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  1. I run one of @theWacoKid mounts and it did take some getting use to but once you get used to it I feel like I can see more and track the dot a little easier. All in all I like it and will continue to run it. The only mount I'd run other than this is the SV mount.
  2. mesh tarp, heavy duty. same as DAA only larger, cheaper, and 'mo betta' 10x12 https://www.amazon.com/gp/product/B0096M0G0M/ref=oh_aui_detailpage_o03_s01?ie=UTF8&psc=1 8x10 https://www.amazon.com/gp/product/B0096M0FYY/ref=oh_aui_detailpage_o03_s01?ie=UTF8&psc=1
  3. are you using a case gauge to check your ammo.
  4. I've taken @theWacoKid idea and made some up for myself. Great idea!
  5. I run an indoor match in Charlotte, NC. We take snowfence and cut it to approx 25' out of 100' rolls. We then just use clips to clip it up on the tracks and we can form any sections of hallway/walls, etc... We use a target stand with a tall 1x2 on it to form a 'hard corner' if we need to. otherwise you can fold it over on itself and make any length of wall you need.
  6. I run a match in our local indoor match, both USPSA and 'Fun' match w/ less rules. I use 1x2 furring strips with gaffers tape to hold them in place. Shooting boxes can be PVC, 2x2, 1'' sq tubing... I use all three. I found that using the gaffers tape is far easier to get off the floor and my props. The tape holds it in place, unlike painters tape which tears quite easy.
  7. RecoilJunkie


    wood ETA: we try to use 2x2 and 1x2 so if they break they are easily replaceable in the field. Use wood screws and sheetrock screws to hold them together.
  8. RecoilJunkie


    for walls we use the snow fence, for barriers with ports we use 2x2 framed sections with Blue tarps.
  9. club customs sends out all their stuff to IonBond for the DLC coatings. They just prep it in house. I've had a few things done by IonBond that I am happy about. Things from dull finish to highly polished surfaces.
  10. I have the SigMax in 40 w/ the perman grips and I believe I shoot that gun better than any other gun I own. I changed out the safeties and added the long SV trigger but other than that she's bone stock and runs great. Loves 165gr ammo too.
  11. You might look closer to richmond to see if you can find a club. I think anyway you dice it you're going to be up for a haul. I was stationed at ft meade for a few years and I'm glad I got out of MD after that tour... On the bright side you'll be right near solomons and good fishing.
  12. Choose 2 separate machines. I have the 4003G w/ lots of tooling, 2 axis DRO, and its fully capable of lots of work. Get a nice large milling machine if you have the space for it. You'll thank yourself later.
  13. I had issues, a friend had issues, another friend has had no issues.... Slide and frame cracks seem to be more common in these pistols. STI replaced my gun from a cracked slide however I immediately sold the replacement, friend had the frame crack. It did take STI about 4-6 weeks to get me the new gun. Another guy on this forum had his slide crack and it took 7 weeks to get his back and they did a rather crappy job on it. I'll let him chime in. @Sparky My vote is to stay away until they get the issues worked out or get something out.
  14. I like it! integrate the buzzer, range commands, and different arrays. I think you're on to something. you can definitely setup and pause then use your phone or timer as well. some guys were showing me videos on instagram that play on repeat of range commands, buzzers, and par times.
  15. I run an indoor match down south, and we shoot twice a month. It is tough keeping fresh stages and dealing with the issues that arise from shooting indoors. I take ideas from other stages I see at larger matches however they usually require lots of tweaking for indoors. We can't really get any long shots so that makes us switch to lots of tight shots. We run two long stages and two classifiers. The limitations I have found indoors are the lack of backstop for shooting and moving unless you get some mobile bullet traps, then you're at the mercy of your shooters if you get a round that impacts directly into the cinder block wall. Our indoor range bays are 9 lanes wide, lets call it 27 feet wide and 25 yards deep. and we hang snow fence and some walls from the target track rails on the ceiling. We do ok, but a lot of our shooting is changing speed, posting up, shooting movers, and standards. If you're going to use moving targets on a slick concrete floor you need to make sure you have a good way to keep them in place. We have some drop turns and some mgm swingers that we use. They require LOTS of tape to hold them down to the floor. Some places use sand bags, but we don't want to spill sand on the slick floor. For shooting steel targets you'll want to place some cheapo 3/32 or 1/4" plywood under them so you don't damage the concrete surface. Also keep in mind the minimum distances for shooting steel.... We use mini classic poppers mainly. The last issue I found is that sometimes there is 'too much' with indoors sometimes less is really more. If you don't have the space for 32rds, swingers, and steel don't try to throw it all in on one stage. sometimes a 20-24rd stage will be just busy enough that it uses the space in a more efficient manner and it will flow better. Here is a video one of the competitors took of our last match.
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