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  1. The Springfield TRP series are excellent for the money.
  2. Outstanding! Congrats. Does she have a sister?
  3. If the front sight is .125, you could try opening the rear sight notch to .140-150 and leave the rear sight black. Eyes can only focus on one object at a time. The "3-dot" sights are just BS marketing. With multiple "dots", the eyes shift focus from dot to dot, front to rear, and you aren't really focusing on anything. Also, a dedicated pair of prescription shooting glasses would certainly help. Don Nygord and Dr.Norman Wong wrote some great articles on vision for the shooting sports.
  4. Agreed. The same goes for optics and mounts. Once you dump $$ into something, you're married to it.
  5. The TWB products work great, too. https://mil-comm.com/tw25b/
  6. Mark did some absolutely perfect work on my 686 and my 610. Great communication, fast turn-around. He's genuinely concerned with customer satisfaction.
  7. I would skip the Chinese "precision" tools. CDI is Snap-On's consumer-available line. Not cheap, but you get what you pay for when it comes to tools. I got mine a few years ago for $150.00. Worth every penny. And if you drop it, you can get it re-calibrated if necessary.
  8. I've bought much from them. Great company, great people. When I need revolver stuff, I check with them first.
  9. Prange

    Shadow 2 or A01 LD?

    I don't mind the trigger guard. I'm assuming I can change out the safety. The forged frame/slide appeal to me. I just want the most accurate piece. The price is not a deal-breaker.
  10. Prange

    Shadow 2 or A01 LD?

    I'll get the short end on that. She wants a Jaguar F-Type convertible.
  11. Prange

    Shadow 2 or A01 LD?

    Are you guys trying to get me divorced? I was about to pull the trigger on a Shadow 2, then the A01 LD comes out. Now my head hurts trying to decide.
  12. There is a sticky on www.bullseyeforum.net about .38 Wadcutters. It's in the Ammunition section.
  13. About $350.00-$400.00. Weigand doesn't make their interchangeable front sight system anymore. SDM no longer accepts gunsmithing work. Any suggestions would be welcomed.
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