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  1. Nevadazielmeister

    Torn.. HK P30 vs 9mm 1911 for CCW

    I carry a HKP30 and my wife and I shot this for a couple of years in USPSA competitions. First production, then onto Limited. Eventually, my wife went to the P30LS and shot that for 2 more years before we went to Limcat Razorcats. The H&K platform was really great for her development and mine, frankly. The P30L was only an inch longer but provided much better sight radius for easier target acquisition. Reliability on the P30 was second to none. We rarely had any issues. I am not surprised hearing about issues with the 1911 platforms having problems with the 9mm array. It seems the frame size and angle of the handle lend themselves to a 45 array of ammunition. My wife currently carries the P30SK and this works for her given her hand size. The P30SK for me is just too small grip wise. My recommendation for the OP is to forego the 1911 platform of firearms and concentrate on the H&K P30S. If trigger is of concern, just have your pistol worked on by Grey Guns, they'll get that trigger smoothed out and working REALLY well.
  2. Nevadazielmeister

    9mm Major Overtakes 38SC--Optics Nats Equipment Survey

    Can you show the folks what 9 grains of HS6 looks like in a 9mm case before the bullet is placed? And does anyone else have a photo of 10.5 grains of AA7 to show how it compares to a case?
  3. Nevadazielmeister

    Thumb rest on open guns, experiences....

    I had this happen out with friends. My friend was joshing me that I couldn't shoot anything but an Open gun, so he hands me his carry M&P and I clean the very same course of fire but with a few seconds added. They never kidded around again. In my belief, it is not the gun that much, but mostly the shooter. Yes, having a thumb rest gets you back on target quicker, but you have to practice a lot to get used to it, but going back is nothing bad at all. Kinda like driving a sports performance car, you get used to the higher performance, but then when you go back to a normal street machine, you realize that your potential as a driver is much more capable that the vehicle. Open guns are like that, they teach you what is possible and your skill level gets that much better because of the lack of equipment limitations. My recommendation: Use a thumb rest, just like most others. I have yet to see an Open shooter in person not use one.
  4. Nevadazielmeister

    RF-100 !!

    Marine, it helped with vibration within the primer tube. I found that the primer would flip just before falling into the tube right at the top. In my mind, the vibrations were only to move the primers near the top in the tray, and not in the last few millimeters before falling into the tube. It helped, but far from scientific and don't worry about paying me anything. We'll just keep this amongst friends here on BEnos forum.
  5. Nevadazielmeister

    RF-100 !!

    A pretty good deal, actually, just $12.99 and if you order now, I'll thrown in a second one, absolutely free:
  6. Nevadazielmeister

    SHOTMAXX-2 Timer Range Review

    I have a question: Why would anyone want to clear their strings?
  7. Nevadazielmeister

    Halo Neuroscience?

    Good luck with that.
  8. Nevadazielmeister

    650xl spent primers making a mess

    Thank you Memphis for that link. Wow, it looks like the upgrade I have been looking for. I am really tired of spent primers all over my bench. What is amazing is how it took my only two clicks to buy the thing and it will be here this Saturday. Typing this thank you to you took 5 times longer than to order it. Technology. Amazing.
  9. Nevadazielmeister

    Are all lubricants created equal?

    Kevin you ignorant slut. Everybody knows that FireClean is the best lube out there. I buy it in bulk at my local grocer under the label Crisco. Best stuff ever and it smells wonderful. Especially when it burns off a little. Yummy.
  10. Nevadazielmeister

    38 super comp brass

    You are comparing apples to oranges. 9mm Parabellum has max pressures of 34,084 (CIP) and 35,000 (SAAMI). I doubt people are selling "range" brass that is +P. Now, when you are talking about maximum pressure, you are also misleading. Larger case capacity (38 Super and 38 Super Comp) allows for a more full powder burn, especially with a longer barrel. This all increases velocity with a reduction in the pressure spike. In the 9mm Major scenario, you are placing a much bigger spike in the pressure curve to get the bullet out of the barrel fast enough to make major. With the powder compressed up to 120-140%, you are loading them long, which means the ogive is closer to the grooves, which increases the pressure spike even more. Simply put, 9mm was NEVER designed for flinging a 115 or 124 grain .355-.357 bullet to major power factors. Yes, 9mm +P and 9mm +P+ are, but those are different cases.
  11. Nevadazielmeister

    Benelli Super Black Eagle

    I did not make any of those modifications at all. And yeh, the 3.5 magnums kicked like a mutha eff'in mule. Ouch.
  12. Strangely enough, my wife got involved with the shooting sports based on a shooting at Walmart. She figured how is she going to protect our 2 little children if there was an active shooting event. Then this morphed into friendships and out of state competitions. Now I am not advocating finding your closest mass shooting attempt, but maybe you can share our story with her? It is up to you. I just think that if people are super nice to her and they are helpful, she will be more comfortable shooting in front of them. Oh, and one more thing. Do not. I repeat, do not try to train your wife yourself with the mechanics of shooting. That is a recipe for disaster. Ask me how I know. Maybe try some classes. Maybe even a class just for women?
  13. While I probably get that you all are joking, it is this condescending attitude and chauvinism that is driving women away. My wife got ME into the USPSA shooting game because of the great friends and good natured people that were involved. She and I are lucky to belong to a good club. We have visited other club matches and yikes, scary stuff. I was into the PRS long range game but didn't like some of the people involved. Too many sniper wannabes and strange bearded guys who never made the cut in the military. Just weird people. I would recommend to the OP to find a good club with good people in it and this should attract her by realizing that it is a safe community to be around. It was funny but my wife commented how meeting people there is safe since we can rest assured no one is a felon/criminal. I would also recommend finding a club that has some women in it. This seemed critical for my wife to enjoy the sport. If it's just a bunch of guys acting like the above, then this might be causing her to shy away from the bigger sport of USPSA.
  14. Nevadazielmeister

    Benelli Super Black Eagle

    Actually, my Super Black EagleII runs everything without any troubles at all. I used mine for 3Gun and it works flawless. I put a 11 round extension tube on it and it ran fine in that configuration as well. Good luck!!
  15. Nevadazielmeister

    Who makes great,reliable 38 super comp ammo?

    You know, I never thought to buy ammunition in 38 Super Comp. This is a great thread. However, I found that the store bought ammo by the case (1,000) is $0.41 per round. When I reload, I am at $0.156 plus maybe $0.02 for the brass (assuming 10 reloads per piece). So ammunition made is more than twice the price of reloads. As my wife and I have shot about 5,000 rounds in the last 5 months, that is a savings of almost $1,200, almost the price of a Dillon 650XL.