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  1. I've got a Syrac that wont adj. Switched to SLR,good stuff.
  2. Golf has no timer. And it's like watching grass grow
  3. BOOST

    shirt idea

    i think i can make some $$ selling shirts with the name "IDOL" on the back. No matter where i shoot, someone's name is "IDOL"
  4. +1. Yeah, ALL of us Senior's agree 64%. Oops, no, we agree 127%. Nope, it's closer to 94%, if I recall correctly. What was the dang question, again? "it doesn't prove you're a good shooter." I think you could say the same thing about running and stage planning and etc. , but just shooting would get boring I think. I hate to admit it after cussing memory stages for my first 3 years, but now I like to see one now and then. Still do not like memory matches though, too much like working. Sounds like ya all just exposed your weakness. That's sad.
  5. What is benelli extractor part # that you're using to swap out on your Stoeger? 60177 or 70037 ?
  6. When ordering from Bladetech, you could request to have a taller sight channel.
  7. Got them on my G34 & G35. I like them better than any other sights . The do rust though. The bluing doesn't help. Dawson should have their sights nitride bath. Or stainless like TTI.
  8. Do you know the gas port size of your Noveske ? I found that LilGun works well with subs in pistol gas system with .090 gas port or higher. Some pistol gas barrels have small gas ports , I found a 14".5 with a .075 port that would eject and not strip the next round. Drilled the port out to .110 and I got the bolt to lock. I'm assuming the smaller ports was meant for factory sub ammo that uses slower burning powder at the same time balancing for supers......or use with a suppressor.
  9. We have carbine matches maxed at 75yds . Majority of the targets within 50. I would like to make matches that have steel and also use them to activate movers. There's enough participants with 9mm and 300BLK AR's.
  10. 300BLK with TGIC powder coated bullets. Without coating I was still able to keep the barrel from leading so long the bullet was properly sized ,up to 1700fps.But gas tube and bcg got some. NiB-x bcg cleans easy. $10 Gas tube every 10K. But since I started powder coating , cleaning is no different than my 223 AR's with jacketed bullets.
  11. Problems in AR's , or from AR's ? The reason I ask is because I'm not having any problems shooting cast bullets from any of my AR's. And I'm only pushing 155's at 1200fps max. No gas checks.
  12. Does anyone here know if cast bullets is safer than jacketed to shoot at steel targets ? Same effect?
  13. I shoot 300Blk in all my local rifle and 2gun matches.Cheaper for me to shoot vs 223. I cast my own bullets and powder coat. Using only 8grs of LilGun or 9grs of H110 behind LEE 150gr . Remelted range lead. Form my own brass. I don't need to push the bullet 3000fps.With the right load and a light bcg, the recoil is as flat as a tuned 223 ,without a brake. Lots of negative talk by fellow shootets in the first few matches. But that disappeared fast.
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