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  1. djbb98

    Most Aggressive Grip

    Thanks everyone for your feedback. Still kinda torn but I think I'm a little closer to deciding
  2. djbb98

    Most Aggressive Grip

    I have a factory 2011 grip and after fondling with a DVC stippled gun almost a year ago over decide I want a more aggressive grip. I would go to e metal grip but I shoot IDPA and as far as I know they would be overweight (correct me if I'm wrong). So I'm either to a DVC stipple or Silicon Carbide. I feel the stippling might make the grip smaller and I have freakishly long fingers and don't really want the grip any smaller than it already is, and I see the carbide wearing off over time, or does this not happen? What are everyone's experience with each and maybe some tips and tricks for the process?
  3. djbb98

    Need a bigger range bag

    Anyone have experience with the GPS Executive. I am looking for a backpack that holds a laptop and it seems to be the only one. They make some high quality stuff and I think that's what I'll be getting
  4. djbb98

    2011 mags

    Never had any issues with MBX except for 3 mags not fitting in my grip, which some tuning is expected with any mags. I do have some new style STI mags bit have barely used them. Only got them because they were on sale
  5. djbb98

    Belt Setups

    Recently got my Carbon Arms belt and ratchet system in the mail. I also bought one of their inner belts with is pretty flimsy for the extra 15 dollars. Maybe it won't matter because you can synch your belt down so tight. I plastic belt is pretty stiff and I like it so far. Paired with the ELS and I think it's a winning setup
  6. djbb98

    Slide Stop Issues

    Interesting. I'll have to send them a email
  7. djbb98

    Slide Stop Issues

    I recall earlier this year seeing a post on Facebook I believe talking about someone who's slide stop will fall out when holding the gun sideways and racking the slide. People were saying (if i recall correctly) that this is due to the frame being out of spec. I didn't worry about it then because it was the middle of the season. I figure if I need to send it back to STI that this is the time of year to do it. Is this a issue I need to worry about and should have fixed? Or not worry about. I have had it fall out after shooting a stage during the unload and show clear, luckily it was indoors. I just need some input from others
  8. djbb98

    Belt Setups

    I have determined I am going to use the Carbon Arms belt with the ratchet system. The belt is a plastic and has enough holes for whatever mounting system you choose. I'm choosing the ELS for everything including the holster because I'm getting a good deal on stuff from Safariland. I'm also getting there shotshell caddies. I won one earlier this year and it's awesome how it works. The only downside is you have to adjust for the length of the shells, but they don't move when your using them
  9. djbb98

    Belt Setups

    I'm looking at upgrading my belt setup over the season and looking for input. I am really looking at the ELS best because I currently use tecloks and whenever I have a full belt it's not velcro'd anywhere on the belt, it just hangs there. Yes I have tried velcro on the back of the tecloks but I don't like it because I can't easily remove the tecloks. If you use ELS what are some things to make it better or do you like it the way it is. And how do you do your holster. I've seen just tecloks or something like the qls or RTI mounts, I want to be able to remove it easily What does everyone perfer and pros and cons of each. I will be using this for 3 gun and a little USPSA so I need to be able to switch gear quickly
  10. djbb98

    Best Methods For Flying

    I read your post on Facebook about that the other day. Definitely won't forget that part
  11. I have flown to a IDPA match before, but seeing it's just a pistol it fit right in the checked bag. But next year I'm looking at flying to some major 3 gun matches. What is everyones set up for flying. My plan was to go with a soft case inside of a hard case but I know there are many options for that. I've looked at the explorer cases although it seems the soft cases for those are kinda cheap. That's what I take away from pictures. Also my dad has a large Cabela's case and I've been looking at the Safariland 3 Gun Soft case that I could just put inside and use that case. Another issue might be the 12 round shotgun tube that I would perferebly not take of but will if needed. So what's everyone else use and your setup's.
  12. djbb98

    Hinged Bolt Release

    Well that's a little disappointing any idea what it's called
  13. djbb98

    Hinged Bolt Release

    I could swear it was them I just couldn't find anything about it or how it worked
  14. djbb98

    Hinged Bolt Release

    As I was practicing my quadloading today I was thinking if only it didn't take a minute to unload. And I recalled that earlier this year I saw someone who had designed a hinged Bolt Release so you could unload the tube with one movement. Am I crazy and just had a weird dream or is this a reality and who sells them
  15. djbb98

    STI New style mags!

    I just opened 3 new ones I got in the mail and was curious so I took them apart. They are all 140s but 2 are 40 S&W and 1 is 9mm. I take the springs out and the followers aren't clicked on to the followers and I can't get them on. Anyone else have these issues and know hot to fix this