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  1. It is only "slick" until that classifier re-entry win the stage and pushes other scores down enough to change the overall standings... Anyhow, this is one of the things USPSA should have put more thoughts in and should have worked closely with the PractiScore crew. It is not that hard to figure out what need to be done on both sides. This is one of those things that requires both parties to work together. But at least one of the parties either doesn't care or has no idea that there is an issue. Hint – it is not PractiScore.
  2. Making assumptions regarding new Bluetooth-enabled timers based on your past bad experience with the shotmaxx timer make no sense... The shotmaxx timer WAS a cool kid at the block back then. But its Bluetooth support was half backed, not to mention that product was designed about 10 years ago and a lot of things had changed on both sides - what is available for external devices and what hardware and protocols are supported on the modern tablets and phones. I know that because I did tried to hook up what has become the PractiScore Log app with the shotmaxx timer back then and experience was not reliable at all. The timer's Bluetooth interface was based on Bluetooth 2 and basically the timer was sending data using audio-encoded like Morse code, which was going trough device DAC and those are all over the map on Android. It was so bad that they disabled Bluetooth in their last firmware update. A lot had changed since then. Both Android and iOS platform had opened up to enable external devices and device manufacturers now can add BT support for like $5 cost of parts. I've seen Bluetooth support added to some timers in a few weeks time frame. Seriously there are no reasons for any modern timer to not have Bluetooth now.
  3. Here is a reference page for the Bluetooth timers supported in the PractiScore app for Android. The iOS app is somewhat behind in regards to supported timers. https://community.practiscore.com/t/bluetooth-timers-supported-in-the-practiscore-app-for-android/208 Similarly, here is the reference page and supported Bluetooth timers for the PractiScore Log app (both Android and iOS) It is the app to make any supported Bluetooth timer smart and bring your practice to the next level https://community.practiscore.com/t/practiscore-log-app-info/215 PS: one more timer worth to mention is Competition Electronics ProTimer BT. AKA toss away your Pocket Pro II... https://www.facebook.com/permalink.php?story_fbid=4082883685108677&id=111535648910187
  4. Try to call GoShoot. They might have stock. https://www.goshoot.com/ But then the sooner you order it, the sooner you will get it...
  5. @BillChunn if you name these stages like "18-02", then you don't need to attach PDFs and the Android app will create these stages automatically when you use pin# import from PractiScore website. See more at https://community.practiscore.com/t/create-stages-automatically-when-downloading-match-from-the-practiscore-web-site/682
  6. Or get the tablets, or even have ROs to use their own phones to enter the data.
  7. @ClangClang I'd ask an unorthodox question first. If you have paper or even Excel, why you need PractiScore? Your Excel will give you your match results. The main reason to use PractiScore is that your ROs entering the data and that's the only time data is entered. When scoring on paper your data is entered more than once, and that lead to errors, typos, etc. Said that, if you have 3 squads, you need only 3 tablets. The Amazon Fire ones are cheap...
  8. The "*" symbol indicates the used weigh, when more than one weight is entered in the app. The app makes no assumptions about weight being declared or bullets being weighted.
  9. @gdc2506 you could use the free PractiScore app for your practice, but the app is not specifically crafted to be used to track practice. Its main purpose it to run matches. The USPSA website has several HOWTO videos available to members. Also here is a starting point for the apps on the PractiScore Community website https://community.practiscore.com/t/getting-started-with-practiscore-scoring-apps/3332 To record practice and track and analyze progress I created separate app called PractiScore Log. The last updated added support for scoring. Admittedly it doesn't track multi-string scores yet, but that is something I'm planning to look at in the future app updates. Though for steel challenge practice you can use your individual string averages to track your improvement over time. You can find more info at https://community.practiscore.com/t/practiscore-log-app-info/215
  10. Just the weight used to calculate the average PF. No difference in this case, given that the only one weight entered at the chrono. The app makes no assumption or differentiates if weight was declared or bullet was weighted. You'd have to ask the chrono ROs or RM about the crono procedure. Your blanked statement about manufacturer's bullet wights been above declared value has no real ground in general. It can be the case for some vendor, but not for the other. It depends on the bullet manufacturing process (e.g. cast vs swage and how coating or jacket is made). Yes and no. With information we see, one can reasonably estimate chance of some of competitor rounds being under a minor PF at about 40%. We don't have to prove a given round was light or not, but can say with some level or certainty that it could have been light.
  11. Hard to tell... With his time and HF the cost of Miss was 2.36 seconds. His match overall is 85.83% - 12th place. 2nd shot at the popper added .83 and 3rd shot - added .63 seconds. So, 1.46 together - that is still under that cost of Miss for his stage time. Taking only 3rd shot off would bring stage time to 11.42, HF 6.8 and cost of Miss - 2.20. With no miss 86.09% in the match - 12 place overall. With taking a miss - stage HF: 5.5. Match overall 85.35% and 14th place. Taking both of them off would make stage time 10.79 and stage HF 7.2. Cost of miss - 2.08 seconds. With no Miss - the match overall 86.31 - 12 place. With taking a Miss - stage HF: 5.8 and match overall 85.53% - 14th place. All in all, he seems did the right decision to shoot the popper and whole incident likely haven't affected his overall standing.
  12. It could have been an issue with the popper, but I won't write off competitor's ammo either. Think about it... His ammo passed chrono with the average of the best 3 rounds out of 5 shots trough chrono and 2 rounds out of 5 were under 125 PF. Now, expanding same ammo PFs to stage shooting - 40% of shots were under powered. It could be more than 40% or it could be less, we don't really know. But we know there were some and with bad luck one of those low power rounds went into the heavy large popper. Just like that. So, knowing it's an edge PF ammo, competitor still took his chances at the major competition. It gave him some advantage in other places, but it also increased chances of popper not going down here... For a PRO competitor there is no one else to blame, it is all part of the game and he gambled on it.
  13. euxx

    Hardware deals

    On the other hand... The cost of those is close to the 1/3 of the tablet price. So, could wait when Fire 8 HD is on sale and get them. You get spares and devices to additionally backup scores to.
  14. euxx

    Hardware deals

    No for the first. I have a few older Ankers. They show 4..5 small led to indicate left charge. It also shows that when it is being charged, so you see when it is at full capacity. Will keep an eye on the coming deals and post here
  15. euxx

    Hardware deals

    One day only Anker PowerCore Slim 10000 PD Green, 10000mAh Portable Charger USB-C Power Delivery (18W) Power Bank Fast Charge $19.99 ($10 off) https://amzn.to/3tFom3N
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