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  1. Makes sense. I am always running 170-174 PF. Should be good you think?
  2. And I can’t imagine SRP magnum would be (really) any different. Do you?
  3. 100% agree. If you are loading for major pf (in USPSA open for instance), breech face erosion should not be an issue as the primer cup flattens out pretty well with loads running major pf. Glad you raised this about light loads, because people made me believe it would happen in ANY load using an SRP and that is just not true in my experience.
  4. I have been running SRPs for my 9mm open gun for the past year. I recently was able to pick up about 7K of these Fiocchi SRP Magnum. Anyone use them? Any issues? Just reduce my loads by .1 grains?
  5. Lots of good advice in here. A few things: 1) get a buddy who KNOWS what they are doing it show you the ropes. I have been reloading for years and still phone a friend from time to time. 2) Rely on your eyes versus sensors and alerts. For instance, I visually check that powder is in every case before I put a bullet on top. Ever though I am running a progressive press at ~450 rounds an hour, there is still plenty of time to visually inspect for powder. To me that is the most important check in the entire process. No one wants a squib. 3) Like others said - go slow while loading. When I started I can’t tell you how many time i got distracted like 50 rounds into my session and had a mental block as to whether I saw powder drop in the last few cases. So, i put them in the scrap bin to pull later and started over. Good luck...you will love it once you get the hang of it!
  6. I know - lol! I have seen video of him next to shooters. Andre the giant. Now I get why he uses the tag line “meat” and he made my gun 65 ounces LoL
  7. Lucky! I am over on the east coast so haven’t had the pleasure of seeing him work in person. Will have to get out there to meet him some day.
  8. Thanks for the input. I don't recall having any of the Lot 115, but my last jugs were "41 - something" can't read the last digit and 9.8 grains gave me like 1370-1380 fps (~170+ pf) and the Lot 514 gave me only 1250-1270 FPS! Anyway, I guess different lots are all over the place. I love it for open, but something like WAC meters the same and has the same PF jug after jug. Not sure what to do. I need like 10.3 grains to make PF withy lot 514! That is a lot of powder.
  9. Very interesting. I had issues with Lot 514. I have the same recipe as you (just swap out Everglades 124 JHPs for MGs) and I always am 170 ish PF (like you). I got two new jugs this summer and loaded them up and shot them (didn't really notice much of a difference) and then chrono'd before A7 and it was 100fps slower! I double checked with two other chronos and they said the same thing. Then I searched around and come to find ot Lot 514 was admittedly a slow batch (not by design) of powder by SW. They even admitted it. It stinks because I messaged them to simply exchange for different lots and they keep blowing me off months later.
  10. 100%. Look at the beauty he created for me earlier this year. The waffle top by hand is amazing and OMG...what a shooter. And for anyone who said the trigger job was not top notch is just wrong. Crisp, clean break, right at or just under 2lbs...P-E-R-F-E-C-T!
  11. Fully agree! I have zero hesitation ordering the second other than waiting on some money to come in from selling one of my other open guns. It is always a bit of a cat and mouse game with the wife of "How much are you spending now?" "You just bought a gun!" LOL Looking forward to the next one.
  12. Guess i have been lucky...mine are still intact.
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