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  1. Got a large roll of brown wrapping paper. I have my old shot up cardboard stapled to my frame and just staple a covering of the paper and if I feel like it outline a ipsc target on it. Since I've been training more I've been using throwaway targets from matches and taping alot lol
  2. I always run a muzzle support, where i shoot we do alot of seated stages and last thing i need is to sit and touch the muzzle knocking it out of the holster for a stupid DQ.
  3. Sweet, Your word is gold on fit for that pistol LOL. I spoke with someone at DAA and they told me the same so i have it on order, good to know it will fit.
  4. Just got notified that ill probably be on a plane Wednesday for the area for work. Should have the weekend off and plan to probably make my way into LA to meet a friend. Anybody know of any matches in the area Sat or Sunday? dont mind travelling 1-2 hours since the gas is on the company lol
  5. I changed my TSO mag release to the left side and now its extremely difficult to insert mags. I can see that the mag release is not flush on the backside by a hair and if i lightly press the mag release so that it is flush the mag changes are flawless. Anyone know if there is a fix to this? If not Ill just move it back to right hand as it was and mod the spring as it was having issues with releasing mags when pressed hard.
  6. did alot of dry fire this week since I picked up a CZ TSO to get used to tracking out of the holster and reloads. Noticed that im not looking into the magwell when doing reloads, this works well when im shooting for grins but at speed i was hitting the bottom of the magwell going in. Did some burkett drills looking into the magwell and have reduced the number of failed mag changes. saturday i went out and worked on shooting on the move as well as leaving a shooting position aggressively and being ready to shoot upon arrival. Set 2 3x3 shooting boxes with 3 targets and steel. Shooting areas were 10 feet apart and I did variations but all were 2 on each then steel move to the next area and repeat. Did 10 with no reload and 10 with a reload between the boxes, and 10 while shooting the full array moving between the boxes. Then did the array backwards, forwards left and right while moving slowly. shot an all classifier yesterday. It was 50-50, shot half the stages where I expected to be (high C low B ) the other half I blew. 1st stage had 3 strings, string one went well 5 alphas 3 charlies. string 2, forgot the lock on my holster and lost composure and raced the clock, 4 mikes and 4 charlies, continues to stew and threw another mike, 2 alphas and a charlie.... 2nd stage there was a long walk to the bay so i had time to relax and shot half decent, with a high c score. This was six in six and i think if I would have focused on hits instead of trying to be cool and get 12 shots in 6 seconds with a reload at my level. Lesson learned. 3rd stage low B, happy with the score at my current level 4th stage 3-v, have no clue what happened. I came out of the holster and first shots were on targets but all high and second shots were all mikes. I think I just rushed it and broke the trigger as soon as i caught the front site, not when the front site was in the channel... another .XX% crap stage. 5th stage was a repeat of stage one with full size instead of classic targets. I was also the first shooter..... kept thinking about stage one and managed to screw this stage up as well with 8 procedurals since it was draw fire 1 round on each target reload and 1 on each... i put 2 on each the first string.... FML 6th stage shot a high B. Stage 1 and 5 were mental 100% stage 4 i think i just shot too fast for the position i was in (hard lean around a door) and threw the shots. Biggest take aways, If you mess up, ignore it and move forward. After words dissect what happened and why, then find out how to avoid it and prevent it in the future. When shooting in off awkward/off balance positions slow down and dont shoot above your skill level. Points beat getting all your shots off in a par time with NPM when the par time is quick. This week i plan on continuing to work on dry fire training. If i'm not working through the weekend or out of town for work I will be doing positional shooting around barricades as well as work at 25 yards a bit. Will also continue to work on getting out of and into position as that is where im losing the most time.
  7. Limited Time - 4.16 Points - 36 HF - 8.6538 for 71.78%
  8. Shot this yesterday, tried to get all 12 at 25 and didn't do so hot. Also didn't slow down and take my time on the single hand shooting either, had time to reload and make ready for the next string before the timer went off. Learned I need to train par times since im so used to clear the stage quickly. limited 62 points = 59.27%
  9. https://www.speedshooter.com/product_detail.cfm?id=IATR-CZ-&n=IPSC-Alex-Thumb-Rest-for-CZ-Czechmate those were suggested in another TSO thread. here is one i may try suggested in the TSO main thread. http://www.fire-4-effect.com/F4E-ENHANCED-THUMBREST-FOR-CZ-TAC-SPORT_p_272.html
  10. looks clean but my OCD is killing me with that line i'm assuming the backstrap fits into LOL. Did you do it yourself?
  11. it was in a fully enclosed zippered soft case. Laid on the ground muzzle clearly down range (tapered case). I do have the app and have downloaded the rules. Still new to the game so i'm learning.
  12. Well now I know the section to quote, I was at a local match and the RO gave a stern warning to a PCC shooter who uncased his firearm at the make ready. He put the case on the ground adjacent to the start area, muzzle down range. unzipped and grabbed the firearm. The RO said he could DQ him because he unzipped all the way down and exposed the muzzle (down range) and the legal way to uncase was to unzip halfway leaving the muzzle half zipped so it doesnt "flag" anyone. I immediately asked him how that works because he was given the make ready command, if there is someone down range to flag the RO should be called into question. I was told rules are rules and follow them or get DQ'd. Also i now have the APP which has the rules.
  13. Do comps? I know poppels will because you add holes in the barrel where the pressure is still building. The comp the bullet has left the barrel so I would think (havent tested it at all) that the comp would not effect velocity.
  14. Bumping. Just bought a 9mm hc from the classifieds, need an insert for my alpha x, does anyone know which insert works?
  15. My 1911 looks like that but I have 2-3k draws on it. based on the poster above id say ratio was off.
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