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  1. Completely incorrect. Each person's eyes and their perspective to the sight to target is different. You can also do your own test by wearing a pair of glasses versus contacts and you will notice a point of impact shift. This is amplified with magnified optics. I shot my wife's Limcat while mine was in the shop and there was a huge difference and I had to account for that. I did not dare change her sight because then she would have been screwed up when she uses it. You really have to match the gun to you and you alone.
  2. They had better, their prices are pretty outrageous.
  3. You watch too much TV. No, there are some who believe that lawyers are NOT the solution to everything. They just move on to other companies and other things. It is good to know people like this who are not sue happy.
  4. After they screwed over some of their professional shooters, by not paying their contracts to those shooters, it is likely they could never attract talent again. It is very sad that they some like that.
  5. You want the lightest bullet possible within reason. I personally shoot a 124 grain Montana Gold. They are very accurate through my gun but some have talked up Precision Delta. I have no experience with that bullet. 9x23, which I assume you are talking about 38 Super (or even 38 Super comp) is indeed a better cartridge than 9x19 major, but you will pay more for brass. I spent about $300-$400 more for my brass last year when compared to the costs of 9mm major, and then you have to pick it up all the time. Some people like that, some people hate it. My friend Johnny Lim explained it easy, 9mm major is cheaper but 38 Super Comp shoots better. I use Vihtavuori 3N38 powder for my loads. It burns really clean, much cleaner than some even. I don't have to clean my compensator at all and keeping a sensitive firearm like an Open gun clean is important for proper function. My load was borrowed from a professional shooter and once I got my power factor close to 170 (to ensure I never go below 165 power factor on those cold morning chronograph stages) I have little reason to change my load at all. Welcome to the addiction that is Open gun shooting. It is super fun and I have no regrets getting into this game at all.
  6. Of course, it MUST be the people using them and there is nothing wrong with the magazine, correct? Please put down the Kool-Aid for just a minute, would yah? The MBX magazines have changed over the years. I have had a lot of issues with the 10 magazines I bought for our Open guns last year. When I tried to work with the owner, I received the worst most confrontational customer service ever. I was amazed at the attitude from that guy. My favorite line: "I have been around for many years as a engineer and have more experience with magazines design and function than any one single person in the USA.." Wow Having switched to STI 2nd generation magazines, properly tuned by Limcat and using the Dawson Magazine Tuning kit, I have had ZERO issues. I suspect that each magazine is suited for each type and manufacturer of firearm. MBX might work for some, but maybe not for others. But I would never blame the shooter.
  7. Whenever I am on the internet and I compare myself to other shooters, I am always better. But then reality hits. Let's not judge people on video. Instead, how about we just show up to prove ourselves that way, huh? It is one of the reasons I NEVER use Strava because that is not competition, but a false sense of it. When it is you against the other shooters on that day, in that competition, you get humbled. Some of the most amazing local shooters here in Reno look slow, but they are actually really fast and accurate. I never assume I am better until I actually beat some of them, which hasn't happened yet.
  8. I disagree with your logic broadside72. I was basing the interpretation of the rule on the comments by the OP. As the shooter was "unloading and clearing", the gun went off. That means that his finger was in the trigger guard in violation of rule 8.4.1 referenced above. It's a clear disqualification. Whether the RO was issuing commands is irrelevant based on the comments by the OP. My wife was introduced to this rule when she drove all the way to her first major match, the Area 1 Championships. It was her second stage. She was given the Unload and Show clear command. However, she forgot to take out the magazine, something the RO did not catch. She then was advised "If clear, Hammer down" and she pulled the trigger, Boom. She was DQ'd right there. They tried and tried to figure out a way to give her a break but they could not. I guess there are differences in rule applications between matches, which is a pity. I would always want consistent application of the rules, even it meant I would get the DQ.. or worse, my wife. It was a long drive back for her.
