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  1. Interested in the stage setup and the bays. Will there be more then one stage setup in a shooting area. Will be my first time to this club and was interested in transporting my gear between stages.
  2. Mike, have you ever tried Brian's brass. Completely Camdex processed. I buy plus p for my open gun from him and it's perfect.
  3. Does C&S have firing pin springs. See the ext pin but no springs.
  4. Never looked at the speedbeez site, thanks.
  5. Does the comp-tac revolver come in LH.
  6. gwalia

    S&W TR8 ?

    when you removed the torqued barrel was it threaded at the frame end and if so any pointers on how to remove the original barrel Thanks
  7. gwalia

    S&W TR8 ?

    My buddy has gone the carbon look on his barrels but what is really cool is he also shortened his cylinder and extended the barrel to meet the cylinder. Looks really different but accurate. He is in the process of getting his 327 done. Shoots 38 SC in steel.
  8. gwalia

    S&W TR8 ?

    I don't really keep track of rounds but i would guess 4/5K. Gun is showing holster wear but everything else still nice and tight.
  9. Just read this older thread. Did the survey or the new team have a say in the new 8rd gp revolver. I think i will wait and here how the run as another 8rd revolver was in my plans.
  10. gwalia

    S&W TR8 ?

    I run the TRR8 327 and find it's very accurate. Haven't noticed these wear issues others speak of. The 327 has a torqued barrel not sure about 627 Could never see why the 627 is more popular, maybe because it's shiny! The one i would like to see is the new ruger super gp.
  11. A whole squad from Ontario, looking forward to the match.
  12. A friend who shoots 1000's of rounds in steel challenge uses the BMT but TK clips being so hard rounded of the edges. He to mentioned the fact that they don't always seat fully on TK Having said that, i have one in 38 and think it's the best one if have got.
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