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  1. Is it worth upgrading a PCC muzzle brake? if so, whats the best muzzle brake for the money out there. shooting a GMR-13
  2. I have a Noveske 14.5" barrel that I love. I have only shot it 300 yards but I hit 10" with ease at that range using factory ammo
  3. Anyone have a good universal load that you use for PCC and limited minor? I have a JM GMR with14.5" barrel and STI Marauder?
  4. I am awful with my money so I am pretty much have my dream setup. -Noveske AR with PRS stock, Geissele trigger, Vortex Razor 1-6 -Beretta 1301 Comp. with work by RAS -STI DVC with work by Atlas gunworks. The only thing ill change one day is to get a custom pistol from Atlas
  5. Im running a Geissele 2 stage right now but looking at getting a new trigger for my other AR. what are the pros and cons of 1 stage triggers vs a 2 stage
  6. Anybody here running a Scar for 3gun or just a fun gun, what accessories/upgrades/optics did you add? I have my designated 3gun AR and the Scar will be my all around gun, but ill probably shoot some fun matches with it.
  7. I have a Spikes tactical BCG Ive put through hell and it keeps going. A little pricey but I would buy it again https://www.spikestactical.com/collections/bolt-carrier-groups/products/parts-bolt-carrier-group-nickel-boron-lightweight?variant=32733935116
  8. I have mine at 10 yards with the MRO. Anything less than 10 yards I dont adjust but it's about 1.5" high @ 25 yards.
  9. If you wait for a sale Midway will sell them for $20
  10. Has anyone made their own quad load caddies that work? thinking about trying to make my own but dont know if its worth the time.
  11. I have mine zeroed at 50 yards and that works well for me. But my opinion is that it doesn't really matter what your zero is, it's about knowing your gun and knowing the distance on your hash marks.
  12. I have three 33 round with +5 TTI base, I use the same spring and I havent had any problems with my GMR
  13. What are yall doing to your GMR's. Mine is completely stock right and the only thing I dont like is the mag release, are there any aftermarket releases that make a difference. The trigger is good but not great, I feel like after a couple thousand rounds it will smooth out and be a great trigger but unsure.
  14. How much would it be to change saftey. I'm a lefty but am interested in it 

  15. I find it hard to believe that there isn't a thread on this already but I couldn't find one. I have a single stage that I've reloaded rifle rounds with but I'm still fairly new to reloading. I just bought a 650 with a 45 conversion kit. I plan on loading 45acp, 40s&w, and 9mm. What other equipment do I NEED to get started and what else is nice to have. Thanks in advance
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