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  1. Thank you. This is helpful. The point about keeping the thumb out of the way and until you have scooped up with the fingers is the key. The thumb kept wanting to creep under the beaver tail as I was scooping which is throwing me off. Now I will practice and practice and see if I can consistently get the grip I get with my standard draw.
  2. Video would be nice. I think I have the basics, but trying to compare what I am practicing with someone who has mastered it. Here is a decent one...just not consistent yet:
  3. I agree with your assessment and I would practice until I could do it with the same grip I get (consistently) that I do with my current draw, if I could not get that grip consistently, I would ditch it altogether. There are VERY good USPSA shooters that do the scoop draw and are successful with. Like anything I think it’s just a matter of repetition. Not sure, but I want to try and find out
  4. Fair enough. I just figured it could be broken down like that like Miculek breaks down his draw into a, then b, then c.
  5. I have a decent (standard) draw in USPSA in which I push my hand down and index my thump under the beaver tail before drawing the gun. I have been watching guys beat me off the line at tournaments utilizing a scoop draw and I want to learn. I have searched and cannot find any good training videos or images on teaching the scoop draw out of a competitor OWB holster (I found the video by Robin Brown doing scoop from concealment, not what I am looking for). Anyone come across anything for this? Thanks.
  6. Hey Sarge - any update on the timing of when we can register for A5? Still shows registration closed in Practiscore. Don’t want to miss it!
  7. Good advice from others above. It sounds like something is definitely not translating (especially on the draws) from dry to live fire. It could be sight picture confidence. For instance, at home doing dry fire we can “cheat” a little since there is penalty if our sight picture was not perfect when we pulled the trigger. At a match, the result becomes clear right away and there are consequences (misses and lower points). So, are you really a .6-.8 draw with a good sight picture and a solid trigger squeeze? You might be, but the live fire says otherwise. Be realistic with your expectations. Also, are you reloading empty mags at home during dry fire? This actually makes a difference versus full ones during live fire. DO NOT go using live rounds at home, but maybe load up dummy rounds/snap caps when practicing at home to simulate full weight mags. I am a .75-.9 draw in dry fire and .75-1.1 in match fire (from 7-10yards). It just takes a lot of live practice as well as dry firing like you would live fire (good sight picture and trigger pull). Good luck and keep at it! I am sure training with a GM will help a lot!
  8. @Nevadazielmeister Yes, sorry for the typo. Not enough coffee yet. Thanks for your input and voting.
  9. Do people prefer the C-More RTS2 or Leupold DPP for USPSA Open shooting? Looking into a custom gun and need to choose.
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