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  1. I use, Federal GMM primers, Hornady 230 FMJ-RN, 3.8 of Clay Dot, puts it right around 700 FPS. It’s my IDPA load for revolver.
  2. Use these guys, send them a picture of your gun, better yet call them. Use the Nanuk case. You won’t be disappointed.
  3. Thanks, I’m using .035 with Syntech brass.
  4. MWP, what moonclips do you use for your 929?
  5. I’d say yes, but I wonder, how many 929s are sold in a year.
  6. Exactly what I did and sent both to TK.
  7. Thanks guys, I’ll be loading some up for chrono here shortly.
  8. Thanks, so use the 38 EGW undersize die?
  9. Hello, I am needing assistance in getting started with loading 38 Short Colt. I’ll list what I have and if you could tell me what I need it would be grea appreciated. Any additional equipment and/ or components, along with some recipes to get started. What I have; Dillon 650 Dillon 9mm dies EGW undersize die in both 9mm and 38 special Mr Bulletfeeder with 9mm drop tube Fed match primer Starline brass 160 gn RN Bayou’s 160 gn RN Falcon Titegroup Sport Pistol Clay Dot N320
  10. Does anyone know what happened to badchads website, it’s gone. Did he post his workout somewhere else?
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