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  1. Why was it marked "A" and under what grounds/rules did you appeal the score?
  2. I did when it was new. It was explained to me that the tungsten sleeving of the barrel was quite abrasive and needed to be smoothed by the slide. I just applied lots of lube during this period and now I can shoot about 2-3k rounds without issue. I have never let it get longer than that so far. I would recommend Lucas Oil or Mobil 1 Syntehic 5W-30. These seems to work the best. I was told NOT to use CLP or other "detergent based" oils. What caliber are these cleaning shooters using? I am curious because faster hotter powders in general burn dirtier than slower powders. For example, the comp on my Limcat, after running 2-3k rounds with Vithovouri 3n38, looks barely fouled. I have seen guns in person some photos on here showing a ton of fouling with less than 1k rounds.
  3. Cha, In BOTH instances you did absolutely NOTHING wrong. At all. Period. As for speaking during the course of fire. Of course you should, but try to say something that is only safety related. You would be a good RO to mention "finger" or "watch the muzzle" to ensure the shooter understands they are getting close to a DQ. In your first example regarding mentioning the sight was coming loose was okay because he was done with his shots (more or less) and you just wanted to point it out while the gun was unholstered. A totally normal thing to show. If the shooter then commits to sweeping himself or others or breaking the 180, then that is completely on the shooter. The DQ was due solely to shooter's actions that the RO could not have anticipated.
  4. Having JUST taken the NROI course 2 weeks ago from Troy McManus, I learned that this is the correct rule. All was done correctly and there were no safety violations. As this was taken out of context, it is unclear. If there were more squibs in the competition, and the RO had declared the ammunition unsafe, then the RO could have DQ'd the competitor for unsafe ammunition: Ammunition declared unsafe by a Range Official due to multiple squibs, shall not subject the competitor to disqualification, unless the competitor continues to use said ammunition after a Range Official has declared it unsafe.
  5. Exactly. Which is probably why my friend Johnny Lim installed one on my Limcat. I love it, personally. Very smooth. But that is just my personal experience.
  6. And yet, there is at least one custom gun manufacturer and many professionals who use tungsten sleeved barrels. Maybe you should speak with one of them to get more understanding of the concepts? From your description, you clearly missed it.
  7. Steve, good to see you on this forum also. As you know, the other forum mostly recommended the Glock 20 in 10mm, using hard cast bullets. I went with this option and while never having to put anything down with my handgun, have had a chance to practice with that firearm in competitive settings and was thoroughly impressed with the handling. The G20 is big and it is a little heavier, so recoil management is simple. But it does not weigh you down during a hunt. I carry one on my binocular harness made by razcogear.com. Their holsters are perfect for our work in the field of hunting. Very simple and easy to get to. I sleep safe and sound knowing I have something more than 9mm but not as heavy as some of the bigger calibers the guys are talking about here. I recommend against the big heavy calibers since those are more difficult to shoot. Because of this, people don't shoot them as often which results of poor shot placement. The caliber of the round doesn't matter if you miss. Having a comfortable firearm that you can use on a consistent basis will give you more confidence and better tactical handling in the field. Don't just look at the numbers.
  8. You mean like the peace and love they showed my father near the docks at NAS Alameda, California? While in the Navy, my father was state side in 1971 assisting with the bodies coming off the boat. He noticed a good friend from High School was one of them and wanted to escort his friend to the gate personally. It was near the gate that a hippie spit on my father. My father said that "it took every fiber in my body not to kill him." I am very proud of my father for having such restraint. Too bad THAT hippie didn't. It is my belief that not all hippies are alike. As with any generation or group, all are not alike. Let's not make generalizations to be specific. It is best to take each person/company as they come and not prejudge.
  9. I went with the Hbar with turbo Amy Limcat shoots very very flat. But I am also shooting 38 Super Comp, which helps. The nice thing about the Heavy Barrels is they are tungsten carbide and thus, heavier still. This helps with the weight balance, where the Limcat will not be front heavy. My feels perfectly balanced in my hand despite being the long barrel version. I would pick Julian's brain a little bit more. He will be honest and up front with you regarding your decisions. His ideas and knowledge is spot on. I would be careful with changing things on one of Johnny's guns. He hand crafts each and every one, so thinking that you can just change barrels would be a mistake. They are custom fit to each other that takes many hours. Also, if he learns that any other gunsmith has worked on one of his guns, he will not touch it. If any customer ever has any problems, you just let Johnny know and he will make it right. You want to change something on your own or through another gunsmith, you're on your own period. The guys at Limcat are VERY experienced and they know their builds.
  10. I carry a HKP30 and my wife and I shot this for a couple of years in USPSA competitions. First production, then onto Limited. Eventually, my wife went to the P30LS and shot that for 2 more years before we went to Limcat Razorcats. The H&K platform was really great for her development and mine, frankly. The P30L was only an inch longer but provided much better sight radius for easier target acquisition. Reliability on the P30 was second to none. We rarely had any issues. I am not surprised hearing about issues with the 1911 platforms having problems with the 9mm array. It seems the frame size and angle of the handle lend themselves to a 45 array of ammunition. My wife currently carries the P30SK and this works for her given her hand size. The P30SK for me is just too small grip wise. My recommendation for the OP is to forego the 1911 platform of firearms and concentrate on the H&K P30S. If trigger is of concern, just have your pistol worked on by Grey Guns, they'll get that trigger smoothed out and working REALLY well.
  11. Can you show the folks what 9 grains of HS6 looks like in a 9mm case before the bullet is placed? And does anyone else have a photo of 10.5 grains of AA7 to show how it compares to a case?
  12. I had this happen out with friends. My friend was joshing me that I couldn't shoot anything but an Open gun, so he hands me his carry M&P and I clean the very same course of fire but with a few seconds added. They never kidded around again. In my belief, it is not the gun that much, but mostly the shooter. Yes, having a thumb rest gets you back on target quicker, but you have to practice a lot to get used to it, but going back is nothing bad at all. Kinda like driving a sports performance car, you get used to the higher performance, but then when you go back to a normal street machine, you realize that your potential as a driver is much more capable that the vehicle. Open guns are like that, they teach you what is possible and your skill level gets that much better because of the lack of equipment limitations. My recommendation: Use a thumb rest, just like most others. I have yet to see an Open shooter in person not use one.
  13. Marine, it helped with vibration within the primer tube. I found that the primer would flip just before falling into the tube right at the top. In my mind, the vibrations were only to move the primers near the top in the tray, and not in the last few millimeters before falling into the tube. It helped, but far from scientific and don't worry about paying me anything. We'll just keep this amongst friends here on BEnos forum.
  14. A pretty good deal, actually, just $12.99 and if you order now, I'll thrown in a second one, absolutely free:
  15. I have a question: Why would anyone want to clear their strings?
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