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  1. Is resting a flagged PCC on your foot while waiting considered sweeping?
  2. I still had .04" to the lands of the rifling at 1.170 OAL.
  3. My Trubor ran the comp well at 8.4 HS6 and 124 MG JHP. 1.170
  4. FYI. A lot of Delta Point Pros are being used successfully with the 2.5 dot.
  5. The stop was ground down to prevent lockback. It also had about 100 k rounds on it.
  6. I did just put a new slide on 2 weeks ago. Would that have something to do with it?
  7. Is the EGW one that is recommended any better than a Wilson Combat or Ed Brown?
  8. My STI 2011 slide stop is walking out during a stage after years of faithful use. I had to keep my thumb on it to hold it in. What do I do to fix this?
  9. Also change sides to run a left handed shooter. I see this mistake with the RO on the wrong side. You need to see the holster and fingers.
  10. FYI. I had some primer flow and changed to a new firing pin and it went away.
  11. The cut frame looks more finished and the light weight at the end of the gun will help with transitions. But. Get the one you like the best. The biggest problem with shooting open is pulling the trigger when you are not on the target not the pistol frame.
  12. I was told if you don't fit them well and force the grip on it can distort the slide.
  13. In most service cases you pay to ship in and they pay to ship out. In my general experience with vendors.
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