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  1. Does anyone know what happened to badchads website, it’s gone. Did he post his workout somewhere else?
  2. SSGGlock

    929 Brass

    I am using the TK blued .035. So with federal brass they jiggle a lot, Win brass are fairly tight in them. I just got the gun two weeks ago and only have 400 rounds in it. It’s completely stock at the moment.
  3. SSGGlock

    929 Brass

    Not to steal this thread, but I have question related to brass and moonclips. I just got a 929, 9mm in revolver is strange to me. So I sorted some of my current reloads 125 blue, between federal and win. Both on the same kind of TK moonclip, the standard ones for a 929. The Federal brass jiggle, the Win brass is stiffer. How should you want it?
  4. Save all the heartache and just buy the DAA cart.
  5. The Competition Shooter's Bag. https://www.tacticaltailor.com/competitionshootersbag.aspx
  6. I like my First Spear bag. But just ordered a Tactical Tailor.
  7. There is tons of shooting in around NOVA. You could shoot an IDPA, USPSA match every Saturday and Sunday if you are willing to drive a bit. PM me and we’ll talk if you really want to do some competition.
  8. SSGGlock

    ESP question

    I’m sure some people have tried.
  9. I use one, shot it at the sheepdog. You either have to grind down the right side safety, or put a single on it. In order for it to fit in the CCP box. I put a single on mine, another friend filed his down. I think the single is better. The Wilson mags are better then the STI mags it comes with. But it makes an awesome CCP gun, except for having to Barney a stupid round.
  10. Lots of shooting in the VA, MD, DL, PA, WV around DC area.
  11. Does this belt stay tight? It looks as if the buckle is sew on to a piece of elastic. How did you do the sizing?
  12. Loved it. Karl Urban is great. Excited for season 2.
  13. This is funny I’m literally watching this movie right now and I see this thread.
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