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  1. Hans7

    Flat trigger face

    I use Innovative Gunfighter Solutions flat face in my G17 gen 3, paired with Zev springs and Ghost Pro 3.3 connector. It has a fantastic single stage “rolling” break with no overtravel. I’m a big fan and sonis everyone else who shoots it.
  2. That's great! I did actually squad up with Bruce at this match, and learned a lot from him right off the bat. Same to you!
  3. Great info, thank you for the detail diagnostic of the stages! I'm taking these tips and will surely use them well to train up for the next match.
  4. LoadUp Ammuntion's minor PF 124s. I can't recall what his exact load data is but it runs really well.
  5. Thanks for the reply and tips Pete, I noticed the shuffle thing myself. Just something I need to work on during the walk through more. Good points here too. Acceptable sight picture is a big one cause I'm just so used to shooting high A zone for work accepting those Cs for considerable more speed is just something I have to make myself do. Thanks man! Thanks for these points too. Good stuff on the slow movement on stage 5 @ 0:23, I hadn't really noticed that too much and that's why I came to you all. I'll continue to work on these things and I'm sure I'll come back with some updated match videos soon employing these tips. Thanks again!
  6. Thanks for the reply! I'd agree with you 100%. I know I have a lot of speed in the tank I was just forcing myself to hold back and apply fundamentals but at the next match I'm gonna speed it up for sure.
  7. Hey guys, I shot my first USPSA match today and had a great time and will definitly continue to compete as often as I can. I took a few videos and thought I'd refer to some expericed USPSA guys to see if they could point out any training points outside of what I noticed. I noticed: drive from target to target harder, shoot on the move more and then also pick up the speed a tad I think cause I had a lot left in the tank I was just trying to get my feet wet and hit good As. Also, not forget to shoot the activating plate before the paper so I'm sitting there with my thumb up my ass (stage 3) Anyways, any and all advice would be appreciated, thanks guys! Hans First stage HF 5.1613, time 35.65, 35A and 3C Third Stage HF 5.4507, time 19.08, 19A and 3C Stage 5 HF 4.5308, time 30.46, 22A, 9C and 1D (yikes) lol
  8. I run them and love them. They are poa/poi for me with 124s.
  9. http://dryfiremag.com/
  10. Hans7

    Gritty take up

    +1 This is what caused issues for me and cleaning up the edges/polishing it up was the fix.
  11. Hans7

    Gen 3 or Gen 4

    Shooter preference, brother. I say try before you buy so you can be sure what you perform better with, especially if you're gonna be running it in competition.
  12. Hans7

    Gen 3 or Gen 4

    Gen3 for me. When I bought mine there were far fewer aftermarket parts and accessories for the Gen4s compared to the Gen3s. Also, like Marshal said, I don't have the need for changeable back straps cause I remove the finger grooves, undercut and thin most any Glock grip I'm gonna shoot anyways.
  13. Thought about buying this myself. Good to hear a solid review on it, I might have to pick one up now!
  14. Fantastic! Of those matches which do you prefer? I know each one will have their own flavor and I'm just trying to get a feel for it now. Thanks!
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