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  1. Its addictive, i shot open all of 2018 and the beging of 2019 and in the middle of last year i tried carry optics just to see what it was like and was thinking of going to CO and getting out of open. mainly because of how simple it is and to have a back up gun was a lot cheaper. I liked it and did pretty good at it, but the last couple matches last year i went back to open and there is absolutely no way im getting out of open lmao
  2. this is how my trigger is setup on my 2011 open gun. Its actually setup with a little less pre-travel than I normally run for uspsa and the trigger is a bit lighter also at 1lb 9oz but the last match of the year for me was a falling steel match where i didnt have to draw from a holster or run around. usually i like my trigger 2 1/4 - 2 1/2lbs for uspsa.
  3. to little pre-travel, for safety and reliability its not enough. pre-travel has very little to do with how fast you can shoot, a short defined reset is number one followed very closely to a clean break and weight is last in my opinion.
  4. I did my regular x5 grip and it was pretty easy. It's all in the prep, I scuff up the area that I want the grit to be and tape off that area and also make sure there isn't any oils on that area before putting the epoxy on. Mix up the epoxy really good and I used a small foam brush to put it on, and then started to sprinkle on the carbide grit. I did multiple pass on it and also kind of lightly patted the grit into the epoxy and kept applying more grit to the grip and that seemed to work good for me. I used 60/90 grit but I would have liked it to be a little bit more coarse. I picked up some more from amazon thats 46/70 instead and I plan to do a legion grip at some point soon. I did practice before on some other cheap grips before hand and I think its a great idea if its your first time.
  5. I bought a 2.0 to see how it is and unfortunately the dot is not very bright, I tried other batteries too just to make sure it didn't have something to do with that and there was no difference. The 510c, vortex viper 6moa and venom 6moa are all noticeably brighter than the 2.0. The glass on the 2.0 is very clear though and the window size is decent.I wish the dot was just a little brighter because it would be almost unbeatable compared to the competition at under $200.
  6. texasdawg were you able to get out and shoot your gun with the popples and see how it felt?
  7. Funny thing you mentioned you where thinking of stroking the tanfo because I did that to the one I had. I took .250" off the slide but to me it didn't really seem to make a noticeable difference. I finally gave up on the tanfo though after fighting with the mag issues for months and could never get them to run even 75% of the time so I traded the tanfo for an akai 2011 limited gun and that got me into 2011's. I now have a 9mm 2011 open gun and have been pretty happy with it, less issues more capacity and a lot more support. I still prefer the feel of the tanfo though lol
  8. I had the tanfo v12 for a little while about a year or two ago and I was also having problems with nose dives and other problems with the rounds getting stuck in the mag. I had a 170mm and 140mm mbx mag and those had very similar issues. I tried all different things to try to fix the issue like squeezing the mag body, springs and followers and it made things a little better but still was having way to many issues. I tried different bullet lengths and profiles but nothing seemed to ever make a huge difference. I really wish that I could have figured out a way to make the mags more reliable because I loved the feel of the gun, the trigger was awesome with all the Henning and Patriot Defense parts. The other issue that I had with the v12 9mm was having to use a crazy amount of powder to make major and was limited to oal because of the short chamber of the tanfo. The 38 super model probably takes care of all or most of the issues that 9mm has but I wasn't willing to spend all that money on 38 super and be scrounging after matches trying to get as much of it as I could get.
  9. I'm really interested to see what a difference the popple holes make. From the picture you took the gun looks the same as mine, is it a gans gun and did you get that gun on here? I know the guy i bought my gun from had 2 matching guns. So if the holes make a noticeable difference it should do the same on mine. Did you try aa#7 when you where testing different loads?
  10. I've tried the 67 moa circle dot but i couldn't get used to it, there's just to much going on.
  11. the romeo 3 xl and the 510c are extremely close in window size. from what i can tell from this picture and first hand comparison is you might be losing a very small amount of height and the very outer corners of the glass but its such a small amount i doubt it would be noticeable in a match. plus the 6 moa dot will far out way the very small difference in window size, the dot was a lot nicer on the xl than the 510c at least to me it did.
  12. I tried a bunch of other lenses from Oakley like the prizm road and prizm ruby both worked pretty good but I ended getting the trail rx lenses and have used them pretty much this whole year and I like them. They definitely make the reds pop more and the red dot is crisper looking it helps get rid of that starburst look that dots usually have, at least for me. The other two lenses where a little dark I think, they made the dot look crisp but it didnt pop like the trail lenses did.
  13. I run stock mbx mags, they work good and for what it costs to build an sti mag with a taran base pads and grams spring and follower there isn't much of a difference in price. I would rather go with the option that is ready to go out of the box.
  14. One little slip up and the grip is gonna be red lol.
  15. My mbx worked pretty good out of the bag but a couple needed the feedlips adjusted and the follower near the top would stick a little on a couple mags and make the last few rounds nose dive. All in all though most of the mags worked great and compaired to all the issues i was having to get sti gen 1 mags to run 9mm reliably the mbx's are a much better option.
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