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  1. 38 long is just over 1", Medium is 0.9" & Short is 0.735" i believe. Kraken Fan #69
  2. I'm loading 38 Medium Colt on a 650. Here's what I'm using. Small Case Feed Plate 38 Special Dillon Sizing Die 9mm case flare in powder die. (38 wouldn't go low enough to flare.) I'm loading a Lee 358-158 RF so I use the 38 Special Dillon Seating Die Lee 38 Special FCD. Normally this wouldn't reach but I use the crimp ring out of a .40 S&W FCD on top of the 38 Special one in the die to keep it from being pushed up. Works like a champ. Hope that helps, Good luck! Kraken Fan #69
  3. KrakenFan69

    Moon Clip sizing

    I may have been mistaken, not sure where I read that now. Round Gun, I appreciate the offer but I live in Canada and it would likely make it more a pain than its worth. Kraken Fan #69
  4. KrakenFan69

    Yes, another 38 Short/Med/Long topic

    Did some testing with Win 231 today. Looks like 4.0 gn of W231 in 0.90" Winchester Brass with a Lee 358-158 RF is the ticket until I find a good round nose mold. Kraken Fan #69
  5. KrakenFan69

    Yes, another 38 Short/Med/Long topic

    I'm using a 38 Special conversion for my Dillon XL650. I use a 10mm adapter on the casefeeder. I decap before tumbling. 38 Special Sizing die. 9mm flare in the powder drop station as the 38 Special is too short for the brass I'm running at 0.900" or 38 Mid Colt if you will. 38 Special seating die. 38 Special Lee Factory Crimp die with a .40 Cal crimp ring installed above the 38 Special one to keep it from pushing up. I'm currently loading Lee 358-158 RF projectiles I cast and coat with Hi-Tek. Kraken Fan #69
  6. KrakenFan69

    Moon Clip sizing

    So I have a bunch of Winchester 38 Special brass. I had thought of picking up some Starline and TK Custom clips. Will the TK Custom for Winchester fit as tight as the Tk clips for Starline do? Everything I read mentions Winchester having a larger gap than most other brass yet the clips made for it are 0.20 while the Starline are 0.25. How does that figure? Thanks, Kraken Fan #69
  7. KrakenFan69

    Yes, another 38 Short/Med/Long topic

    Me as well, just teasing ya a bit. VV is a tough powder to beat for sure! Kraken Fan #69
  8. KrakenFan69

    Yes, another 38 Short/Med/Long topic

    If you don't mind my asking, what exactly is your reference then? lol I agree, it likely will. VV is very clean. Cheers, Kraken Fan #69
  9. KrakenFan69

    Yes, another 38 Short/Med/Long topic

    Got out today to test some loads. 0.900" Winchester case with 3.2 gn of Bullseye behind a Hi-Tek coated Lee 358-158 RF did fairly well. I have a tendency to rush these shots when testing and called the left flier. Shot at 15 yards. If this load makes PF it has potential. Had similar results with 3.2 gn VV N320 too. Kraken Fan #69
  10. KrakenFan69

    How many moon clips and holders do I need?

    Ordered mine last week. He shopped it on Wed. Can't wait to check it out! Kraken Fan #69
  11. KrakenFan69

    Yes, another 38 Short/Med/Long topic

    Plan is to use moons. I have to order Starline Long Colt brass that I will likely cut to 0.900" then on to find the right moon clips. For what it's worth I'm loading on a Dillon XL650. I use a 38 Special size die, 9mm flare, 38 Special seating die and a 38 Special Factory Crimp die with a 40 S&W sizing ring inside on top of the 38 Special to make sure it can be adjusted down far enough. The 40 is not used as it is part of my Lee Bulge Buster set up. Kraken Fan #69
  12. KrakenFan69

    Yes, another 38 Short/Med/Long topic

    IPSC Minor is 125. So if I use a 158 projectile I'll need to see around 823 fps. If i switch to a 124 I'll be looking for 1048 fps range. The only reason I thought I'd use "Med" is to get closer to Short Colt Length for reloads but I'm not sure I want to run 158's in SC. I'm hitting around a 3.75 sec reload with .900" brass with 358-158 RF's just pulling from my pocket. (hanging them on my pocket) My Moon Clip Server ships tomorrow so I likely wont see it for another week in Canada. Also, I only have the 3 moons that came with the gun and they are very wobbly with Winchester Brass. I'll likely end up buying Starline this Winter but I've just got SO much Winchester brass laying around! I kinda feel like I need to chamfer the cylinder more too. It doesn't seem like it has too much done at this point. Lots to do, buy and learn... Replace the sights, get a holster, add a Houge Big Butt (not sure if I want finger grooves or not) Kraken Fan #69
  13. I have just purchased a S&W 627-5 PC. I plan to shoot revolver div in IPSC. I have something like 2,500 1F 38 Special Winchester cases. I would load SC but I think I will have issues making minor there. Then I had seen some posts way back when that I cannot for the life of me find on cutting 38 Special cases down to 0.900" (what I'm calling Medium Colt) but again, I can't find load data. Then there is LC. I could do that but was hoping to keep them as short as possible for speedy loading. I have the Lee 358-158 RF and 356-124 2R molds. I cast and Hi-Tek coat. The 9mm are right at .360. Can anyone point me in the right direction for load data? I have TightGroup, VVN320, VVN340, Clays, Red Dot, WSF and more. Thanks for any ideas guys. Super stoked to get into revo div! Kraken Fan #69
  14. HI guys. I shoot IPSC, USPSA and just recently started shooting 3 gun. I'm switching my belt to and ELS system and am having trouble finding the correct mag pouch for a CZ-75 9mm to use with the ELS clips. Can anyone help me out? I looked at the DAA pouches but I can't tell if they will attach to the ELS clips as they rotate. Anyone do this? I know you can buy custom ELS Ghost clips but that's going to cost even more. FYI 'm in Canada and stuck to 10 rounds so I was looking to run 5 pouches. Thanks, Kraken Fan #69