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    steel shooting open revo limited revo open 2011 limited 2011 open .22 iron sight .22 revo just love to shoot and compete
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  1. I got an incredible deal on the super so I figured I’d use it as a knock down steel gun thats why I have it most my other competition Guns are in 9
  2. Anyone have an open minor recipe for 38 super Comp with a Montana gold 115 jhp and N320 Or shooters world ultimate pistol it’s similar to auto Comp any help would be appreciated
  3. I tried a 4.8gr n320 load and had horrible accuracy
  4. I’m using a custom open gun for steel Challenge and want to find an accurate fluff load
  5. Looking for minor PF load data for 95gr bullets 9mm case Powders I have are wst and VV n320
  6. 3.8gr of wst under a Blues 125gr gives me 125 PF out of a 6” barrel
  7. Agreed on the Revo gear set up he stands behind his products ! 10mmdave here on Enos
  8. hp-38 and HS-6 are major powders it will leave unburned powder in the case and will foul up chamber mags etc.
  9. I would also be interested in load data but for auto Comp powder with 115 jhp
  10. Sti 9/38 140 mags What’s everyone using for springs and followers ? And why ? ive been Using grams for both with no issues just want to see what other options are out there before I refresh my mags thanks in advance
  11. I read the same thing but ..........nothing ? anyone know Al ? Has an inside scoop on what’s up ?
  12. I was wondering the same I bought a 38sc barreled open gun and want to convert it to 9
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