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  1. KrisS

    Bul Armory?

    I have BUL SAS II UR Open and my reloads / ammo depending of bullet type OAL is either 30mm or 30,5 mm. As "regular" 9mm is 29,69 mm then I would say it accepts longer OALs (unless they changed their barrel parameters for US then I'm wrong). A lot in terms of OAL depends of bullet shape anyway. You can ream the barrel throat if you need to. With OAL of 30mm and soft plated LOS 124 gn bullets there is roughly 3mm of bullet that sits in the brass. I see no reason to go longer if there is not signs of overpressure at PF of 170-175.
  2. That was jcv industries mount (with trijicon rmr mount pattern). Currently I have 507c on other gun (cz sp-01 shadow) and bul is equiped with holosun 510c. Overall very satisfied with holosuns
  3. Imho what keeps the bullet is mostly neck tension. Although in major ammo where oal is longer and bullet sits very shallow additionall crimps helps a little (but maybe not much). On cmj bullets I use when I apply more crimp there is a „step” that holds bullet in place and prevents (maybe marginally) the bullet setback. If he changes crimp and there is a change in the 1shot pattern then it is ammo related. Changing ammo to different kind /make would be even better of course. I could be wrong though. That’s just unconfirmed theory
  4. Maybe your ammo has too shallow seting depth or to weak crimp. Maybe while loading first round the bullet is pushed deeper than during all other shots. You get higher speed of the first shot and higher poi ? Just a theory. You could use different ammo or crimp yours stronger ?
  5. KrisS

    Bul Armory?

    In Poland cheapest open version is 3,6k$ (with vat tax). Bulesteros is 6,7 k$ taxed as well.
  6. I also have some ammo (like 2% of batch) that does not fit into the chamber just after it is done (cmj bullets have size variations and rub rifling on the sides with 0,356 bullets or mixed brass I use reacts not so good to format). I fix like 75% out of that with Lee Factory crimp die. After that they usually fit into chamber
  7. I have the BUL SAS II UR OPEN. Concerning the magazines you just need to buy Para version. Overall it is very nice gun. This one is a little bit "corrected" comapred to stock version (different mount, Holosun 510c, thumb rest and AA shielded safety). Shoots great out of the box.
  8. I had similar case on 2011 platform and I've found the potential reason / or set of conditions when it happens. I used slowmotion recording with iphone to find out what was the reason and here are my findings: Hitting the right/bottom corner of the mount (and/or empty brass is pushed back in the port on top of next round) when I use some pickup brass, During the ejection the brass is not properly held by the extractor and it goes up instead of low 4 oclock (as my ejector is cut to hit brass back on top and direct it right and back).Brass either hits the returning top of the slide or bottom right corner. Then the brass goes back into port if the slide return too slow or just bounces away "just" hitting the mount with random ejection pattern. Changed extractor to aftec type extractor which helped a little. I will check the stronger and weaker return spring (with DPM it is quite easy) to see what will be the outcome. Current temporary fix is just some tape on the mount corner.
  9. KrisS

    Lovex 37.1

    I have tested also other loads with 124 grain bullets and Lovex 37.1 : DMA Reloading FMJ RN 124 gn (OAL 30,10 mm, 9,85 gr for 165 PF), Frontier RN CMJ 124 gn (OAL29,80 mm, 9,82 grn, PF 164) and Frontier CMJ RN MATCH 124 gn (OAL 30,00 mm 9,82gn 164 PF).Again: test it and use it at your own risk. The only complaint on FMJ vs CMJ is FMJ makes compensator very very dirty compared to CMJ.
  10. KrisS

    Lovex 37.1

    This is what works for me but you need to be careful and use it at your own risk. Gun: BUL SAS II UR Open OAL 30,0 mm Lovex 37.1 9,9 grn LOS Bullet CMJ RN 123 grn SP Fiocchi primers Medium crimp It makes 167 PF easily Good amount of gas to run the comp, relatively clean but hard to load. Soft kick, better than Vectan SP2 or VV3n38 I am very happy with it
  11. It still works great. Only the back of the optic is beat up more as sometimes the brass hits it when bouncing from the top of the slide. It happens for some of the brass only but as I am reloading based on picked up brass I am aware of this. As for the photos of the mount itself: it was too low and I had to file the bottom of it so there is a celarance
  12. I mostly shoot 9mm Major and my gun is tuned for it (DPM spring system). at the very begging of my use it was shooting "regular" purchased ammunition with stock 9lbs spring just fine. I tested that with 124gn and 139 gn RN bullets with D032 load as well. Did not have any issues with it but it is temperature and lube dependant as well. With minor loads and temperatures below freezing point the slide became a little lazy and once or twice it felt slow but still was cycling nor had double feed issues. Unless Major ammo is not available at your location what is the sense to use minor ammo in a gun that shoots Major PF? I try to stick to one load to have the gun behave same time on trainings and during the matches. You could tune it for minor loads only of course as well.
  13. Yes it is possible technically still IMHO this is not the optimal approach. There is no regular rear sight so you could use the slot for racker for the mount but then you would have to make custom red dot mount with the integrated racker for specific type of sight. The questions are: - if you will like red dot moving with the slide - how long red dot will be operational and hold zero due to recoil - will you be able to mount something bigger like Holosun 510C on the slide ? - how racker function on the mount will make the mount move/lose zeroing - will you need another custom mount if you decide to change red dot type / mounting pattern - what about thumb rest ? - how additional weight (red dot + racker + mount) will influence slide speed / timing of the gun So looking at that making holes for the mount gives you more functional benefits and flexibility in the long run. So yes it is possible but IMHO that would make criplled gun. Bul originally has 3 holes angled and I wanted to have flexibility and access to various mounts and thumbrest. Making 5 holes for the mount seems to be easier than going fully custom with doubtful functionality. Just my opinion.
  14. Depends of temperature: light oil everywhere when it is cold (and slight amount of grease on barrell lugs) or 0W40 oil during summer everywhere (plus small amount of grease on lugs). I oil gun every 200-400 rounds anyway to keep it run flawless. The fact I do not use a lot of oil to keep red dot glass clean - just thin film will do.
  15. What was used for lubrication ? Due to tight fitting I usually use oil on rails and barrell and small amount of light grease on lugs and slide stop. When it is warm thicker oil is used (to stay on slide and barrell longer) when it is cold light oil. Check if gun is assembled properly and if nothing rubs "more than it should". As slides starts to feels sticky does the gun still works as it should (fully cycles, ejects brass properly, etc) ?
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