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  1. Good idea. Unfortunately, at this time SIG can't even catch up on standard production backorders.
  2. Mods, Please delete the above post. Wrong forum. Thank you.
  3. I finally handled and shot one. I love the weight and the shape of the frame. I was expecting a better trigger. It stacked and was gritty in SA. Hate the rear sight, just too small in size for me. Now to look for a used one for cheap.
  4. For the people that have and/or had a P226 Legion, would you buy one again?
  5. That Canyon Creek guy did great work and is a fine person, too.
  6. I used to ultrasonic clean my competition guns at the end of every season. Now I'm just too lazy to do it. Especially since I needed to clean them before putting them in the tank anyway.
  7. Using Fed GMM which is 775fps, it's about 1" to 1-1/2" drop from 50yds to 25 yds.
  8. I just ordered some parts from Ruger last week. I got them in 5 days.
  9. If it was adjustable, I'd buy at least one. Then 6 or 7 if it worked out.
  10. If you're happy with the accuracy now, I'd have it cut and re-crowned.
  11. The speed loaders and loading block are must-haves. Just don't try to go too low on the trigger-pull weight, (mine is DAO at 7-1/4#). As long as it's smooth, it'll be fine. It has to have a strong strike for rimfire, especially for the cheap bulk stuff. I try to shoot mine at the end of each range session. It helps me to remember to keep the trigger moving.
  12. Warren, put me on your list. Thanks.
  13. Most of them cost more to repair than what they're worth. Parts are also an issue. A local gunsmith would be the best choice, rather than shipping it somewhere. UPS and FedEx rates are killers now.
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