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  1. So I have had the chance to use this holster for almost a week and let me just say how amazed I am at it. The release is fluid and flawless. No more hang ups like my old holster. I also find that it is very adjustable and a bit heavy, but in a good way. The thigh pad does dig a little, but only at first. After an hour, I hardly notice it. The thigh pad just really add some rigidity to the holster so it doesn't flap around at all. The lock is super positive. The half way lock is nice for when you have to run around with it for 3Gun. The only problem is the magnetic rollers. That are not on ball-bearings, but just bushings. Because they are magnets, they seem to attract particles that cause them to seize up and then the holster will hang up. But a quick removal, cleaning and lube and they are as good as new. It is something to monitor. However, I would buy this holster again in a heart beat.
  2. Some of have seen them. How do you feel about them? Are they fair? Please be sure to vote.
  3. The Redding Dies are by far the best. The bushing dies are very useful when wanting to adjust neck tension, and their quality is amazing. You really can't go wrong with the Competition 3 Die set but the price is high for some. The key is having the ability to make several separate adjustments. For example, maybe just a shoulder bump is best and then next size only. Maybe you will eventually want to turn your necks? How about full length sizing which is popular in the PRS and NRL match shooters. Having the options is best because then you can go as deep into the reloading rabbit hole that you want. I personally use the Reddings and am amazed at their accuracy and quality. I am shooting 6.5 Creedmoor and using those with a Forster Co-Ax press and measuring to the nearest kernel of H4350, my number are very low. MOA much less than .5 MOA.
  4. I would recommend the Dawson STI magazine tuning video and toolkit: https://dawsonprecision.com/dawson-precision-sti-2011-hicap-magazine-tuning-kit/ I also would watch the Atlas Magazine tuning videos: There are a many parts to it. Pay particular attention to the feed lips discussion and side to side magazine width. Those seem to be the biggest drivers.
  5. I think there was. She was given an obstacle that disadvantaged her unfairly due to her height. Since she was such an accomplished shooter, she was "barely" able to handle the obstacle. If any other short shooter attempted to engage the target, there might have been a safety issue. Shooting blind is never a good idea and we should never force any shooter to attempt this.
  6. Yeh, the OP get's it.. he really get's it. We are all proud of you sir.
  7. Just thought we could start a thread so that we can see what differences we find and share with others. This is the giving thread, not the complaining thread.
  8. I am going to try and complain about something in my division that is "unfair" and "not right". I want to whine and whine until I get my way. When I think of it, I will let you all know and then moan whenever I don't win a match. Because... it is the equipment dammit!! Gotta be my equipment... that's it.
  9. Any feedback after your use of this holster?
  10. I have noticed that you have not tried VV 3N38 yet, which will be telling. Yes, it is currently hard to find now, but I recently (like yesterday) was able to test load the VV N105 and compare it directly with the VV 3N38 and the 3N38 was softer. I am running a 124 grain Montana gold bullet through a 5.4 inch barrel with 3 popple holes, so we have similar guns. At 9.8 I was at 171 power factor. I would recommend you get your hands on some 3N38 and then figure out which one shoots better. At 9.2 grains of 3N38, this load is shooting my Limcat VERY flat. We were able to compare right next to a Limcat running 9mm Major with VV N340 open and all 4 of us agreed that the 38 Super Comp running 3N38 was softer. Now a friend of mine was running 10.2 grains of 3N38 out of his 9mm major, but I did not have the opportunity to try that out in his gun yet. One more thing, get a steel grip. HUGE game changer. Oh, and maybe a heavy barrel (tungsten sleeved). Good luck sir!!
  11. I agree with the others, it is likely primer drawback. However, just know that Dillon learned of this and upgraded their dies with a spring loaded primer decapping assembly on their sizing dies. Now, I never get primer drawback anymore, it simply kicks the primer out. It is just one of many reasons I always recommend Dillon Precision.
  12. Hey friend. I want to let you know that I never looked at the rules for a few years. I just watched and listened and didn't argue. I didn't start getting disqualified until after I became a Certified NROI Range Officer. Go figure. You'll do fine. Just relax and enjoy the experience.
  13. Mr. Brussell, Yes the Transformer magazine pouches are what people are talking about. I checked with my friends there and they plan on doing a run of them in a month or so. I am looking at these myself since they look like it would be the last magazine pouch you would ever need for USPSA/IPSC. I like the Guga Riba's also, but have a special place on my heart from Limcat products. Hope this information is helpful.
  14. In follow up, my wife and I received our Custom Edge 60 Sport Ears by Axil and they fit perfectly. They are very comfortable and suppress just the right amount of noise. They are a vast upgrade from our MSA Sordins we had used for years and years. It is interesting that we hear more, a lot more, with these things. They were so nice my wife wore them from our home to our shooting area (about a 20 minute drive) just to test them out last night. While I had used them for a whole day already as I got mine first, she just had to try them out sooner, so excited was she. The one thing people don't seem to talk about is noise cancellation and also wind noise reduction. While we had problems with the MSA's in the wind, these we did not. It was explained to us that the Digital Signal Control technology was important. More reading here (https://www.goaxil.com/axil-core-technology/). Our experience with the AudiCORE 2.0 level of DSC has been great so far. We are not hearing the expanded wind noise you get with speakers in windy conditions. There were times with the MSA's we could not hear anything people were saying. Now with these Axil's, we can hearing everything just fine. Don't forget about these super tiny features (they are the size of a grain of rice) that provide huge benefits. It is important to do your research and I would recommend talking to an audiologist or even an ENT doctor to get a good idea. They are very knowledgable and will get you the straight answers. Spending the money that you might on these things, it pays in the long run with continued safe hearing.
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