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  1. No plans to add support for "individual results" when posting from Android app. This is largely overlapped by presentations available in the "new style" web results and also in the PractiScore Competitor app. Sadly the "new style" results aren't available for SC (yet), though that is mainly a website artefact that need to be enabled (when web crew has some time). You can post at this topic on community site to express your interest. https://community.practiscore.com/t/steel-challenge-results/1086 As for the "master" reports. Email the match links to support@practiscore.com ones th
  2. That would explain it. I don't have access to the tickets system. You should really use support email (as shown on the main screen in the PractiScore app for Android) or use PractiScore Community website (as linked in Support menu at the top of PractiScore website). https://community.practiscore.com/ Anyhow, unless I'm missing something, besides layout differences, both variants are showing the same results. The former one posted from the PractiScore app for android and shows SC match "events" in the same table as divisions (and also shows stage results for
  3. I don't recall an inquiry like that. Could you please clarify where exactly you reached out at?
  4. The 59.48 in PCC look more impressive than 56.57 in RFRO if peak times mean anything. 134.50% of PCC peak times vs 120.21% of RFRO.
  5. It looks like most rf and pcc peak times are too low. But then they may have done it intentionally to attract shooters.
  6. Breakdown by classes is interesting. GM is the highest competing class in most divisions and overall. Division CO ISR LTD OPN OSR PCCI PCCO PROD RFPI RFPO RFRI RFRO SS Total Total 47 11 22 44 11 26 116 19 37 100 61 151 15 660 D
  7. The top 10 (compared to the peak time %) all shooting either RF pistol/rifles or PCC and up to 34% above peak times. The top CF HG competitor is 0.1% below peak times (PROD) 11.8% above peak times (CO).
  8. Most timeplus scoring variants don't score individual targets. You just introduce and assign time-based penalties (hence the "plus" part) to various things like misses (not knocked down steel), penalties, etc. There are several variants that do have per-target scoring like IDPA, ICORE and UPL. PractiScore has some level of configuration for those penalties, though we don't encourage that. Also, depending on your match setup and intent you can use point-based scoring. ProAm is like that. Generally you put more steel to the stage than most top guns could knock down in a given par-
  9. You may want to ask this at https://community.practiscore.com
  10. That is exactly how it works. There is also an option to re-shuffle order on a given device. The re-shuffled order will then go to master at sync and can be pushed to other devices.
  11. I can only think that shooter data was synced from somewhere between those stages. Will check if match info is saved in between...
  12. If someone is willing to do the leg work and prepare match and all the required details that will allow to reproduce this, I can look at it, given details are provided.
  13. Will be possible at some point after dropping support for Nooks and updating to more recent tools... With stage 2 being on another tablet - you will have to sync changed from the tablet these changes were made at.
  14. First time I header this. Should be possible to address it. When you hit this again, please email support@practiscore.com with the match export file, and additional info, such as stage, squad and also an acceptable oder you wanted/expected to see.
  15. Out of curiosity, why ipad for master? For instance, why not Fire 10? So, you stick all yo the same platform. The Fire 8 for scoring is the chepest option for a very decent quality.
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