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  1. It's not for everyone. The definition for a sport is: "an activity involving physical exertion and skill in which an individual or team competes against another or others for entertainment". Personally, I don't go to CrossFit competitions, I just measure my own personal progress and abilities. The serious guys go to regional, and/or national CrossFit events. Most fitness guys have probably heard of "The Murph." It's named after Navy Lieutenant Michael Murphy who came up with it to maintain fitness. It just so happens to be a very "CrossFit" type of workout. There's a lot more
  2. With your past activities, you might want to check out CrossFit type gyms. I inadvertently get involved a year ago and is a lot of fun and seems to check a lot of your boxes. Besides getting fit, stronger, faster etc. there really is a community element so you'll make a lot of new friends too. That was a pleasant bonus for me.
  3. How do you wear your belt (holster, mag pouches) without pants??? Don't you practice your draw and reloads?
  4. About 4 months ago, I started doing cross training (CrossFit). Not to improve shooting but to just get healthier and in shape. With the cross training and a strict healthy diet, I've lost about 50 pounds of fat and gained some lean mass. I was shocked when I went and had a DEXA scan and it said my body fat percentage is 16%. Cross training has a lot of Olympic lifting such as deadlifts, overhead squats etc etc as well as high intensity cardio (burpees, rowing, jump rope), all mixed in. Now, I do not get tired at any point during a match and my focus is as sharp at the end of t
  5. Yeah, it’s a Cabelas/Bass Pro exclusive. It also comes with a decent black soft case.
  6. I've heard that it is the 13.5X1mm L/H thread like the PCC model but I can NOT confirm as I have not actually changed or removed the birdcage flash hider that came on mine.
  7. Yeah, too hard to pass up! You get to pick your own trigger, stock and brake and it ends up costing the same or less than a stock PCC version. So far, I just changed the trigger to the Hyperfire Eclipse and have a very nice 2.5lb pull. I don't think I'll bother changing the birdcage but I'll probably change the stock eventually.
  8. I just got one and can confirm it is the PCC version (new hand guard, newest revised gas system and bolt carrier) but without the Timney trigger, birdcage flash hider instead of brake and original style telescopic stock. Also includes Romeo 5 but no iron sights. Edit: Extractor is the latest version too (o-ring on spring)
  9. If anyone is looking for one, check your local Scheels store. That’s where I got mine and they had more than one.
  10. Definitely GTG out of the box. With the Extreme Engineering Internals, the trigger on mine is right at 2lbs. Slide milling is custom level IMO. I don’t think the fitting of the parts is custom level but I do feel it is far more than an “off the shelf” or “production” pistol. As stated by others, I see it as primarily a 3 Gun pistol unless you want to shoot Limited/Minor. I considered the DVC 3 as well as full custom, however, I find that it’s not a bad value when you factor in what you’re actually getting. It comes with 4 magazines with TTI base pads. This alone is about a $400 v
  11. I was worried about accuracy because the slide was literally moving as I pulled the trigger which could definitely affect accuracy. I’m thinking there was something wrong with the one I looked at. I went back today to look at it again but I got distracted when I saw they got in a TTI Combat Master 2011. Went home with a much lighter wallet LOL
  12. Ok, thanks for the confirmation about the slop. Good to hear it hasn’t resulted in less accuracy for you. I did notice the Legion I handled returned to battery much easier as well and I suspected they worked on that due to complaints. For me, it’s never been a problem on my X5.
  13. As mentioned, my current X5 has nowhere near the slop that the Legion I handled today did, and I have a couple thousand rounds though mine. In fact, none of my Glocks or other striker fired pistols have anywhere near as much either. I’m talking up down and side to side slop to an excessive degree. It felt so cheap. There must have been something wrong with the one I looked at today because it was IMO, unacceptable which is why I didn’t buy it.
  14. I just got back from my local gun shop in the off chance they may have gotten an X5 Legion. I had decided that if they had one, I’d buy it. I walk in and to my surprise, they got their first one that day! However, my excitement turned into disappointment pretty quick. The weight was great and immediately noticeable in a good way, but the amount of slop on the slide was horrendous. I already have the original X5 so I can say with certainty that my current one is very solid. The Legion was so bad, I could see the slide moving up as I compressed the take up on the trigger. I could hold the s
  15. BC27

    P320 X5 Thread

    My trigger breaks at 2.5 pounds as well and I run 130 to 132 PF 147gn loads and mine is also flawless. I have about 1,500 rounds though mine now. I found a place that had one stock sear left so I ordered it. I think I will just keep it as a spare to allow me to return my pistol to stock if I ever want to. So I can probably just do a video without actually modifying a sear and just show how to do it.
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