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  1. Thanks guys, a lot of solid info. I’ve built/assembled a few AR’s so I’m pretty familiar and have the tools. As stated by a few, I was thinking buying one ready to go out of the box because I don’t know what I don’t know when it comes to a PCC build.
  2. I’ve been shooting open for awhile and I love it...so it’s certainly staying my main division for the foreseeable future. I just recently sold my Lim guns so I’m debating buying a PCC for a second division to dabble in from time to time. Not gonna lie I’m a long time PCC hater but I’m starting to become a bit PCC curious I shot a friends JP and it was pretty slick. Also, been perusing the MBX website recently and their stuff looks legit too. Curious on advice and/or opinions for a potential first PCC’er. Thanks guys!
  3. Thanks for all the responses guys...My next question...is adding a weighted plug adding any sort of advantage or improvement? The reason I question this is if adding a weighted guide rod is a good would this plug not offset the improvement? Thanks again in advance
  4. I shoot open so I’m not a CO rules expert. Searched and can not find anything that says no. Have a friend that is getting his new CO gun ready and asking if this plug is legal. Weighted glock plug. I feel that the answer is it is not legal but all the searching of the rules I can find say it is. Can I get a second opinion please? Thanks guys!
  5. Ever since I’ve have switched to open I completely forget about people accidentally getting themselves bumped to open
  6. Trijicon HD are the best of all worlds in my options...tritium for night sights....fiberish color around the front sight for day. Hands down the choice for me on all my carry type guns. Added bonus the newer versions have a thinner blade front post that mimics completions sights. I usually find the best deal on these with amazon.
  7. I just recently switched to shielded safety’s also. Helped out a bit for me too but I still need to keep working the draw in dry fire
  8. Gun functioned both before and after the steel grip. The ejection pattern was really weak after the grip install though. The fitting of the grip and lowering the hammer spring was the fix for weak ejection. Lapping and trigger job etc was just tuning up the gun to make it run nice and slick.
  9. Won’t be installing the plastic grips now that my guns are up and running with the steel grips so won’t be able to check that out. Even with fitting the grip it seems they needed some lapping compound attention. Another big thing was changing the hammer spring from 18 pounds down to 14...was really slowing the slide down.
  10. Update. Problems solved. Had Pedro from Ortiz Custom guns go through my open guns. Both were in need of some slide & barrel lapping to smooth them out. Also lowered the main spring weight as it was really heavy. Now both my open guns run super slick and eject brass no issue!
  11. Been shooting open a year now. Recent events have me wondering what the life expectancy of parts are...like the barrel, slide, springs etc. Also wondering when you guys do proactive maintenance and replace things. Currently I have been breaking down the slide for a cleaning and rotation of aftec springs at 2,500 round intervals. Breaking down the entire gun top as listed above, replacing recoil spring and bottom for a cleaning at 5,000 round intervals. Any input/advise is appreciated
  12. I also started with a 6 but switched to the 8. Easier to pick up and is brighter when it’s really sunny out. Tight shots like 25yd partials to me are a little more interesting with a bigger dot as it covers most of the target area but still seems the bigger dot is the way to go for what we do in USPSA. I hear they have a 10 moa to at cmore but havnt seen one in person.
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