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  1. We'd love to see you back in the game.
  2. Thanks. I'll reach out to them.
  3. I've reached out to them and ISMI. No responses yet.
  4. I've been using Marvels for over 15 years now. I change the recoil spring yearly. No issues with the original Metalform mags or the GSG mags. I only run SV ammo through them. I've used almost every SV ammo made. Works fine and super accurate, (all of mine shoot less than 1"@50 yards from a ransom rest). They make a steel-slide, lock-back version now.
  5. I wonder if the chamber is a bit out of spec.
  6. Set mine up yesterday. One of the best things I've ever bought. Super quiet and a large enough reserve tank.
  7. Gentlemen, do you know where I can get replacement magazine springs for my Marvel Conversion magazines? These are the older mags made by Metalform. Thanks.
  8. David Sams 1911 with irons in .45ACP.
  9. Thanks for the info. I just ordered one from Lowes for $155.00 with free shipping. On sale to 3/12.
  10. CCI had issues recently with their .22 LR SV. Gobs of extra wax on the bullets.
  11. As a baseline, you may want to try Atlanta Arms Match ammo. Very consistent.
  12. Rich did fine work and is the nicest man you'd meet. I wish him well.
  13. And after that, you can remove the sights.
  14. I did my 986. It came out better than I expected. Jerry's video helped alot. Nowhere near Mark's, but not bad. The Dremel's are for the pros.
  15. +1 for Atlanta Arms. It's been the most accurate in my guns and their QC is top-notch.
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