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  1. There are few things you should do on Kindles right away. https://www.androidpolice.com/2020/06/28/fire-tablet-slow-performance-speed-guide/ And if you are somewhat tech-savvy and not afraid to experiment with things, there is more could be done about Fire tablet annoyances. Take a look at the "Fire Toolbox" tool: https://forum.xda-developers.com/t/windows-tool-fire-toolbox-v11-0.3889604/
  2. Okay. Glad to hear that. If you will come up with something. Let me know. Can also email that at support@practiscore.com I'd like if you you could get them to elaborate on that. What was easier on ipad and what could be better on Android?
  3. Sounds like that was related to the wifi router capacity. You may need one that is capable of handling 200..300 client connections. Also some tweaking could be done on wifi router to assign static IPs to the scoring tablets and dynamic ones to everyone else (no one has time for that at the match). Or use a separate router for everyone else in the tent area. Some hi-end routers also allow to create separated out guest networks and manage service quality. Though all would require someone with more networking expertise. Not sure if there is really much data per-competitor being sent.
  4. Did that slowed down the wifi or also the PractiScore app and tablets used at stages? I've seen in Florida that a spare tablet been put on a separate public wifi and updated periodically from the private network. The way PractiScore app is designed is that it works offline and doesn't need internet or even a local wifi access, except during sync. So, the tablets don't upload to PractiScore website on their own. Uploading results to the PractiScore website, as well as syncing and puling updated scores both are manual steps usually completed by the m
  5. I see you posted same question at the PractiScore Community support website. https://community.practiscore.com/t/how-to-sync-over-wifi-during-match/2588/2 We can continue there.
  6. Could you give me an example what might be taking longer?
  7. I see. Were you not been able to find something in the Android app?
  8. You mean you like ipad for a master? Could you elaborate why you prefer ipad over Android?
  9. If you can get them and have some money - get Fire 8 instead of Fire 7. A bit bigger and a bit better screen and bit better battery. The last revision of Fire 8 also has USB-C connector instead of Micro-USB. As of the differences... A few things look somewhat different. Though mostly not for the score keepers. Get one Android tablet and try your MD routine on it to get a feel for it. You can actually run PractiScore app for Android on your PC or Mac in the Bluestacks app runner. https://www.bluestacks.com/ Maybe even run Android and your old ipads side by side at your c
  10. Meh... No one read the tutorials. https://community.practiscore.com/t/how-to-merge-duplicated-stages/287
  11. In the plans. In the mean time you can create "drill" tags for each drill and use those to tag your runs. Don't really need targets or round counts to time your practice runs. And you can mark bad runs with another tag.
  12. Sure. In the app on your Fire device, tap on the (i) button at the top and read trough the 1st section. It tells you how to get any issues with the app resolved (near the end, right before the next User Guide section). Also, there is a PractiScore Community Support site with all kind of knowledge, tips and support staff present there. E.g. https://community.practiscore.com/t/amg-commander-shot-timer-and-bluetooth-connection/653/3
  13. The horizontal mode is for a large display.
  14. @mhoosier turn your ipad 90 degrees.
  15. None of the classifier-to-be stages have the timer data. Kinda no brainer to collect the data for GM runs if you know they will became classifiers. I was wondering why it wasn't done. Btw, fun fact. Out of about 10k matches I've got from 2019, there are 1900 classifier runs that have the timer data. I have to see if I could pull the 2020 matches...
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