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  1. Thanks Mike will check that out.
  2. Outside of having nothing better to do i don't get it. I shoot a 327 & 627 using SL SC Brass and 9mm projectiles. For the amount is reuse i get from the brass in my opinion it's worth it. I do prefer Barry's Bullets but they are not available currently in Ontario
  3. And Mike it's not ITAR so they will ship to Canada
  4. Took it out the other nite to site in and really didn't notice any great change in the weight of the gun. As it's scandium frame it probably more on par with my 627 The big thing i did notice was the dot was high and a bit to the right of the still installed front site. I will probably mill down the brass site at some point. Didn't get into any live reloads from the belt but being LH the side kick is very close to catching on belt during draw, will have to watch this. My holster is adjusted for ipsc/uspsa measurement so this can be changed for icore and thats all i have used this gun for.
  5. All this talk about red dots and mounts gave me the incentive to install the BMT mount on my TRR8. Have been using the Alchin for a couple of years with cmore and thought i was ok. I use side mounts on my IPSC open gun so i got one for my revolver. It certainly lowers the window compared to the Alchin. I'm a lefty but got the right side mount thinking the left one might get in the way during reloads. The only issue i see is the mount is very close to my belt, using Ghost race holster.
  6. Interested in the stage setup and the bays. Will there be more then one stage setup in a shooting area. Will be my first time to this club and was interested in transporting my gear between stages.
  7. Mike, have you ever tried Brian's brass. Completely Camdex processed. I buy plus p for my open gun from him and it's perfect.
  8. Does C&S have firing pin springs. See the ext pin but no springs.
  9. Never looked at the speedbeez site, thanks.
  10. Does the comp-tac revolver come in LH.
  11. gwalia

    S&W TR8 ?

    when you removed the torqued barrel was it threaded at the frame end and if so any pointers on how to remove the original barrel Thanks
  12. gwalia

    S&W TR8 ?

    My buddy has gone the carbon look on his barrels but what is really cool is he also shortened his cylinder and extended the barrel to meet the cylinder. Looks really different but accurate. He is in the process of getting his 327 done. Shoots 38 SC in steel.
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