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  1. Not according to uspsa president
  2. euxx

    Timer Questions & Advice

    More than that - https://blog.practiscore.com/android-app-bluetooth-timers/
  3. euxx

    Classifier ReShoot Clarification

    Always did. Unless you have walk-ins enabled and "identical" shooters are registered as walk-ins. Walk-ins are disabled by default (since about couple years now). You are remembering walk-ins, not regular shooters. The formers can be registered on multiple tablets without syncing (or even network connection between devices being available). The latter has to be synced between devices to maintain identity.
  4. euxx

    Classifier ReShoot Clarification

    I take no credit for any USPSA upload stuff. Using a 3rd party service for non-primary things (like getting it service for non it organization) to support business is a common practice. Though it is not exactly arrangement USPSA has.
  5. euxx

    Classifier ReShoot Clarification

    Am I the only one find it funny that USPSA HQ doesn't provide clear guidelines on this?
  6. euxx

    Classifier ReShoot Clarification

    Define "correctly". It will be uploaded as entered. Yes you can have more then one shooter with the same info (name, division, uspsa#) and each can have scores. So, more then one run on each stage is possible wether under the same shooter entry or different, but either way it does affect match results even if given competitor haven't shot whole match. But I am not in the loop in regards to USPSA upload, especially when multiple entries involved.
  7. euxx

    Classifier ReShoot Clarification

    Cool! PractiScore gets to get a more proper results than USPSA site
  8. euxx

    Hardware deals

    Another round of Amazon's promotions on Fire devices. All "Kids Edition" devices include kids-proof cases and 2 year warranty) Fire 7 Kids Edition (2-year worry-free guarantee: if they break it, return it and we'll replace it for free. No questions asked) $69.99 ($30.00 off) https://amzn.to/2UYOmr3 Fire HD 8 Kids Edition (2-year worry-free guarantee: if they break it, return it and we'll replace it for free. No questions asked) $89.99 ($40.00 off) https://amzn.to/2ReUOLa Fire HD 10 Kids Edition (2-year worry-free guarantee: if they break it, return it and we'll replace it for free. No questions asked) $149.99 ($50.00 off) https://amzn.to/2Sg8kf0 Fire HD 8 $49.99 ($30 off) https://amzn.to/2UYZ5BE Fire HD 10 $119.99 ($30.00 off) https://amzn.to/2V4oSIS
  9. euxx

    Hardware deals

    They are running Fire OS (currently, an Android 5 clone) and have Amazon's own app store pre-installed. You can get PractiScore from that app store without side-loading it. Amazon does push some of their own content to those devices (some adds and promotions), but that does not affect running of PractiScore software and with some effort that content can be removed (but most users don't bother as it is not intrusive).
  10. We always make link to apk available, though it never been recommended to bypass app stores (not all users know how to do that or update app after). But here I don't want to post apk without testing, especially that we don't want continue maintaining it after this release
  11. It is final. Yet, when that announcement was made we didn't know that Google will also pull a plug on the app store updates for apps not supporting their new Android versions. So, I've had no idea what would it take to support both old and new Android versions... I've been working on that for over a month now, having everything else on hold. Perhaps it didn't worth it to spend time on supporting Nooks with less than two months left, but I managed to pull a miracle and got it working on Nooks and new Androids. At least on a quick glance. Hence the need for testers and decent chance to have this last release working on Nooks. I suppose, after this release is out, I might keep support for Nooks until next update of Android (since work is done), as long as it won't hold us up with supporting other new stuff. Unfortunately no promises there, there already few overdue improvements that can't be done while Nooks are supported (that stuff just not working on old Android).
  12. I'm looking for several testers to test PractiScore on Nook devices. I need several people to try out one of the last builds of PractiScore that will work on Nook devices. If you planning to continue using your Nooks please email support@practiscore.com - I will send you a link to the test build and will need you to run it trough your regular match routine, even on a toy match. I'll need immediate feedback on any issues and have to complete testing before next week.
  13. I know the address is on match registration page, but it is not on the club page at https://practiscore.com/clubs/sns-casting-400-uspsa-championship
  14. Would be nice to update the real address of the club created on PractiScore web site instead of "123 anystreet, anystate freestate 55555", it messes up map and directions. Thanks. .
  15. Btw, to clarify. The issue is not the device, but version of Android it is running. There are few devices with eink screen out there that should be capable of running PractiScore. Though more pricey. For example https://amzn.to/2So7SLg