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    steel shooting open revo limited revo open 2011 limited 2011 open .22 iron sight .22 revo just love to shoot and compete
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  1. Revofan

    S&W TR8 ?

    Great info guys thank you
  2. Revofan

    S&W TR8 ?

    I shoot SCs so I would be interested in who does that cylinder work ?
  3. Revofan

    S&W TR8 ?

    Who does those barrels ?
  4. Revofan

    S&W TR8 ?

    My opinion is quicker out of the holster and easier transitions
  5. Revofan

    S&W TR8 ?

    How long have you ran that tr8 ? round count ?
  6. Revofan

    S&W TR8 ?

    Thinking of picking one up for Steel Challenge nice light weight revo any thoughts pros vs cons ? anyone run one of these in any competitions? Not new to revo just new to the idea of a scandium frame or maybe just get another 627 and lighten it up ?
  7. Revofan

    Romeo3MAX & P320MAX

    Yep looks almost exactly like a Cmore rts2
  8. Production and carry Optics for this season i distressed the slide on the CO
  9. Anyone running a Cmore sts on there x5? and can someone post a pic of a Romeo1 and Cmore sts to see if glass is bigger on sts or Sig ?
  10. I hear the 6moa version is brighter then 3moa ??? im thinking of buying a 6 anyone know for sure ?
  11. What are you using for ammo ?? try cci mini mags 40gr
  12. I should shoot 1-2 division so I can get really good with those but I’m just like scooter I shoot em all and have a great time I’m not supreme at any of them but I hold my own
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