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  1. Prange

    Shadow 2 or A01 LD?

    I don't mind the trigger guard. I'm assuming I can change out the safety. The forged frame/slide appeal to me. I just want the most accurate piece. The price is not a deal-breaker.
  2. Prange

    Shadow 2 or A01 LD?

    I'll get the short end on that. She wants a Jaguar F-Type convertible.
  3. Prange

    Shadow 2 or A01 LD?

    Are you guys trying to get me divorced? I was about to pull the trigger on a Shadow 2, then the A01 LD comes out. Now my head hurts trying to decide.
  4. There is a sticky on www.bullseyeforum.net about .38 Wadcutters. It's in the Ammunition section.
  5. About $350.00-$400.00. Weigand doesn't make their interchangeable front sight system anymore. SDM no longer accepts gunsmithing work. Any suggestions would be welcomed.
  6. Well, I'm picking up my new 610 this week. I wound up getting the 6.5" barrel. I had originally planned to have the barrel cut to 5", but the quotes I got for the machining work and adding the front sight were a bit steep. It would be alot cheaper just to source a 5" barrel. So, I'm on the hunt for that 5-incher.
  7. I was a week away from getting an Accu Shadow 2. I would also love a comparison/ransom test.
  8. They are actual steel weights like the ones used on measuring scales. They're used to measure the amount of force it takes to get the hammer to drop. For example,my .45's will pick up 3.5 lbs. but not 4 lbs.
  9. I use the Official NRA trigger weights.
  10. Worth every penny. I have one for .45ACP, 9mm,(7-shot), and .38,(both 7 and 8 shot). I still have the one for my old 646. I no longer have the gun,though.
  11. I was planning on getting a 6.5" and having it cut to 5".
  12. Prange

    First CZ

    I'm also going to get my first CZ. I decided on the Shadow 2 after shooting the Shadow 1. The 2 just fits my hand better. Good luck in your choice.
  13. Definitely on my short list. I'll get one as soon as they're available. I have a ton of 40 S&W to shoot up. The question is: Short or long barrel?
  14. Not to be argumentative, but just ask Randy Lee about the newer S&W's. He's rescued five of them for me. I saw two NIB Performance Center 586's in a store last week. Both had over-torqued, canted barrels, and very rough forcing cones. The actions weren't any better than the standard models. They were expensive, though. They had that going for them. I think PC stands for Pretty Comical.
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