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  1. FWIW I just replaced an Odin Works barrel with a JP. The Odin Works had a very short throat. MG 124gr HPs loaded to 1.110 would stick in the chamber. Don't have the same problem with the JP. Like the OP I'm looking to find another barrel at about 8.5" length to use for a pistol build.
  2. I built my own 2011 for USPSA Limited from an 80% frame, mostly because 2011s are hard to get at any reasonable price here in CA. Been using my custom built pistol for a few months now. It has been my first 1911 pattern gun ever so I have learned just about everything the hard way. I read a ton of books and watched a ton of videos, then took the plunge. I actually saw the ad for the class on Shooter's Connection today and considered taking the class, it would certainly fill in a lot of gaps in my knowledge.
  3. I have the primer pocket swager for my LnL AP press. Works pretty well but I haven't compared it to anything else. It is a little goofy loading the cases upside down but you can get into a good rhythm with it. I would double check that you can use it with the Pro-Jector press since part of the swager tool kit is the shell plate, I'm not familiar enough with the differences between the Pro-Jector and LnL AP to say whether it will work or not.
  4. Hi all, been lurking for probably a year now, had my first competition in July of last year and quickly got hooked. Really appreciate the resources here for reloading and competition. I do USPSA and 3-gun, I started in Production but just moved over to Limited so I can use a rig that's more similar to my 3-gun setup. I'm shooting an M&P now but I'll be migrating to a 2011 pretty soon.
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