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  1. The laws here would not allow this. Paintball markers also do not suffer anywhere near the forces involved with a firearm. If you have ever seen what happens to an open gun in slow motion, you would be surprised that it all doesn't fall apart every time.
  2. The greatest fool may ask more than the wisest man can answer. -Charles Caleb Colton Carry on then. Good luck.
  3. First off, welcome to the gun industry. When firearms are in demand, customer service goes down. I am going to guess that you won't see anything from his company for about 1 year. I have seen longer wait times. John Wick 3 just came out and people are crazy right now for Taran's overpriced firearms. Have you thought about a regular Benelli M2 and save a bit of money (but loose the badging)? EDIT: Holy crap, a regular M2 is $1,299, with maybe $300 in aftermarket components you could have the same shotgun. The Taran M2 is $2,900!! Are you sure you want to pay DOUBLE??
  4. And as suspected, here is Troy's response: "No. Height to belt applies across all divisions. The position and other thing mentioned in the appendix refer to type of holster and location on the belt. Check production or single stack for an example." So there you have it. Case closed. Let's move on.
  5. I have an email into my friend Troy and I await his response.
  6. I had a primer detonate in my Dillon XL650. I was trying to get a primer in and used a bit too much force and "POP". It scared me but there was nothing but the shell of that one primer and some powder residue. I cleaned everything up and continued onward. Lesson learned. Dillon has thought of all of this and more. Don't "improve" the design since the design works very well as is.
  7. Or a lightning rod for your roof, depending on the number and size of your primers. I would suggest to the OP that we go with what the experts say, in this case, the fine folks at Dillon.
  8. Here you go sir: This is a very short video after only 15 minutes of setup. I had to cut the spring tube really short and will likely shorten it some more. I did flatten the include Sharpie tips to get a bit more width in the marks. So far, this is really cool and I really like it. I have only 200 rounds through it so far and no malfunctions. There was a rearrange of my bench to make room, but this can work well. I have a small piece of wood underneath to get it high enough to dump into a small Dillon ammunition bin. I will likely be returning the down shoot funnel thingy, which was extra. Enjoy.
  9. While I cannot agree with the lack of subtlety, I can agree that if someone feels there aren't enough venues to shoot, they can do something about it. There were no PRS or NRL style rifle matches in my area so for 4 years I worked hard to get a series going. Luckily I had some awesome shooters who took over the match for me after I left the sport to shoot USPSA and it is still going strong. I plan to one day return to that match and it will be a great feeling, seeing all of my hard work result in a fun series. So yeh, get out there and do something to grow the sport, it works!
  10. Just to be clear for the kids at home, you are talking about the competitor's hit can be anywhere on the popper target. The calibration shot must hit in the calibration zone per Appendix B2 to properly calibrate the popper. Correct?
  11. I think Gas might be onto something. I have noticed that my Limcat will seem slower when I am warmed up and not tired. I find that I am moving the gun before the slide has cycled fully onto the next target. Brand new recoil spring, consistent loads. My split time on those is something like .11 seconds, so nothing Earth shattering. Yes, I think it is when a shooter is in the zone. Much like when we all first started shooting: one eye closed, blinking upon firing, waiting to see what we hit, etc. Now it's both eyes open, hearing the bullets hit the paper target, watching the dot in real time go slightly up and then down, follow up shot, lather, rinse, repeat.
  12. Just so you know, the DPP is motion activated. It turns off by itself and wakes up upon movement. You do not need to dim it, since this is simply just lowering the output. I would make sure that you are reaching maximum brightness as well. You will know when you reach that point because the dot will blink at you. Hope this helps.
  13. Yes, your Google fu is totally worthless. Everyone knows that PSAD refers to the "PSA Density" which means "The relationship of the prostate specific antigen level to the size and weight (volume) of the prostate." Somehow I think that Matt1 might be asking someone to pull something out of their rectal database, but not sure. Great information there. Anything is possible.
  14. For easy reference, here is the page from the 2019 rules of Appendix E3 showing clearly what hands naturally at sides means. There is no mention of wrist height that I could find in the rules. Hands Arms naturally at sides.pdf
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