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  1. Worth every penny. I have one for .45ACP, 9mm,(7-shot), and .38,(both 7 and 8 shot). I still have the one for my old 646. I no longer have the gun,though.
  2. I was planning on getting a 6.5" and having it cut to 5".
  3. Prange

    First CZ

    I'm also going to get my first CZ. I decided on the Shadow 2 after shooting the Shadow 1. The 2 just fits my hand better. Good luck in your choice.
  4. Definitely on my short list. I'll get one as soon as they're available. I have a ton of 40 S&W to shoot up. The question is: Short or long barrel?
  5. Not to be argumentative, but just ask Randy Lee about the newer S&W's. He's rescued five of them for me. I saw two NIB Performance Center 586's in a store last week. Both had over-torqued, canted barrels, and very rough forcing cones. The actions weren't any better than the standard models. They were expensive, though. They had that going for them. I think PC stands for Pretty Comical.
  6. Interesting. I've never seen one before. Good luck with it.
  7. Do it now. It's not going to smooth out enough to make a difference. A S&W with a good trigger out of the box is a rarity now. Their QC is awful.
  8. I've had my 617 with a full Apex work-over, (including the hammer) for about 4 years now. Works like a champ with any ammo. It's my favorite revolver to shoot. Jeff O- Give the Thunderbolt to someone you don't like.
  9. I'll have to disagree with you,Gentlemen. It seems to be more of an ergonomic issue than the intrinsic accuracy of the gun. I can't shoot a Glock for crap. Nothing wrong with the Glock. It just doesn't fit me properly. ClayBuster, I hope it works out for you. Maybe a grip panel change would help.
  10. Testing at ten yards is not an accuracy test. Fifty yards is preferable. Ten yards is more like a function test. Any gun should shoot well at only 10 yards.
  11. Thanks for the input. I do appreciate it. I'm not fond of "crisp" triggers. They make me tend to snatch shots. I like the smoother, revolver-like breaks,(shorter travel, of course). I like the1911-style bushing. But if it doesn't make it more accurate, why bother. Tough choices here.
  12. There's been a bit of talk about "match" barrels in the Accushadow discussion. How would I be able to identify a factory CZ match barrel? Is there such an animal? Or are they contracted out from KKM? I've been shooting Kart and KKM barrels for years and am familiar with them and why they work as well as they do. In a few weeks,I'm going to buy a Shadow 2. I haven't made up my mind between CZC and Cajun yet. I'm a "buy once,cry once" kinda guy, so money isn't the biggest concern for me. Value for that money is. Any help would be appreciated. Thanks,Gentlemen.
  13. That looks like some really crappy machining. The leading edge of the barrel lug looks awful, too. I wonder if CZ would send you a new barrel.
  14. AA does not make the Marvel conversions. I have an AA for my Glock 19. It works fine. The AA, however, isn't remotely close to the Marvel in quality or accuracy. And I wouldn't expect it to be, given the cost difference.
  15. I never expected it to have the same accuracy as a custom gun. But,I've seen the piece,(by CZC,I think) on the Accushadow and it showed a 2-3/4" group at 50 yards using Fiocchi ammo. VERY impressive. I'm wondering what it would do with top-notch target ammo. The more accurate it is, the more room for error I have with the trigger.
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