  9. I believe the Range Officers were incorrect. In reading the reason for the violation, we have this rule: 8.4.1 When loading, reloading or unloading during a course of fire, the competitor’s fingers must be visibly outside the trigger guard and the firearm must be pointed safely downrange or in another safe direction authorized by a Range Officer (see Section 10.5). And since the "Range is Clear" command had not been given, the individual was still in the course of fire. As such, both shooters should have been Disqualified. And we can drill down further to further disqualify the shooters: "8.3.7 “If Clear, Hammer Down, Holster” (self-loaders) or “If Clear, Cylinder Closed, Holster” (revolvers) or “If Clear, Hammer Down, Flag” (PCC) – After issuance of this command, the competitor is prohibited from firing (see Rule 10.4.3). While continuing to point the firearm safely downrange, the competitor must perform a final safety check of the firearm as follows: Self-loaders/PCC – release the slide/bolt and pull the trigger (without touching the hammer or decocker, if any). ... If the gun does not prove to be clear, the Range Officer will issue the stop command (8.3.5), order the competitor to unload and show clear (8.3.6), and complete the range commands in 8.3.7 and 8.3.8. The competitor will then be disqualified under 10.4.3." Please prove me wrong.
  10. I have had the opportunity to shoot a Limcat with a plastic handle and another with a steel handle. It was a BIG difference. The gun was a hell of a lot flatter and I did not notice that much difference in target transitions. I could not get a full feel since my wife's Limcat had a different trigger setup. But I am upgrading after just that one match performance.
  11. Interesting because I don't remember Troy saying that, but then, we were all milling about and I was possibly taping a target. Which brings to mind, if I was thinking only safety, I say make sure they show you clear. I have seen a lot in the past year from an RO's eyes and see things differently now. Maybe my opinion will change over time, but I think just looking into the chamber is so simple. I had one shooter who locked back the slide and allowed me to check. It was confusing without his hand holding the slide back, since I thought he might have had a magazine still inserted. But then realized he must have removed it. The first time I checked the magazine well and confirmed. After that, I saw that this was normal for him. Mixed emotions about that.
  12. My suggestion is to check the magazine body width. If the rounds are stacking too much side to side, they will reduce the spring pressure to the follower. Can you say if it happens during a full mag, half full, almost empty? Any pattern there? You also might want to check out this video, which could help explain your woes: This can help with better feeding. You see, the magazine bodies get out of shape after being dropped and all of that pressure from the persistent dropping of rounds and then back into the body deforms things over time. You are simply bring them back into specifications. Also, go with Grams Springs and Followers. They work the best.. by far. Just make sure that the follow is polished and there is nothing scraping the inside of the magazine body. A cloth Dremel wheel is your friend here. Meanwhile, maybe I will see you at one of the Northern California ranges next year?
  13. Yes, this is completely correct. No, this is completely incorrect. Grip strength is a shooter's greatest friend. You want to be crushing the gun as much as you can.
  14. Best comment of the day. I love my Mitutoyo's. They hold a zero like no one else and I have ultimate faith in them. But might I recommend some that are available/ (https://www.amazon.com/Mitutoyo-500-196-30-Advanced-Measuring-Resolution/dp/B00IG46NL2/ref=pd_sbs_328_2/142-1273570-0507025?_encoding=UTF8&pd_rd_i=B00IG46NL2&pd_rd_r=ec640cf5-d859-4c33-9458-637a70f9b7b5&pd_rd_w=afvrc&pd_rd_wg=vud4b&pf_rd_p=d66372fe-68a6-48a3-90ec-41d7f64212be&pf_rd_r=92NMX3Q9R9MHFE8QPCT2&psc=1&refRID=92NMX3Q9R9MHFE8QPCT2)
  15. Yes, I use the DAA Automatic brass marker. It takes some finagling but it really works. One suggestion: Get the Sharpie Pro Markers (Sharpie 7073502392 Sharpie Chisel Tip Permanent Marker, Black, 12-Pack) (https://www.amazon.com/gp/product/B0006HXFZO/ref=ppx_yo_dt_b_asin_title_o02_s00?ie=UTF8&psc=1). They work really well, especially after you cut the tips a little bit to avoid contact between the two.
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