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  1. The push only work when timer is connected (i.e. blue timer button at the bottom is not stricken out). If blue button has stricken out icon, you van tap on it again to connect a previously linked timer.
  2. There is a glitch on some devices when not all shots are being downloaded. I'm still chasing a proper fix for it. Stay tuned. It would help if you could email to support@practiscore.com with some details about your device (fevice model, android/ios version, etc) and then answer a few follow up questions. Generally, when you switch to another app, like camera app, the timer may get disconnected (due to android and ios system restrictions). The Log app tries to connect back when you bring it up front. But you may have to use blue button to re-load/update the last string data from the timer.
  3. euxx

    Hardware deals

    You may want to get a few of those to get your PractiScore tablets powered trough the day. Anker PowerCore 10000 PD Redux, 10000mAh Portable Charger USB-C Power Delivery (18W) Power Bank $28.79 ($17.20 off) https://amzn.to/3803E4S
  4. Don't think it is what you want, but as ChuckS said, give it a try. The "Share" option is allowing you to select from all apps available on device capable of sharing text data. Basically it is using an external program of your choice. The printing is also does that. For email it will use email app on your device. It have to be configured to send emails (accounts and all), it won't be automatic. A regular email app will open an email compose screen (with to, subject and email body filled in) and you have to push send. The only app that was capable of receiving PractiScore in-notifications was PractiScore Matchbook. It been dropped off for a couple of years now. The PractiScore Competitor app doesn't do anything with notifications yet. Though you can refresh results posted to PractiScore web site in one push of a button there.
  5. Not currently. The push of scores to PractiScore for android is in the list There isn't automatic sync either. For the second point. Don't think I ever seen a second backup device on a stage... In addition to that PractiScore app for Android can also be configured to write a local score log to a removable (if device physically allows that) SD card. That store normally will survive even if tablet itself is damaged or broken. You can take card out and open it on another computer (it is in a text format). Regarding "signature taking a ton of memory". What data this statement is based on? And what's the definition of a ton of memory? My anecdotal math gives me about 1.5Mb for the signatures (most tablets have 1Gb or more memory) for a match with 15 stages and 400 competitors. That's for 6000 signatures and also I'd recommend to use shooter's initials there. But this is not the only thing that "requires the RO's knowing"
  6. It depend what you call "email individual results". You can email/sms/whatsup individual stage results from Android app. Share option is the same one that is used for printing them. It will use apps installed on device for that. The ios app does have option to push results to another practiscore server (that is if it is enabled and scoring tablet can connect to it from the stage). That server will then send emails, that is if competitor's email were present on the scoring tablet.
  7. A 1k will let you to get 20..25 printers. https://blog.practiscore.com/printing-stage-receipts/ Out of curiosity, what corner of the world that is? And what printers and what tablets? Canada been using BT printers for most L3 IPSC matches for 3..5 years now. Several setups with different tablets and printer models. Some cheap ones has bad battery connection, but no major issues that can't be fixed with a little effort.
  8. Cool, eh? The app was updated last week or the week before.
  9. FYI, request from USPSA to have 19 classifiers added to PractiScore was received today.
  10. Now someone is starting to think...
  11. Guys, I wonder what's your idea how new uspsa classifiers appear in the PractiScore apps? I hear that somehow you are expecting that some classifiers just will be there after you update apps to some version...
  12. PractiScore app never really been designed for practice. You can use it to record practice sessions, but there is extra work you have to do (create match, create stages, create shooters, even enter scores). Some people do it anyways and then export results into PractiScore Competitor app to see charts and other fancy stuff. But the latter is primarily crafted for viewing match results. For the practice sessions when there are multiple repeated drills and variations and often multiple people - a different kind of app was needed. More like a continuous journal or a log of your practice. It worked well for me during the last shooting season, but it is just the beginning. Some features are still in the works.
  13. The PractiScore Competitor app been showing classifier-related info for a while. Right next with the match results. A recent version also added per-class classifier times for SC and times and time-cost for dropped points for USPSA. https://www.facebook.com/eugene.practiscore/posts/581567586022831
  14. Meh. There is a new app for that timer better crafted for practice sessions. No need to juggle between PractiScore and PractiScore Competitor apps.
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