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  1. That's awesome! It makes sense that they would use the same barrel stock, and just change the ID of the bore.
  2. Well I imagine a larger and thicker walled barrel will be the case for a LimPro in 40sw. 42.89oz for the 9mm is very close to IDPA's 43oz limit. My guess is the 40 won't make weight
  3. Hi guys, New to the site, and am interested in a IDPA/USPSA pistol in 40 s&w. I'm eagerly awaiting the new IFG Limited Pros. Since I've never had to worry about the size or weight requirements, I haven't kept up with the issue. I understand the LimPro is IDPA legal for the 9mm, but wasn't sure if it makes weight for the 40s&w. It appears that the new LimPro just barely makes weight. 1216gm or 42.89oz. per the "New IFG “LimPro” update" thread. My question is more of a general question, because we don't have the two different pistols to weigh yet. Is there a significant difference in weight between a 9mm and a 40s&w in the same pistol model?
  4. Hey There! I'm Gamma Rat. The name is because I'm not an "alpha rat", and I'm not a "beta rat". I don't like pushy people, and I'm certainly not some 'beta' they can "push around". I go my own way, and do my own thing.. Not tacticool, but practicool! Because of that, I get told "You're doing it wrong!" quite a bit. Maybe I am! But I like the way I shoot, and as long as I'm safe, I prefer to do it my way. I'll weigh the merits of their suggestions, and use what works for me. That being said.... I'm not an expert in shooting. I'm looking forward to learning from you guys, and have already learned a lot, from browsing anonymously.
  5. A little late.. But, We just purchased a Pelican 1615 hard case, which is the largest Pelican case that is checkable. Two wheels though, but what you're going to find is MOST suitcases have those wheels stapled into the cardboard bottom/side. In long term travel will result in loss of a couple of those wheels. In any event, Pelican makes a multitude of different sized cases that will work for most of your needs.
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