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  1. Trying to scrape up alittle more $$$, very interested.

  2. We had our first official USPSA match indoors last night. 35 shooters, 4 stages over 3 bays, (2 classifier stages on one bay). We started shooting at 6:30pm and were cold and cleaned up by 9:30pm We used: 3/16" plywood under the steel poppers which worked well and taped the wood down then marked the popper location on the plywood. 1x2 furring strips taped to the ground for boundaries along with snow fence that was clipped up to the top of the target track Our bays are 9 lanes wide and we had two long stages.... one with classic and one with metric targets. The metric targets got really
  3. I think that's going to be our go-to solution.... trying it out next week in our fun match.
  4. I plan my reloads and know how many makeups I have.
  5. I usually blow the first stage and a half or so it seems... I am going to start working on a warmup where I can try to get past this hurdle before the match and see how it does.
  6. You have to shoot w/ better shooters if you want to get better. You need to pay attention to their game and what they are doing differently besides pulling the trigger.
  7. that sucks... I have some 120mm STI mags that won't fit in any of my guns.... somehow they made a trip to the range one day....
  8. I walked onto a 500yd plate one day goofing off while shooting LR. I got to where I can repeatedly hit a 8" plate at 200yd.
  9. after the stage I'll usually ask RO what the first shot was unless it was something that involved running to a firing position.
  10. yeah, 'try' to shoot the front first from top to bottom, if the back starts spinning and you pick up on movement you can attempt to trap them in your sights
  11. Fault lines do not have to be on the floor. You can use rope and target stands. Granted they can be "moved" but it may help. We used to have an indoor match and they would use sheets hanging from the target shuttle wires as vision barriers. and "walls". You will find that you may be able to get a bit more freestyle than you think. Also, I remember shooting some poppers at the Scottsdale Gun Club that had some sort of bullet trapping coating on the face that worked pretty well. The only issue I remember is that the coating was black and that, combined with the black back stop, made for a steal
  12. we just formed a uspsa club so it will have to be legit and conform to the rules.... I'm thinking of using more classic targets and more arrays, but we have stages where you can definitely get some movement (for indoor). We can use limited steel, I'm thinking using more plate racks to keep shots off the floor. still the hardest thing is going to be keeping fault lines from moving around. I think using tape on the floor to mark corners and edges of boxes, lines, etc... Hoping we can get it all figured out.
  13. going to try out some ideas this week at the range
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