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  1. Sti 9/38 140 mags What’s everyone using for springs and followers ? And why ? ive been Using grams for both with no issues just want to see what other options are out there before I refresh my mags thanks in advance
  2. I read the same thing but ..........nothing ? anyone know Al ? Has an inside scoop on what’s up ?
  3. I was wondering the same I bought a 38sc barreled open gun and want to convert it to 9
  4. I would like to try a pair of Rudy Project glasses are there any discount codes available?
  5. So I tried wd40 and a hard scrub blast penetrating oil And a hard scrub so I usually soak comps in a 50/50 mixture of hydrogen peroxide and white vinegar for 24hrs and everything melts off and any lead softens up so I can just pick it off i soaked the slide over nite and it took 95% of it off
  6. I actually did try toothpaste because that’s what I use to clean The blast residue off the glass on my Cmores it took some off but not the burnt on s#!t
  7. I was thinking the same I’ll try Brake cleaner first and go from there
  8. my time is limited only have time to work on Guns reloading etc on the weekends I’ll let you know what works this weekend
  9. Will it change the finish make it looked polished ?
  10. I can’t speak for the new dvc but I’ve been shooting a island barrel limited pistol and totally love it as far as a huge difference from a slide mounted site to a barrel mounted not anything significant I agree with what others have said a steel grip would be better then island barrel and if you like the DVC grip just get one on a brozos tuned edge or get a brazos tuned dvc
  11. I did try mineral spirits to no avail I’ll try some of these other ideas before ordering boartech product I’ll leave that as a last resort thanks all
  12. Any other products or home remedy’s
  13. But is it safe to use on hard chrome finish ?
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