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  1. No need to get upset on a little sarcasm. If you re-read your original post, I actually had answered your exact question and provided extra information on top of that. You've asked if anyone had issues, so the answer is yes. I'm well aware that you've expected someone to jump on, diagnose your issue based on information you provided and provide solution, bypassing a recommended and official support channel for the app you are using... The thing is, this forum is not a proper support channel for said app and issue does require one-on-one communication, which isn't really appropriate or belong here. Though the good news are that there is a good change you can get it to work, that is if you do a follow trough.
  2. A few people people who had issues syncing to or from Cromebook device had contacted support email as instructed on the main screen of the PractiScore app and had their issues resolved.
  3. You should really ask this in the PractiScore Community Support site at https://community.practiscore.com/
  4. euxx

    Hardware deals

    With matches started to reopen, here are some handy deals on Amazon tablets. One of the best ones to run PractiScore app. Amazon just updated their Fire HD 8 devices with improved hardware, more memory and USB-C charging port. All-new Fire HD 8 tablet, 8" HD display, 32 GB (only for next 17 hours) Now with USB-C for easier charging. Includes a USB-C cable and 5W power adapter in the box $59.99 ($30 off) https://amzn.to/3ieGTzu All-new Fire HD 8 Kids Edition tablet 2-pack, 8" HD display, 32 GB, Blue/Pink Kid-Proof Case Now with USB-C for easier charging. Includes a USB-C cable and 5W power adapter in the box 2-year worry-free guarantee: if it breaks, return it and it replaced for free $199 ($80 off) https://amzn.to/2BogvT8 All-New Fire 7 Kids Edition Tablet 2-Pack, 16 GB, Blue/Pink Kid-Proof Case 2-year worry-free guarantee: if it breaks, return it and it replaced for free $149.98 ($50 off) https://amzn.to/2NDIPDR There is also an option to buy one device for the last two deals with $40 and $25 discount accordingly.
  5. @jrdoran I don't work on the web site. There is a copy option in the Competitor app as shown on your screenshot. If you like some additional charting added to the PractiScore Competitor app, please email your ideas at support email. I'll see what I can do.
  6. If results aren't on PractiScore how do you know he is beating you?
  7. TimePlus is simpler, because there is no stage setup differences. You have option to run it as the same match or as two matches. For the latter, you could do it as the same event at the range, as long as a given squad all shooting the same stage (same event), so basically ROs would need to switch to the right match in PractiScore app. Within the same event you can either separate competitor by division or by category. But either way the combined results will be messed up. You can also score everyone in the same match in PractiScore app and then clone that match in PractiScore app into two separate matches and delete some competitors keeping only shooters for a given event (e.g. filter by category or division).
  8. Forget about PractiScore for a moment. Think how you want to score your match(es) first. Timeplus, TPP or HF or something else? Do you want to rank all people under the same results or it will be separate sub-events?
  9. That's why there is https://community.practiscore.com/
  10. When AMG Lab (or other supported BT timer) was used at the match and individual shot times are pulled in PS app (happens automatically when you pull from BT-enabled timer). These split times are saved with the scores and go to PractiScore web site with the posted match results. The PractiScore Competitor app is able to pull that data and use it to show additional stuff. See more info about PractiScore Competitor app at https://community.practiscore.com/t/practiscore-competitor-app-info/209 Though for practice at the range I'd recommend PractiScore Log app. It has the same visualizations of individual runs if you use AMG Lab timer, but it can be also used without a BT timer link to keep log of practice runs. https://community.practiscore.com/t/practiscore-log-app-info/215
  11. Seem to be open now
  12. "Private" matches mean that MD will share registration link elsewhere. It is more likely they are still creating registration forms for these.
  13. I wasn't sure about iOS... Looked at it and apparently it is not allowed there either. The TP <-> TPP change is an exceptional case, because stage and shooter configuration doesn't change, unlike other type changes like TP <-> SC, HP <-> TP, TP <-> IDPA, etc... I'll see about possibility to allowing to change it in Android app for one of the future app releases.
  14. I sent you the updated match export file. The PractiScore app for Android currently doesn't allow to change match type, but it might be possible to change between Timeplus and Timeplus Points in the PractiScore app for iOS. Also, the PractiScore Competitor app allow your competitors to switch a Timeplus Points match into Timeplus scoring and back (but not Timeplus to Timeplus Points, because in this case stage points aren't set).
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