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  1. I was kinda thinking the same when pricing them out. Then I realized the other options weren't much cheaper anyway. Then I got mine and man it's the slickest thing ever. Great product and well worth it. Kraken Fan #69
  2. My BMT arrives Thursday. Along with the Moon Clip Checker. Super stoked. Kraken Fan #69
  3. A truly Canadian display of emotion. lol Kraken Fan #69
  4. Not much response so I'll mention this. A guy in my area picked one up for IPSC and had nothing but issues. Never did get it to work well and eventually bought a Chiappa Rhino. Yeah, odd choice for IPSC but he's happy and the gun works. Good luck, Kraken Fan #69
  5. Easier than a Server I'd bet. lol Kraken Fan #69
  6. I feel your pain. (I am building the 2 post holders for emergency use when the stage plan fails though. A Buddy got the wrong posts by accident and gave me them.) I do like my Server though. One thing, you have to "tier" the moons so they first one out is "on top of" the second and so on. I made some brass spacers to allow me to not have to worry about that. Load one moon between 2 spaces and go. The server isn't any good for a table load anyway so I figured what the heck. Works for me so far in practice. We'll see in a match in May. Good luck Kraken Fan #69
  7. This is the setup I went with for my 627. I'm just starting out in revolver but the ability to pull those moons from the same place works for me. Kraken Fan #69
  8. Went back out today. Found hope of salvation at 4.8 and 5.2 gn Power Pistol. More testing to follow. Kraken Fan #69
  9. Picked up a pound of Power Pistol and started load workup tonight. Fun fact. 3.6 gn in Long Colt is a mouse fart but very accurate. 4.0 only hits about a 112 PF. lol Kraken Fan #69
  10. Sadly, I did. WSF is my 9mm powder. Kraken Fan #69
  11. OK. I'm back and I'm having issues. I just can't seem to find an accurate load that makes 130 PF with the Lee 358-150 1R mold. (Which really sucks because I had a custom version made by Arsenal! ) I get great accuracy just below then it just goes to crap. I've tried W231, WSF, Clays, VV N320. I thought 4.0 of W231 in Long Colt had me sorted but I guess not. Went back and tried to get something worked out for Short Colt and just can't make PF while maintaining accuracy there either. I'm using Starling Brass in a S&W 627 Pro 5". Any thoughts fellas? I'm hurting here. Kraken Fan #69
  12. Almost identical to my process. Works great. Left some in the vibratory 24 on accident one time and the Hi-Tek coating was completely stripped off the lead right up to the case. lol Kraken Fan #69
  13. That mold is my backup plan. I've been talking with Arsenal Molds about a custom mold. Similar design to the Lee but a bit heavier and no lube grooves. Been a minute since I heard form him though. I had better email him again. Kraken Fan #69
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