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  1. If anyone is looking for one, check your local Scheels store. That’s where I got mine and they had more than one.
  2. Definitely GTG out of the box. With the Extreme Engineering Internals, the trigger on mine is right at 2lbs. Slide milling is custom level IMO. I don’t think the fitting of the parts is custom level but I do feel it is far more than an “off the shelf” or “production” pistol. As stated by others, I see it as primarily a 3 Gun pistol unless you want to shoot Limited/Minor. I considered the DVC 3 as well as full custom, however, I find that it’s not a bad value when you factor in what you’re actually getting. It comes with 4 magazines with TTI base pads. This alone is about a $400 value. It has a 5.4” extended slide/barrel, full length dust cover w/butlers cut and tri-cut top on the slide ($400 upgrade on custom guns). There’s a lot more milling on the slide compared to the rest of the STI line and I particularly like polished and matte two tone black DLC finish.
  3. I was worried about accuracy because the slide was literally moving as I pulled the trigger which could definitely affect accuracy. I’m thinking there was something wrong with the one I looked at. I went back today to look at it again but I got distracted when I saw they got in a TTI Combat Master 2011. Went home with a much lighter wallet LOL
  4. Ok, thanks for the confirmation about the slop. Good to hear it hasn’t resulted in less accuracy for you. I did notice the Legion I handled returned to battery much easier as well and I suspected they worked on that due to complaints. For me, it’s never been a problem on my X5.
  5. As mentioned, my current X5 has nowhere near the slop that the Legion I handled today did, and I have a couple thousand rounds though mine. In fact, none of my Glocks or other striker fired pistols have anywhere near as much either. I’m talking up down and side to side slop to an excessive degree. It felt so cheap. There must have been something wrong with the one I looked at today because it was IMO, unacceptable which is why I didn’t buy it.
  6. I just got back from my local gun shop in the off chance they may have gotten an X5 Legion. I had decided that if they had one, I’d buy it. I walk in and to my surprise, they got their first one that day! However, my excitement turned into disappointment pretty quick. The weight was great and immediately noticeable in a good way, but the amount of slop on the slide was horrendous. I already have the original X5 so I can say with certainty that my current one is very solid. The Legion was so bad, I could see the slide moving up as I compressed the take up on the trigger. I could hold the slide and move it around a significant amount. Enough that I was worried about accuracy. I asked if they had another one so I could compare but it was the only one they got. Anyone else handle one yet and did it have massive battle rattle? I didn’t buy it and left sad and disappointed
  7. BC27

    P320 X5 Thread

    My trigger breaks at 2.5 pounds as well and I run 130 to 132 PF 147gn loads and mine is also flawless. I have about 1,500 rounds though mine now. I found a place that had one stock sear left so I ordered it. I think I will just keep it as a spare to allow me to return my pistol to stock if I ever want to. So I can probably just do a video without actually modifying a sear and just show how to do it.
  8. BC27

    P320 X5 Thread

    They were showing out of stock unfortunately.
  9. BC27

    P320 X5 Thread

    So I tried to order a new sear from Sig and they wont sell them anymore..... I suspect its related to the "voluntary recall".
  10. BC27

    P320 X5 Thread

    Unfortunately, I haven't had time to make a video yet. It would be best with a new sear to demonstrate so I would also need to order that in addition to setting aside some time to put a video together. Just as an update, my trigger work is running perfectly and I haven't had a single issue so I'm still wanting to make a video. Just need to order a new sear if Sig will still sell them.
  11. It’s definitely feasible without question. However, depending on individual preferences and usage, it’s usually better to have a dedicated setup for each game if you don’t want to compromise on your equipment position. I use the ELS setup for 3gun but despite being able to have multiple locations to swap out gear, I find that the position and spacing is just not ideal from 3gun to USPSA without moving the actual mounts around. So it’s either: compromise on mag position and/or spacing, move the ELS mounts each time when switching games or get a dedicated setup for each game. I chose to use a dedicated setup for each game because moving the ELS mounts around each time got old.
  12. BC27

    X Five Front Sight Hight

    It is subjective but if acquiring a sight picture quickly is your goal, you may want to try a thin front sight:
  13. BC27

    P320 X5 Thread

    Based on the video, it appears the P320 fires because when dropped on the back of the slide/frame, the trigger is actually being pulled by inertia. While I don't know how the GG cam safety operates, it does not appear that anything short of reducing the mass of the trigger, stiffer trigger pull or adding a trigger safety (glock, M&P etc) will prevent the issue. They said in the video that the flat trigger found on the X5 was lighter than the curved and when installed into the P320's that were firing when dropped, dramatically reduced the issue.
  14. I know there was a shooter that was DNFed from a major match for grip mods to his P320 in SSP a couple years ago. This brought on a huge debate that I can't seen to find an "official" stance from IDPA on this with the Sig P320. Has there been an official ruling from IDPA if this is in fact illegal or was it ever determined that the grip module on the P320 is a readily changeable component and legal to stipple or silicon carbide for use in SSP? I know its never been in question for ESP. Just want to know so that I can buy a spare module for use in SSP, thanks!
  15. Thank you. I used a fairly firm short brush that I got at a craft store. I chose this type of brush because I wanted a thin coat of JB Weld and it worked perfectly. If the brush is too soft, it would be very difficult to apply a thin layer. This way, there isn't much excess and the grit lays much more even and smooth (not wavy or clumpy). I used a sharpie to outline the areas I wanted to expand the grit to as this helps visualize what it will look like. I then used a dremmel with a cutting bit to scribe the sharpie lines. I went the same depth of the molded stipple pockets and used a file to clean up the lines. Then I shaved the molded stippling off and then blended the expanded areas with the dremmel tool. A sanding drum worked well for this. The most time consuming part was shaving around the Sig logo because I wanted to keep it intact. I used various dremmel bits, various files etc. I plan to paint the logo so that the recessed part is red and the raised part is black. BTW, the logo is 11mm. After you're happy with all that, I washed the grip to get rid of any plastic dust as well as any oil your hands may leave. Once dry, you can mask the areas you don't want to grit and you're ready to apply the JB Weld. Take your time, it's very easy. The sanding/shaving is just time consuming if you want it to look nice.
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