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  1. Yes the mold was made. I am really happy with it. I especially like the bevel base to make smoother loading. It's dropping around 155 gn with my alloy. I've had good luck with the accuracy too. I'm thinking I'll get a second one to increase productivity when casting. Thanks, Kraken Fan #69
  2. I built my own. I use Kolpin Rhino XL gun boots and mounts. For 3 gun they are attached, for IPSC I can remove the mounts and just have a basic cart. The Squad loves the ammo loading bench and sometimes guys come from the neighboring bays to load mags. lol Kraken Fan #69
  3. Yes, but I did find it easier somehow. lol You may have just ruined it for me with logic. Kraken Fan #69
  4. Only load 4 round into the mooner at 3/6/9/12 O'Clock. Run the tool. Then put in the other 4 and do it again. You can do it in sets of 2 also. Unless yours is wildly different than mine, which is possible. Kraken Fan #69
  5. Currently CCI. I'm having issues sourcing Federals near me. But the ones that failed had a deeper indent than those that are igniting now!? I thought perhaps the primer wasn't seated but it happened on several I tried. Kraken Fan #69
  6. I've used mine for my 627 for 2 different matches. My left hand got bruised and swollen after each 2 day event. I tried loading 4 or even 2 at a time but at this point I think I may have to find another solution. I am hoping that my 20 moons will get worn in enough to make the loading easier but we will see. Kraken Fan #69
  7. So I run a 627 in IPSC. I load my own .38 Long Colt with a custom 150 gn projectile. I get the odd fail to fire occasionally and I thought I better have a backup firing pin so I picked up an Apex extended firing pin. I replaced the pin and spring and could not get primer ignition regardless of how much tension was on the strain screw. I was getting some pretty heavy hits on the primers too. I replaced the old pin and they fired. Then I put the new pin in with the old spring and again they fired. That's where I left it but I'm just curious if anyone could explain why it wouldn't work. Thanks for any help, Kraken Fan #69
  8. I was kinda thinking the same when pricing them out. Then I realized the other options weren't much cheaper anyway. Then I got mine and man it's the slickest thing ever. Great product and well worth it. Kraken Fan #69
  9. My BMT arrives Thursday. Along with the Moon Clip Checker. Super stoked. Kraken Fan #69
  10. A truly Canadian display of emotion. lol Kraken Fan #69
  11. Not much response so I'll mention this. A guy in my area picked one up for IPSC and had nothing but issues. Never did get it to work well and eventually bought a Chiappa Rhino. Yeah, odd choice for IPSC but he's happy and the gun works. Good luck, Kraken Fan #69
  12. I feel your pain. (I am building the 2 post holders for emergency use when the stage plan fails though. A Buddy got the wrong posts by accident and gave me them.) I do like my Server though. One thing, you have to "tier" the moons so they first one out is "on top of" the second and so on. I made some brass spacers to allow me to not have to worry about that. Load one moon between 2 spaces and go. The server isn't any good for a table load anyway so I figured what the heck. Works for me so far in practice. We'll see in a match in May. Good luck Kraken Fan #69
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