available in my country.