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  1. Nevadazielmeister

    First open gun for $2K?

    That's easy, take any firearm that has a barrel length of at least 4 inches, drill as many holes as you want from the top of the slide into the barrel. Hold the gun really tight during this step. Then add a sight mount to the frame. This will leave you with a good budget left over to buy a quality optic. Be sure to have a friend video tape your first few rounds and post it on youtube if you are still capable. I'll bring popcorn.
  2. Nevadazielmeister

    X-Treme Bullets - anyone buying lately?

    They stopped supporting some of the local shooters and top shooters. Had to remove our sticker from the back of the car as we were supporters. Kinda glad since I get better luck with Montana Golds. I just don't want to give my money to anyone who doesn't support the sport.
  3. Nevadazielmeister

    Any Dillion black friday deals...

    There is no need. My Dillon was for free. In fact, about 4 years ago, it started making me money. Go figure.
  4. Nevadazielmeister

    Limcat Razorcat VS Atlas Chaos

    Just in case anyone else is reading this thread and is wondering between the two. The Razorcat has 9 ports in the barrel section. 3 at 12:00 O'Clock, 2 at 1:00 and 11:00 O'Clock and 1 at 3:00 and 9:00 O'Clock.
  5. Nevadazielmeister

    Thumb Rest Recommendations

    Best post all day. I have seen people change their setup right before a match. And then they do it again the next match.. and so on and so forth. Rinse, lather, repeat, fail, etc.
  6. Nevadazielmeister

    Limcat Razorcat VS Atlas Chaos

    Well, not having shot the Atlas, I cannot comment on its performance in the field. I can say this, the Limcat Razorcat is 1 year out while the Atlas has a quicker turn around time. Maybe someone who purchased an Atlas recently can comment? However, this comes at a price. The Atlas, with the same features, costs more. I know from direct experience at the Limcat shop, they hand mill and hand assemble each and every firearm. Each one has its own character and no two Limcats look alike. Many of the parts are designed and built by Johnnie and Julian. They have 2 HAAS CNC machines making a lot of their own parts. I just feel that the Limcat is more custom.
  7. Nevadazielmeister

    Limcat Razorcat VS Atlas Chaos

    So the one I am using is in 38 Super Comp and I am using a slow powder, so the dot movement is pretty minimal, but there will always be movement in these guns. I think people walking into an Open build, me included, were surprised that there was such force involved and all of the normal handgun mechanics come into play. But yes, the dot movement is minimal, enough to keep it inside the sight window of the Delta Point Pro... so long as I hold the gun tight enough. I just cannot say enough about how well the Lim's are regarded in the shooting community. Johnnie builds absolutely beautiful pistols that shoot well and he is quick to get things fixed if there are any mistakes, which is rare. Good choice on the 38 Super. That will save you a bunch of headaches and a reduction in recoil, this based on my own testing between two extremely similar Limcat Razorcats as well as discussions with some very experienced shooters.
  8. Nevadazielmeister

    Limcat Razorcat VS Atlas Chaos

    I have shot about 4,000 rounds from a Limcat and have no issues. I have not shot an Atlas. What questions did you have?
  9. Nevadazielmeister

    Thumb Rest Recommendations

    I tried the wedge thumb rest ("pyramid") for a one match and about 1,000 rounds and did not like it. My thumb kept slipping off. I felt I had much better control with a more *thumb rest [generic]* design. I usually recommend that shooters (in whatever sport) pick one design early on that fits best, then stay with that one. Constantly changing seems to always disrupt the potential of the tool (firearm) and the shooter..
  10. Nevadazielmeister

    650 difficulty with sizing die

    Well, I have not experienced anything like that. If you want really good dies, look at Whidden or Redding. But with Dillon's guarantee, how can one go wrong, right? I'm just not sure I understand why sizing "tighter and lower" is really a concern for most applications. That appears to be a good way to overwork the brass that is simply not necessary. In fact, with some people running 9mm MAJOR, I suspect that those dies might reduce the size of the case, making the loads even more compressed. Which would just lead to more bullet growth.
  11. Nevadazielmeister


    So what is the rule on sneezing? I watched someone sneeze right in the middle of the run. The shooter successfully kept the gun in a safe direction and had to sneeze 3 times. The run was stopped by the shooter and the shooter asked for a re-shoot. Without saying what the RO decided to do at this club level match, I wanted to see what the rules would do to address this situation. I am just so glad it has never happened to me. I seem to never have the urge to sneeze and imagine that is rarely happens.
  12. Nevadazielmeister

    650 difficulty with sizing die

    Why not get the Dillon Carbide sizing die? Am I missing something?
  13. Nevadazielmeister

    Do different mods actually pay out in open?

    I would say that a better trigger is more than just "helpful". The trigger, in my opinion, is THE most important aspect of a firearm. The gun firing when you want, not before, not after, is critical to accuracy. Trigger work is often overlooked but should be your focus, which is where talented gunsmiths come in. I believe that most custom gunsmiths and gun manufacturers can slowly and patiently get your trigger right. I have seen so many problems when people try to become DIY home experts and do their own trigger work. It becomes a nightmare. My recommendation would be to find an Open Gun Manufacturer that is near you in case there are any adjustments needed. I was lucky since I live so close to one, but even more lucky when I received an Open Gun without need for any further adjustment. As for modifications in general. Why not just get everything all at once? Then, when you improve, it is all due to you and only you, not your mods. Just my two cents.
  14. Nevadazielmeister

    DAA Racemaster vs Alpha-X

    Now, I have only had my Racemaster pouches for about 4 years (3 years, 11 months to be more exact) and have not run Into any issue with breaking the locking ball. I am curious, how much force are you applying to break this ball? I am applying a bit of force to the 2 set screws in the base, but more force to the mount that hold the actual pouch, with thread locking compound. My only complaint is how the mounting screw gets loose over time. I had no idea you could go full retard and break the ball. Maybe I need to work out more?
  15. Nevadazielmeister

    Mini boom

    My sentiments exactly. A lot of people argue over used versus new brass and in my hands, I want to know the history of the brass that contains enough energy to remove my hand. When the OP mentioned "good sting to the hands and powder blowing down through the trigger area onto my hands" I got worried he was injured. Glad he is okay. I also believe that hand inspecting the brass is not enough to confirm its safe usage, at least not at the levels of bulk we shoot.