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  1. Mack19

    Kidd Rifle

    Yeah they tell me that its the barrel chamber is the problem. But it works fine with the old Ruger bolt. But I sent it to Kidd and they said its fine that they ran 100 rounds in it with no problem when I got it back every 3rd round with all ammo HV, Standard all kinds.. I think the receiver is to tight for the Kidd bolt. I might have to take it to a gunsmith to figure it out. I did see a lot of rubbing scars in the receiver. Mabey I need to buff them out.
  2. Mack19

    Kidd Rifle

    My Kidd 22 rifle has issues with the bolt slowing down to the point of me having light strikes. But when I swap out the bolt with my old Ruger 10-22 bolt it works flawlesslylly. I put the Kidd bolt in to my old Ruger 10-22 and it runs flawlessly. So I am stump why the Kidd bolt works in the old Ruger 10-22 but not the Kidd 22. Any help would be appreachated.
  3. Mack19

    Mag Pouches

    To use them with the Sig X5 magazines you have to sand the inserts or they are so tight that you cant pull them out.
  4. Mack19

    Mag Pouches

    What X5 mag pouches are you using for competition seems every one I tried you have sand, drill or alter one way or another to get them to fit I am getting tired of mags falling out. I want a mag pouch that fits perfect out the box with out worrying about them falling out in competition.
  5. PM-9 all the way I love mine its all I shoot anymore in competition.
  6. Mack19

    TSO Safety

    Yeah when I use my sig in production no safety its so much quicker. My Dan Wesson PM9 screams through it but the TSO is the slowest of all. With my hold I just can reach the back end of the safety and that's the big wide safety so some times I miss it. Just feels so deferent from any other pistol with a safety so I just need to practice and get use to it I guess because I love the pistol. Its so far forward I just have to get use to it. I see its a lot of complaints about that after searching about it. Some people wont own one for that reason.
  7. Mack19

    TSO Safety

    Yeah If I reposition my grip more to the left of the grip I'm okay its just after years of doing it the same way all that time it really slows me down. In steel challenge I ran a 2.4 on smoke &hope with a 1911 but with a TSO its around 3.0 so its going to be a lot of practice for sure. But I know its worth it because my TSO is a tack driver and 1.5 lb trigger is awesome.
  8. Mack19

    TSO Safety

    Yeah I have that safety its so hard to start over again with a 1911 safety I am .80 out of the holster but TSO 1.4 maybe 1.3. if I am lucky. It makes so much lose of time after 105 draws in competition it really add more time.
  9. Mack19

    TSO Safety

    Why is the TSO safety so far forward to the point where you have to change your grip or trip it off with your support thumb? If you have small hands its so hard to get use to that when you have been trained to trip safeties with your other grip thumb. I love my TSO but when I draw I miss the safety 50% of the time and cost me so much time in competition. I do have the big role safety but its not the width is the location so far forward for short thumbs. Does anyone have a fix for this?
  10. Mack19

    RIA Open Gun

    8000 rounds and still going strong. 2011 RIA frame mount slide ride and trigger job runs like a champ.
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