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  1. 2nd great action flick for Keanu. Seems like his gun handling skills picked up since Street Kings!!
  2. On a related note, if you've never seen it, check out Way Of The Gun. That's a great movie! The first scene at the club is the best.
  3. ISTJ Introvert 56% Sensing 1% Thinking 1% Judging 22% Guess this means I'm not much of a thinker!!
  4. +1 Like you said whatever the SO at the stage wants or what ever the local clubs wants to suit their needs.
  5. Why would they cancel because of the up coming new laws? Don't other states with strict gun laws still have matches? So are matches in CA NY MA and others going to be cancelled now because of their strict gun laws. I know a lot of folks in the areas surrounding CO would be more than willing to come out and shoot. They could have pushed it back a weekend and made it happen. I noticed there are 3 major uspsa matches still happening this year in CO. Just hate to see IDPA give up on their shooters. Gregory B
  6. Is it a bad pic, sure. I've known this guy for a few years and was joking with him about the pic. Out of all the thousands of pictures taken at the Nationals, this had to be the one!! Have we all been there, ya I know I have. I could only imagine how many times something like this goes unnoticed at matches. But in his benefit he placed 3rd overall Production on the stage behind TGO and Grauffel and 7th overall Production at his first Nationals! Also, the guy recently made GM in Production with only shooting 14 classifiers! Is he an unsafe shooter? By no means at all. So I just want to
  7. Shot at the MSSA yesterday in Tennessee. Does anybody know where to find the scores for their matches? They recently changed their website but no link for new or old scores? Thanks
  8. been checking on me often looks like, what's on your mind?

  9. My guess it would be scored like a DNF for the stage. The shooters were only DQ'ed from the specific stage but shot the remainder of the match for score.
  10. The ground is a different issue. That is laid out in the rules and is clearly an AD. Any AD into anything is a DQ whether it's a prop or a wall or whatever. Your question seems to be whether shooting a wall is a DQ in and of itself and I say no. Trying to shoot a tight shot around a wall and hitting the wall is not a DQable offense. So shooting around a wall trying to make a tight shot, the wall is say only a foot away from the muzzel, you shoot the wall, that's not DQ'able?
  11. SO what I'm basically asking is if you shoot a prop/barrel/the ground within two yards of yourself while shooting is that considered a DQ per IDPA rules.
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