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  1. Lots of good ideas here! Thanks for all the info, guys.
  2. MikeyScuba, does the c-more require an open top holster? The lowest mounts I’ve seen while searching were the Alchin, but that looks slightly lower. I suppose this is an advantage to have it as close to the bore as possible? open revo in ipsc/uspsa? I don’t really know. Still in investigation stages! Thanks for what y’all have offered.
  3. I’m looking to dip my toe into the red dot pool and I am interested in hearing which red dot people are using, mount, and dot size (moa). I have a Smith 627 PC, and I shoot at a local range but may look into trying to branch out to USPSA matches. I’ve never shot anything with a red dot on it, and the main reason for heading this direction is that, as much as my pride hates to admit, my vision has begun to slide south. I currently have started using .5x safety glasses when shooting, and they certainly help focus and seeing the front sight sharply. That said, I wonder if a red dot wouldn’t help in this respect, and there aren’t many folks shooting wheelguns at my range and none with red dots. Any help would be appreciated.
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