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  1. For your reference, at the Springer Precision website the below are the exact SKU numbers that I ordered. Hope that helps and good luck. SPCZ75-140-BPM17-WHT | Springer Precision CZ75 EZ 140mm base pads | 03/09/2018 | 9405510200793691698613 | - Mecgar 17 round mag
  2. I also use the Springer Precision 140mm(+5) for my Shadow 2 with the factory 17 round mecgar mags, no issues fitting with CZUB magwell from CZC.
  3. Hey anbrumm, I'm out in the Plainfield area. Thanks for the reply, my notifications weren't on. Do you ever shoot over at Oak Park Sportsman Club?
  4. Thanks again for listing the components for reference,this helps alot.
  5. 858-Thanks, appreciate the feedback. I'm not set on TTI's just looking for a +3 or +4 and I'll look for that CZUB magwell. Your Shadow looks great, is that the same trigger as the TSO??
  6. I recently installed Lok grips on my Shadow 2, ended up going with the Thin Bogies (shorts) to make room for the Magwell that I plan to add. Armory Craft has been sold out of theirs for a long time now and the ones on the CZ Custom site look they require swapping out springs and other parts to work with certain mag extensions and baseplates. Has anyone else made this mod or can confirm a +4 mag extension like the Taran Tacs or similar will work without any other modifications? I'm aware that I need to sand the bottoms of the grips for a proper fit, just wondering what else I should be considering.
  7. Looking forward to learning more from this community as I've constantly landed in this forum navigating through issues with my firearms.When I couldn't get an FN SLP to run light loads it was the members here that offered the advice to have the piston sealed by Sure Cycle and it's been 100% ever since. I've had several other minor issues solved here too and owe alot back for the insight. I've been shooting ever since I can remember (thanks Dad), but became serious over the last 4 years or so. I'm really interested in 3 gun and this will be the first year that I'll participate with the goal to run matches safely without any DQ's. I have confidence this is the place to be for reliable information, nice to meet you all.-Doug
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