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  1. As a baseline, you may want to try Atlanta Arms Match ammo. Very consistent.
  2. Rich did fine work and is the nicest man you'd meet. I wish him well.
  3. And after that, you can remove the sights.
  4. I did my 986. It came out better than I expected. Jerry's video helped alot. Nowhere near Mark's, but not bad. The Dremel's are for the pros.
  5. +1 for Atlanta Arms. It's been the most accurate in my guns and their QC is top-notch.
  6. https://accuracyx.com/ You also have K.C.Crawford in North Carolina: https://kcskustomcreations.com/ KC is also a great guy.
  7. You guys beat me to it. I really like the titanium cylinders. They spin SO easily.
  8. Steve is a stand-up guy for sure. As a competitor, he understands what we want and what's important to us. Unlike some other 1911 builders, Accuracy X is not just a boutique shop.
  9. I would not waste my time sending it back to S&W. I would send it to Pinnacle and have Mark make into exactly what you want. Nowadays, If I buy a new gun, I fully expect to send it out and have it worked on. Craftsmanship is a thing of the past with factory guns.
  10. Gunbroker and bourbon do not mix........ NOW you tell me!
  11. More info here: http://bulletin.accurateshooter.com/2020/01/snake-reborn-colt-offers-new-python-revolvers-for-2020/ I really want to see the inside of one. Fourteen less parts. Thank God.
  12. I'm needing a new prescription for my shooting glasses, so I checked this thread. Great info here. I have the Pilla Rx glasses. I can wear them all day and not notice them. The Rx insert works great as it's fully adjustable. I highly recommend them. https://pillasport.com/
  13. Right on the money. I've handled and shot dozens of Pythons. Even owned some over the years. For $1500, you could get a 686, have it tuned, buy ammo, and be ready to go. The 50's and 60's Pythons are real purty, though. Colt stole the wide-spur hammer and the sight rib from King Gunworks.
  14. They'll sell a ton of them. It's the cult of the Horse.
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