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  1. Thank you for this comment. This is the whole reason for me starting this thread. I want others to learn from my friend's mistake. I think as RO's we need to apply the rules evenly across the entire spectrum of events, from Level I to Level III. I feel that it is our duty to educate the shooters so they don't get in trouble at the bigger matches. Better to go to Dairy Queen locally than drive for hours home fuming.
  2. I don't think that matters really, but that is just my opinion and the opinion of the RO's on site. If I were you, I would check your own resources and/or the DNROI for clarification. Maybe a local CRO can clarify? But from my knowing the shooter and having attended many many matches together, he is turning on and double checking his optic, which is not entirely clear in the video I suppose.
  3. The table was clearly marked "PCC's Only". The Safety Area was well back and away from the stage, about 100 yards.
  4. You beat my typing by about 1 minute. Sorry I did not better explain the situation. You are correct, this was a staging table.
  5. My apologies for not laying out the location of the offense. This all happened while he was at the PCC table and NOT the Safety Area. So when we all review 10.5.19 we find (emphasis added): "10.5.19 - Failing to point the muzzle of a PCC at a side berm or back stop during casing/uncasing or removing/replacing on a conveyance or sweeping any person with the muzzle of a PCC, whether loaded or not, even if a chamber flag is inserted. Side berms/backstops may be used for casing and uncasing or removing from/placing on conveyances only. All other gun handling with the PCC, e.g., sight pictures, turning dots on/off, etc., must be accomplished in a safety area or under the direct supervision of a Range Officer. The berm/backstop is not required while removing/returning a properly flagged PCC from/to a vehicle providing all other safety rules are followed." Since the gun handling was not in a Safety Area, the shooter violates rule 10.5.19. Those are very experienced RO's and they both knew instantly what happened. You can tell, in a way, their body language indicates that they are disappointed in what happened. Never, ever, does a RO enjoy disqualifying a competitor. I personally had to DQ 5 competitors over the long weekend and I HATED every time I was forced to let a competitor go. This thread is to help others learn from this shooter's mistake so as to not repeat to their own detriment.
  6. At the 2021 Golden Bullet Championship this Memorial Day weekend we had the following happen: Can you spot the offense and cite the rule number? I share this video at the request of the owner so that other's may learn from his mistake. It took out his whole match and up to that point, he was shooting well.
  7. I switched from the DAA holsters and have no regrets. It is solid and holds the gun really well. No hang ups on release. I have had no issues with the lock, I just make sure that it is secure (as far down as it can go) before trying to lock. The thigh pad does not dig into me but I imagine there are all kinds of different body shapes out there, so maybe it is more comfortable for some and not for others. I purchased all of the upgrades. I know of one GM who has switched as well and he really likes it.
  8. Shooting blue bullets out of an open gun is an experience. It's gets ugly real quick.
  9. Ha!!! okay, that is funny. I guess I try to be careful with acronyms.
  10. I know right, really weird that projectiles are hard to gather. I have been doing great for powders, scoring H4350 and 3N38 in the past few months. I have scored over 15k primers in the past 5 months. But bullets, pretty scarce. I have been looking over PD and MG daily, nothing in the past 3 months.
  11. Enos Universe, Does anyone have any reliable information or data as to why the bullets are all gone? I get that there is significant demand as I am one of the ones who is on Montana Gold daily hoping to catch a break and get a case. I was able to score a few cases last year but now it is even worse. I suspected that primers and powder would continue to be tough to find, but not bullets. Strangely, I have been able to find primers locally on a regular basis and am even passing on primers since my stock is so high. I don't know, maybe my Google Fu is broken because whenever I search I get reasons for ammunition being all gone and not bullets. Does anyone have any other resources out there for alternate sources for bullets beside Montana Gold or Precision Delta? I am shooting Open so plating and coated bullets don't work well in my rig.
  12. Hey Jack, I was trying to read the same thing about 115 grains and 3N38. Since I am reloading 38 Super Comp, grain spillage is not an issue, but wanted to pick your brain about the general consensus regarding a good load. I already have a great load for 124 grain MG bullets, but they are hard to find and I just purchased 16k from MG yesterday. So I am hoping you can provide some form of assistance with amount of 3N38 for the 115's. Thank you!
  13. Some of have seen them. How do you feel about them? Are they fair? Please be sure to vote.
  14. The Redding Dies are by far the best. The bushing dies are very useful when wanting to adjust neck tension, and their quality is amazing. You really can't go wrong with the Competition 3 Die set but the price is high for some. The key is having the ability to make several separate adjustments. For example, maybe just a shoulder bump is best and then next size only. Maybe you will eventually want to turn your necks? How about full length sizing which is popular in the PRS and NRL match shooters. Having the options is best because then you can go as deep into the reloading rabbit hole that you want. I personally use the Reddings and am amazed at their accuracy and quality. I am shooting 6.5 Creedmoor and using those with a Forster Co-Ax press and measuring to the nearest kernel of H4350, my number are very low. MOA much less than .5 MOA.
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