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  1. This problem hits me when I have been shooting Limited for a while and change to Single Stack and forget I don't have 20 rounds any more ....forget to reload and make the SS fire 11 rounds. never works well
  2. I often shoot better when I use 'the force" or as every good pastor shooter calls it, "Shoot by faith and not by sight" I had an instructor once tell me to just pull, point and shoot to see what happened....not only all alphas but a close group. He shook his head and said "Some people..." and laughed. Now, I really only use my full sights for distance shots and plate racks. I think I should use them more! lol My eyes are getting older
  3. I am not a high end shooter but all of my competition holsters are kydex that fully encloses the barrel and has decent tension. I don't use the race holsters or others because I fear the gun being knocked out. I know I may loose a bit of time but I am good with that
  4. I wish I was consistent at this discipline. When I am in the hole I usually stretch out my back and shoulder - I am old and worn. Then I check my mags by grabbing like I would during and make sure they are facing right and pull smoothly. When I am on deck I usually watch the shooter and see how he runs....I have learned to NOT change my plan here....just watch for pitfalls. Then walk the course when it is clear then go wait by the start for the RO. When told I will pull my gun and get a sight picture on the first target, lock it in my mind, load the mag...or whatever the instructions are for the stage. Then check my stance, lock eyes on target number one and wait for the beep. Yee Haw
  5. Learn and be better. I was always told "if you have not DQ'd yet, you will soon. LEARN"
  6. Primary USPSA range down here is sand.....sand that likes to invade magazines and stick everything up! Yes, clean every mag that hits the ground or you will regret not cleaning on the next stage. One trick is to have enough magazines that you load ahead of time and don't have to clean during a match.
  7. We are lucky to have some great shooting opportunities in the rio Grande Valley! Coyote range in edinburg hosts weekly USPSA matches and MANY saturday USPSA, SASP, Carbine and precision 22 matches. Shooters Alley in Mission and South Texas Tactical in Brownsville also host weekly USPSA matches. Pharr Gun Club hosts several different kinds of shooting matches weekly. We could shoot 6 or 7 matches a week if we could afford it and had the time
  8. Thanks. Some good help and info here. I do not think I have the black blade sight for the rear it came with. I do want to help and encourage young shooters....but can't afford to give the gun away. Y'all gave some options. Thank Y'all
  9. I have been approached about buying my STI Tactical 5.0 9 mm 2011 with 4 mags, all with dawson +1 base pads and grams springs and followers. Gun has been upgraded with extended mag release, ambi safety, ICE magwell, Sights are Hiene rear and Triji front (8) I was not thinking of selling but...this is important....gun would be used by a Student Shooting Team. Gun is in great shape and was just checked out by a 1911/2011 "guru" What do y'all think it is actually worth...and what would you sell to a student shooting team? (They are an active great team with many accolades) Thanks
  10. Whoop! Gun Toting Aggie! Welcome
  11. So...a penalty if I point my finger at the target and say "pew pew?" but not if I just walk through with my hands gripped together? I have used a magazine before...but never a banana
  12. Mix it up between blasters and thinkers; lots of movement and little movement. crank a few up for the high shooters, then add a few simple for us lower end shooters. Challenge we the lower shooters but don't overwhelm us. Also....build your second stage off what you have for the first stage and the third stage on what you have built for the second. Stages get progressively more complex but build time is cut down.
  13. Duct Tape in two different locations I have shot inside matches. Seems to work well.
  14. On the funny side: had a stage with a bunch of targets in a line with vertical walls a few yards in front of them...I know the MD's plan was for us to move from one opening to the next getting a few targets at each opening....BUT...he forgot the front fault lines so I ran past the walls and in front of the targets. This was stage 3 of a match of 20 or so people so these targets had been taped A BUNCH.....as I went by blasting them from 1 foot or so...ALL THAT TAPE flew off! Most fun I ever had on a stage, complied with the rules and briefing and had a great score....had to replace all the targets...but hey......
  15. Ever shot a Texas Star with only the bottom visible? All you could see is one plate as it rotated from behind cover. I wasted a bunch of time and ammo getting all 5 plates...a quest if you will. Maybe better to get a few then pop a few rounds to not get a FTE penalty and move on?
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