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  1. So what’s the fix?
  2. Really, at what point? The closing? Or ejecting?
  3. 625 JM IDPA gun. On the yoke slot where the screw holds it in. There’s a shiny notch. What would have caused it?
  4. I use Federal Syntech brass, with TK SS .040 moonclips, cylinder sucks it in.
  5. Thanks, did not know that. Man there’s so many tips with these guns.
  6. So if you gave one that’s setup and works. What reason would you take it? What reasons to not have one? Just trying to gain some knowledge. Just to clearify I’m talking about the stop on the back of the trigger. Not the pin in the rebound slide.
  7. Yeah, I figured that’s the case. If buying a 1050, would just be better to buy a MK7.
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