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  1. I’m thinking of giving one a go I run an Rts2 was curious to see if anyone made that change yet and if it’s even worth trying
  2. What optic were you running ?
  3. How about cheely E2 grip in aluminum? Build will only be for minor loads has anyone tried one ? ive read about older sti aluminum grips cracking but how about newer versions
  4. Thanks for the link very informative
  5. Wow Craftsmanship is great !!
  6. I believe I’ve seen some of Donny’s guns nice looking for sure how’s slide to frame fit on his work ? anyone else running Donny’s guns ?
  7. One of his meaning gans?
  8. I have heard good things about akai as well but never have had a chance to play with one what’s there turn around time ?
  9. Sorry to hear that ! and thank you
  10. Looking to build a shorty open gun for steel Challenge to run minor and sub minor loads I have an M2i shorty steel gun that I love and use for knock down steel and mite build a twin but I want to maybe try another builder who would you recommend and why ?
  11. Ahhhh I have that same issue on an m&p
  12. Revofan

    X5 vs Glock 34

    Definitely 320 x5 over g34 long time Glock fan but x5 just feels damn good in the hand
  13. Had a cpl good shooters that usually use a n p320 x5 run the legion is steel Challenge and they love it and won’t be going back said there was a little bit of a learning curve but over all way better all around
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