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  1. The "programming" is the same, just no one asked for Android support for clays and the clays shooting in iOS haven't got widely used either. Guys in Utah created a new scoring site (and apps, well kinda) for bow shooting competitions. The shooting crowds are quite different between practical, clays (including trap) and bow competitions. The latter two also used to somewhat different approach to scoring competitions and there is a monetization aspect too, which the Utah guys are trying to piggy back on.
  2. Why don't you attach your PractiScore match export file *.psc here...
  3. September 17-21, 2019 IPSC Canada Shotgun Nationals, Ontario Canada https://practiscore.com/2019-ipsc-canada-shotgun-nationals/register Registration is closing in a few days
  4. The participation and activity fees are for sooting matches. If someone did shot the match, he shouldn't be deleted from PractiScore. You may want to re-read the USPSA rules to see why I actually CAN and have shoot L2, L3 and Nationals not being USPSA member.
  5. You missed my point entirely. If you wanted to delete someone from the match then you are likely not followed USPSA rules in regards to the match participation. But for the record, I don't have to be an USPSA member to shoot USPSA matches, so I choose not to be one. Using PractiScore at your local club is not quite the same as providing support to everyone using PractiScore (as in all Android support). Just saying...
  6. Since we are playing in an unrelated questions game, I'll ask too. Have you volunteered your own time to provide PractiSore support?
  7. And PractiScore is not doing anything incorrect. There is no need to remove competitor from results. You either allow him to re-enter for scores per, or don't allow him to re-enter. In either case there is no need to delete and activity fee is correct. I just don't see why you would allow competitor for no score and still want to submit activity fee for someone who shouldn't have been in the match.
  8. The actually says the opposite: Level I matches may allow competitors to enter multiple Divisions for match recognition Now I'm confused. If you had allowed competitor to re-enter L1 match per, why are you deleting him from results? But for L2+ matches you shouldn't have allowed re-entry, so removing competitor seem appropriate.
  9. Go ahead and report it. There is a Help button at the top of the PractiScore pages. BTW, you can see procedural penalties on the web site too from "old style" html results. The link is at the bottom of the results page. https://practiscore.com/results/html/86c4d668-c414-4705-9ed1-8c16df7dd3a4?page=stage0-review
  10. Depending on a match it is still not outside of possibility. After those 14 misses, all you need to be some 70+ points ahead (actually stage points, not hits) on all other stages combined. PractiScore Competitor app calls that "available points".
  11. Here is an example right from the PractiScore site https://blog.practiscore.com/combined-vs-division-results/ PS: I find it hilarious people suggesting PractiScore messed up, as if in wouldn't have happen in the last 5..10 years and no one would have reported major issues
  12. ...and even history of your classifier runs (including different divisions)
  13. The live stats shows about 10k active Android devices (about 40% Amazon and 40% Samsung devices) and 5.8k iOS devices. That include PractiScore on scoring devices, as well as installed on user's phones. For iOS about 50% are iPhones, so I suspect most of those aren't used to enter match scores. I don't see Nook devices anymore in the last few months, they may not be connected to internet, so we don't have them in the stats.
  14. Forgot to mention, that when you import registration into a current match it will break link between registration/club on PractiScore site and match results (and you may have to claim club results to get match results on the club dashboard) and also unlink results from the match info in Matchbook app. Though when you doing your workaround for subsequent pin# imports that link should be fine.
  15. Normally when you don't have standard match template on the web site, but can create or clone match from a local on-device template, so you get right setup for penalties/bonuses or even stages.
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