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  1. Just bought a used STI 2011 with a SVI trigger with long flat insert. The trigger is way too long for me so I need to buy a new insert. I haven't found a sizing guide anywhere and I don't want to buy a bunch of different inserts trying to find one that fits. The measurement between the tip of my index finger and my wrist is 7". If I go with another flat trigger insert, should I go with a short or medium?
  2. 5.11 is doing a 25% off sale 9/1 through 9/7 with promo code "READY" and the tacklite vest is eligible.
  3. Lobo331


    New to the forums from west central Missouri, about an hour east of Kansas City. Shoot IDPA in KC with a Glock 34.
  4. This is really helpful. I mainly model my dry fire practice off the classifier and it always helps to have "par" times to set the timer to and work towards. I have also played rowdyb's video in the background and try to shoot his pace and rhythm.
  5. Unfortunately with only a 10 round capacity you need 4 mags of 6 per stage to get through the classifier. I load up two mags of 6 and one mag of 12 per stage since here in MO we don't have that restriction. I really like the way my club handles the classifier. We run a stage at a time with two alternating lanes so everyone goes through one stage then we set up the next stage. It minimizes lulls for reloading since you're reloading your mags while waiting your turn for the next stage, and it also minimizes the admin pauses for the unloading and loading.
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