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  1. So... Max... how does it feel to be so special that they drool over your rifle?
  2. I think changing springs that often is a bit overkill, kinda like the change oil every 3k miles BS. I would say just make sure both springs are in there. The other thing I think people may be overlooking is actually removing the extractor to clean it every 1-2k rounds. This is very important since powder can disturb the functioning of the extractor. Please don't ask me how I found this out.
  3. So, far all of the people complaining about their Dillon RF100, here is a sample video of what mine does. I only had to adjust the tilt of the unit and then a minor adjustment to the inlet cover (not the main cover) a couple of years ago: Just in case memories are short. The Dillon works perfectly and even better, Dillon will tune them personally for your type of primer, if you are having any issues. This falls under the "no B.S." guarantee.
  4. If you read carefully, you will get your answer. I am NROI certified having been to Level II and Level III matches. Please refer to my FIRST post regarding this issue. It is just that simple. I do not think that I can explain it any other way. Please don't be an "askhole" (https://www.linkedin.com/pulse/dont-askhole-fred-blumenberg) here. Now maybe you really don't get it, or maybe you don't want to, but really, please, just read the rules posted here and move on.
  5. This just keeps going, with people unable to comprehend or read the rules. Amazing. Thank you bret. Keep up the good fight bro in helping these folks. I really recommend people take the NROI Range Office class so they can better understand the rules. I mean... really.
  6. And for those of you just joining us, we have the DAA Primer Collater requiring immediate tuning upon delivery, minor manufacturing adjustments, cleaning every 1,000 primers or so, and the manufacturer saying that the majority of the units have no issues. You know, MBX magazines went through this in the Southern portion of the United States. That is why Southerners use SV magazines and stay away from the MBX's. I am thinking it is really important for a manufacturer of anything to ensure testing and usage amongst a test crowd instead of rushing to market. While I grant that maybe I am making a minor assumption here, the perception amongst this thread indicates there are a lot of fixes already. It is hard to believe that these could not have been resolved prior to release.
  7. You know, probably better that you get your certification with NROI and then you can ask one of those instructors. Even read the rules carefully. That helps also.
  8. No problem at all. Happens all the time. Great way to get others introduced to being an RO and hopefully, you will continue with your learning and get your National Range Officers Institute (NROI) certification in the near future.
  9. Well, either way, you did well. Thank you. Isn't it strange that the most ignorant scream the most? Let this be a lesson kids. Get your NROI certification so you too can stop screaming.
  10. Winner winner, chicken wing dinner. You sir made the correct call. The rules to PPC reads: "PCC: Except when within the boundaries of a safety area, or when under the supervision and direct command of a Range Officer, competitors must carry their pistol caliber carbine: With no ammunition or magazines inserted. A chamber safety flag, or clear chamber device must be used at all times and be visible externally whenever the firearm is not in a case or sleeve. Anyone found in violation of this rule will be immediately escorted by a Range Officer to a suitable range or safety area where appropriate corrective action shall be made." Because the shooter carried the firearm to the line completely inside his backpack, and only removed it under the direct supervision and command of a Range Officer, he was in compliance. I want to thank you OP for having the courage to stick up to ignorance and making the right call. Far too many RO's get power hungry and like to call people for violations resulting in DQ's without true justification. I understand that these are safety related, but in essence, the shooter WAS being safe, so tell those law enforcement wannabe's to back down. There's nothing to see here.
  11. I have reloaded about 20,000 rounds of 38 Super Comp on the Dillon Carbide dies. They work great and they also qualify for the Dillon NO BS guarantee. The ammunition I use is very accurate (think steel hits out to 250 yards).
  12. I also purchased this kit and it was money well spent. Probably the best tuning kit and video you can buy on the market.
  13. So on other words John, they didn't fix your issues (and they are magazine issues) and sent the magazines back without any tuning or replacement of the magazine itself. Unfortunately, your problems will not be going away anytime soon. I received the same treatment. Explanation of how the magazine is fine, that it must be my gun or my ammo. It pretty much was an exercise in proving that the magazine was perfect and not in taking care of the customer. Sold my MBX magazines and replaced them with STI tubes, Grams Engineering Springs and Taran Tactical basepads. My problems with feeding went away. Good luck John.
  14. I am noticing that people who shot a lot before the thumb rest are not happy with the thumb rest. I think this is mainly because they learned to shoot without one. I suggest that if you are a new(ish) shooter to go ahead and learn with the thumb rest. I personally started shooting open about 2 years ago and always shot with it. I tried without and noticed I had MUCH less recoil control and my speed suffered because I had to wait to get the sights to come back. For me personally, it is a no brainer, you get more leverage over the barrel and can really grip the pooh out of the thumb rest and keep that muzzle flat. It's getting to the point where my dot barely moves, from 12 o'clock to 6 o'clock a fraction.
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