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  1. Hi Power Jack has it right. Try facing a mirror and focus on not moving any part of your shoulders, head or neck when bringing the sights up to eye level. You can even put a piece of tape on the mirror where the top of your head is to focus on keeping it level when bringing the gun up. “Don’t practice until you can get it right, practice until you can’t get it wrong.”
  2. Listen to Cha-Lee. He is 100% spot on. Swinging your arms causes overtravel or sloppy aim on the next target. Use your lower body to transition and your arms just go along for the ride. Check out his YouTube page...he has drill videos specifically for this. When you dry fire for 30 minutes and do transitions your legs and glutes should be sore the next day, not your shoulders and arms. If not you are doing it wrong. All about the cone of fire...right Cha-Lee? see, I was listening.
  3. After running her a few more times this past week I agree. Working on that grip change.
  4. Eyes open now. Thx
  5. That makes sense theWacoKid. I am just starting to get comfortable with the new platform. Dry firing a ton...getting there. Thanks for your input!
  6. Great info BigJerm...thanks for sharing the regiment. Will work it into my training for sure.
  7. Thanks Jack! Working on it
  8. Interesting perspective. I have a very aggressive metal grip so that’s no issue. And it does seem like most open guns are constructed to promote yours hands more behind that gun versus up the slide like lighter guns. Thx!
  9. What is that line...professionals don’t practice until they get it right...they practice until they can’t get it wrong.
  10. totally agree with the dry fire...working on it!
  11. Good point! I purposely got a screw on thumb rest in case I wanted to easy remove it. Might try that. The button I have is fairly small (not oversized), but I could remove it and just use the open circle. Thx
  12. Hey All - new to the forum so I apologize if there is a thread on this already. I recently had a custom 2011 built for me to shoot Open in USPSA. It’s a middy (4.5” barrel), steel grip and chambered in 9mm. Beautiful gun. One thing I am trying to adjust to is having to modify my grip slightly from the plastic 9mm minor guns I have been shooting for the past few years. I always got as high up the slide with my support hand as possible with the plastic guns, but on the 2011 it seems getting high up gets you into trouble with things like extended mag release button, scope mount, thumbrest, etc. Any tips to more easily transition to an open gun friendly grip. Thanks in advance!
  13. The squats and deadlifts have helped with endurance for staying low as well. Good point.
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