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  1. To troubleshoot linking: * Turn timer off * Enable location services and Bluetooth on device * Verify all other linked devices have screen off (have to check if Practiscore app for iOS keeps connection when screen is off). * Then open Timer dialog, turn Timer on and wait
  2. That would be my recommendation too. Though RO can stop string on the timer by pushing M or either of the arrow buttons when competitor finished shooting. I'd recommend doing that even if BT push option is turned off. And even then you can skip/remove some shots from the downloaded string in PractiScore app for Android. See details at https://blog.practiscore.com/android-app-bluetooth-timers/
  3. So, you had no issue with linking timer to that Kindle device? It is just connecting to the timer on the scoring screen wasn't going trough? Also note that location services need to be turned on on device (that is Android requirement for working with BLE). Generally android devices from different vendors can have different hardware and some devices are just faster or slower comparing to other. You may need to wait a few seconds more on some devices. Add to that different versions of Android itself and customizations done to it by vendors. Even Kindles have several different versions of Android and several generations of hardware. Usually it helps to turn the timer off, while PractiScore app doesn't have the scoring screen open, wait 15..30 seconds (to let connections die, e.g. when on the scoring screen and timer is connected, turn timer off and see how long does it take for timer icon to change state). Then turn timer on and go to the scoring screen again. Also watch for little popups at the bottom - they tell you of any errors. If connection failed - tap on the timer icon to try to reconnect. On some device it may take 5..8..10 seconds to connect, it is not always instantaneous. As for BT push... Alex, will correct me if I'm wrong but the only difference it makes is that timer pushes data over the connected link when new shot is detected and when timer is started (GO button is pushed) and when timer is stopped (M or arrow buttons are pushed while timer was listening). Other than that, the push mode doesn't change how timer is connected.
  4. Was there more than one Android device involved or tried at that time? The BT devices can be connected only to one tablet at a time and it is possible that some other phone or tablet linked to the same timer was "stealing" that single connection and tablet you've been trying to connect was getting a "busy" signal. When you rebooted timer for a little longer that other device lost connection. You are using linked and connected words interchangeably... The linking of timer happens on the squad shooter list screen - at the top menu you select "Timer" option to scan and select BT device to link with (as in "remember name of the timer to connect with"). The timer is not being connected at that point. And if it is connected to some other tablet, you may not be able to see it in the list of devices either. Once timer is linked and you go to the scoring screen, that is when PractiScore app connects to the timer. It shows connection status on the "timer" button at the bottom of the screen. If connection didn't go trough for some reason you can tap on the timer icon (striken trough at that time) to reconnect. Once you go away from the scoring screen or even turn device screen off - timer is disconnected. This is mainly to allow to use single timer when several competitors are run side-by-side and scored on multiple tablets. Though that require some basic coordination between score keepers, as in "keep the damn screen turned off" until you go for scoring targets. That also helps to save the tablet battery. Normally you don't need to keep the scoring screen open and tablet on until shooter is done (or when scoring is started). The timer is reconnected when you turn screen on, and if automatic connection failed, you can tap on the timer icon to connect and once connected - tap on it again to pull data from the timer (regardless of BR push turned on or off). In some cases you need to have some patience and don't tap on that icon too many times.
  5. I say that effect of enabling/disabling BT push is coincidental. You probably just restarted the timer. Also, you can follow instructions for linking timer (not the same as pairing) with PractiSCore app at https://blog.practiscore.com/android-app-bluetooth-timers/
  6. Entire match? Are you referring to PractiScore app (and which one, ios or android?) or PractiScore Log app? RickT was working with the latter, but for the match usage you need the former app and it is not recommended to use BT push while scoring stages. Not because of the technical reasons, but to give RO better control on when time is taken, he still have to verify loaded time with time on the screen
  7. Hmm. Why do you think you need to turn BT push off on the timer? There are some issues with BT link in the current app release. I'm finishing an update for PractiScore Log app that has improved BT link
  8. For practice - look at the PractiScore Log app. It pulls all the data from AMG timer. The PractiScore app can do that too (final time and splits), but it is not designed to be efficient tool when practicing - it is the match scoring app.
  9. On a side note, I keep forgetting to add support to PractiScore Competitor app for undeleting deleted stages or at least allow to see stage results for them...
  10. You need to clone match on your tablet. Not on the web site.
  11. Copying match on another device and even changing date - won't change the match and won't prevent new results uploads from overriding match. You need to clone match on a tablet before doing these edits. Action is in the match entry menu on the match list screen on Android.
  12. The push only work when timer is connected (i.e. blue timer button at the bottom is not stricken out). If blue button has stricken out icon, you van tap on it again to connect a previously linked timer.
  13. There is a glitch on some devices when not all shots are being downloaded. I'm still chasing a proper fix for it. Stay tuned. It would help if you could email to support@practiscore.com with some details about your device (fevice model, android/ios version, etc) and then answer a few follow up questions. Generally, when you switch to another app, like camera app, the timer may get disconnected (due to android and ios system restrictions). The Log app tries to connect back when you bring it up front. But you may have to use blue button to re-load/update the last string data from the timer.
  14. euxx

    Hardware deals

    You may want to get a few of those to get your PractiScore tablets powered trough the day. Anker PowerCore 10000 PD Redux, 10000mAh Portable Charger USB-C Power Delivery (18W) Power Bank $28.79 ($17.20 off) https://amzn.to/3803E4S
  15. Don't think it is what you want, but as ChuckS said, give it a try. The "Share" option is allowing you to select from all apps available on device capable of sharing text data. Basically it is using an external program of your choice. The printing is also does that. For email it will use email app on your device. It have to be configured to send emails (accounts and all), it won't be automatic. A regular email app will open an email compose screen (with to, subject and email body filled in) and you have to push send. The only app that was capable of receiving PractiScore in-notifications was PractiScore Matchbook. It been dropped off for a couple of years now. The PractiScore Competitor app doesn't do anything with notifications yet. Though you can refresh results posted to PractiScore web site in one push of a button there.
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