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  1. Are you saying atlas magwell also fixes mag insertion problem?
  2. Yup I remember reading this thread you mention
  3. As far as I know atlas doesn’t make there own mags they just tune em so you would still have same issue with mags sticking ???
  4. M2i builds great guns and is a pleasure to deal with and he knows what shooters need because he is a multi championship winner in uspsa
  5. nice shooting Pro am is so much fun there’s only one club around me that does it and it’s an hr drive and we’ll worth it but they only do it twice a yr
  6. What breed of pup is this mastif ?
  7. Very common especially when your used to the plastic which is very forgiving!!! the akai magwell also fixes this issue so you have a lot of options I didn’t modify my grip for akai but did have to dremil the lip insertion on the magwell then it slid rite on
  8. Yes I saw that after I posted thank you but still would like to see a CO one as well
  9. I've had nothing but great experiences with schuemann barrels ! Anyone know if there up and running I’m looking for a 9mm Tribrid Barrel I’ve tried emailing to no avail ?
  10. I think what everyone is getting at is a CO and or PCC forum (not sub forum) where all info can be found easily instead of searching multiple forums
  11. I agree with a Stand alone CO forum and a PCC forum
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